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  • Giving items to newbies

    I really like watching their eyes turn into dinner plates when they see the stats on something I considered trash. It's definately worth more to me than the few plat I would have gotten from selling it.

    I guess I feel semi-obligated, as so many people gave me things when i started, but that's not why I do it. I just hate to sell something that someone could use. Does anyone else here spend a lot of time doing hand-me-downs?
    Thanks to the LFG tool, I can do it more than I used to, but I'd kinda like to hear some stories from the rest of you. I usually frequent greater faydark and shadeweaver's thicket, but if anyone has ideas for a better or more populated zone, i'd love to hear it.
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    i'd like to, lord knows i have enough stuff on my bazaar mule that won't sell, but the only problem that i find is i can't really find newbies who aren't twinked out the wazoo already, or ones that i think will actually use the gear i give them and not just turn around and sell it or something.
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      I used to give things out to newbies with a fair amount of frequency. I also used to spend a significant amount of time running around Neriak and Nektulos hunting down lower level characters so I could buff them.

      Now, though...
      Well, it just seems like there are no more newbies. Not real ones, anyway - by that I mean people who just started the game, or who haven't been playing very long. Seems like most low level characters now are twinks. It's depressing to walk up to a level 5 character and inspect them, thinking that I can give them something... only to find that they are alread wearing better than what I was planning to give them. Or maybe it's a real upgrade - but their response is say 'thx' and walk away.

      I don't even want to talk about the beggars. Even when I have things that I am >looking< for someone to give them to, hearing 'do u have nething to spare plz??' just invokes my canned response of 'I do not give to beggars.'

      So... most of my random junk goes on my bazaar mule now, to be turned into plat. Still pretty useless to me, but at least it doesn't take up bank space that way!


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        yea, I use to give velium weapons to newbies (would have bags of them).. that ended the day one said "man this is crap"...

        i still do it some, but not as much..

        PS.. Raven, now I have that blue song in my head, thanks to your signature...


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          I tried giving to newbs....but there just not on TZ. Every level 3 hybrid is running around in at least an Iksar BP, most in Fungi. Every level 5 bard has Naggy drums and shawls ( no drop mind you ) from SG. etc, etc, etc.

          I was hoping this was just the case on TZ, being a Zek and all, but from what ya'll are saying it's not.

          Tis a shame Guess the Two-handed Practice sword goes to the Bazaar.
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            bwa ha ha ha ha! memetic virus research still continung, but looking promising :twisted:

            what i've been doing recently is hanging on to stuff to give to people i know from other servers to entice them into coming to luclin. just ask john...
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              Originally posted by Raven00x
              what i've been doing recently is hanging on to stuff to give to people i know from other servers to entice them into coming to luclin. just ask john...
              really, soooooo whats on the menu for this week? (hehehe)


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                When I changed servers, I decided that it'd be a nice thing to give away my 52 paladin's gear to newbies in her hometown Qeynos. It was depressing how many of them had better than I could offer. After handing away a few things (to people who were still somewhat twinked and probably sold what I gave them)I was all set to just destroy my stuff. Then I saw a naked level 6 paladin run by.

                So, I told her I was getting old and wanted to pass my armor along to a young adventurer, and she immediately told me she'd be honored to have it and would wear it with pride. She told me she was a brand new player, and it was very clear that I'd made her day. I haven't seen a real newbie since then.
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                  Originally posted by Raven00x
                  what i've been doing recently is hanging on to stuff to give to people i know from other servers to entice them into coming to luclin. just ask john...
                  Or that cheapskate beggar Morire.
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                    I am always hesitant about giving away stuff because I am never sure who is a real newb and who isn't.

                    One test I would use sometimes is to make them come to me. If they had problems getting to me, I knew they were a real newb. One time, I told this little level 2 mage to come to the bank in Kelethin. They said okay.. then how do I get there. A few more minutes of talking to them, I could tell that they honestly had NO idea how to get to Kelethin, let alone the bank. So I told them I would meet them at the entrance to Felwithe, and then I gave them all of the stuff I was going to hand out. They were so ecstatic.

                    On the other hand, one day I took my alt to Kaladim to do the CB belts thing and decided to give away all of the patchwork armor that he gave me. Although I knew it wasn't great stuff, I figured that it was better than being naked. Instead of the newbs I gave stuff to being grateful, I got cussed out by a few pure casters because they couldn't wear the stuff I had.


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                      I've got various things sitting around in my bank that I never use anymore, and if I see a newb tank class I usually make an effort to give the item(s) to them. When I just started playing and got into a guild, someone gave me a full outfit of stat items, and I felt like a god.

                      I figure I may as well pass some stuff down myself.


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                        I play some alts no at the lower lvls my main being a lvl 64 pally the other night I was doing an ldon with some low 30's when I realized the Pally with us was a true blue newb. Everyone else was a twink. We got done I logged on my trader had my old 1hb and gave it to the dude. Other than that it must have been the first newb Iv'e met in months.\



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                          I remember back when i was but a wee level 10 newb cleric a human monk came up to me and said do you wanna buy this?
                          It was a velium frosted mace.
                          I asked how much, and he told me only 20 plat
                          My exact reaction

                          HOW ON EARTH WILL I MAKE 20 PLAT?!?!?

                          He thought it was funny i thoguht that was alot so he gave it to me.


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                            I still remember the first item I ever recieved to "twink" me from higher levels...

                            A walrus tooth. On a level 4 or so Mage. But I had to make a promise before I took it that I would help someone else by giving it and one other item to them when I didn't need it...

                            Sooo...flash forward a few years. I've long since given away the tooth, but I stopped playing for a while. A LONG while. New account, new Mage (the old one only made it to 12, in fact). Same server.

                            I have zero plat, zero gear (except for newbie robe), but I'm having fun again. A Druid has been hanging out at the Felewith entrance for a while, watching me, and at first I find it kind of odd but then ignore it.

                            Next thing I know *boom* trade window opens.(this is back with the old UI, so it would have been very hard to ignore.) In the window is a backpack with a little gear, not uber but at that level it was great. After a few minutes of /canceling, she insists that I accept it and I do, on the promise that when I am done with it I add something to the pack and give it to a newbie.

                            Now in the pack was a walrus tooth. It didn't click till after I had added a piece and given the pack away, but I realized that the tooth could have been the same tooth I was given and gave away.

                            I guess it is kind of heartening to know that traditions exist still in EQ, and I still wonder if that same tooth is wandering around Vaz.


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                              Mostly I buff newbies. I pass along gear to people who legitmately seem to have no clue what they are doing, or I twink out my friends who start playing. Currently I am broke from outfitting my husband and two friends who recently started playing EQ.