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    I started playing EQ in Feb 03 I have a 64 pally 16aa's 41 Bst and 37 chanter. I keep hearing about people who have been playing for like 2 years that are still in there 30's. Did I just lvl way to fast all of my toons have good gear I did a few quests along the way. I'm just wodering. On a side note I just started my beast right before thanksgiving wich I fell in love with. Very possible he could be 65 before my pally is.
    Also wondering for anyone else to post what lvl your characters are and how long have you been playing them.

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    I got my ranger up to lvl 50 in about 4 months but i dont always get to play.

    most of the time, people take a loooong time leveling up their first character and then their next characters are a breeze because they know what they are doing.

    one year to have a 64 pally really isnt that short a timespan, although it is quite an accomplishment i'd say!


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      I think that most of the people who have been playing for two + years and don't have a character past level 30ish either a) don't really play all that much, or b) play lots of different characters, not just one. It's also MUCH easier to level very quickly now than it was even a year or two ago.

      Personally I've been playing for... let's see... four years and 8 months now. Lordy, I still can't believe I've been playing the same game that long, even with a couple breaks here and there.

      I have several characters, though at this point I really only play one.

      My original and main is a 65 cleric (471ish AA's)... started on April 3, 99 (back when ports didn't exist, everyone wore patchwork and we had to walk uphill through snow both ways to get to any mobs, even in Neriak). I have waaaaay too many days played on her.

      The others...

      Ellindre - 60 druid. She's my oldest twink/alt, had a bard at one point before her, but she was deleted. Created her mostly because I had all this wisdom gear sitting in my bank that Morniel had outgrown. I still enjoy playing her, though it's frustrating to try to heal with her.

      Ailee - 56 monk. She's pretty much retired now, though still equipped.

      Iriel - 42 ranger. My second oldest twink/alt that's still around. She's fun to play when I'm bored, but really she's pretty much just a doll that I like to dress up. There's pretty much nothing I can buy for Morn at this point, so I use Iriel as my shopping release.

      Tanora, a powerleveled 28 shaman who fizzles like mad... she's sitting naked in the bazaar, the only reason she hasn't been deleted is because she has a solstice earring, and I can't bring myself to destroy it. That and she serves as extra bank space.

      Marionette, a level 12 enchanter that has never killed a mob in her entire life (she was my vendor miner, I leveled her off quests using the junk I cleared out from vendors back before they enlarged the number of items you can see on them). She's just a tradeskill mule now.


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        *nods* I'll have been playing for four years this April, and my two highest characters are 51 and 32. There have been several cases where I've had to temporarily drop the game for anywhere from a month to a year, due to computer problems galore. (Never, ever play EQ on a Compaq.) Additionally, I'm just not as interested in leveling as I am in RPing. Of course, I still love getting experience......but everyone is different. Set yourself a pace that suits YOU - that's most important.

        (By the way, Shamira has about 35 days of play time on her. Kahlaiene has about 7, because she's been spoiled by a good cleric friend of mine, and because I know what I'm doing now.)


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          I've been playing since just after Velious was released, so that's what, 3 years? And my highest level character just dinged 60 about two weeks ago.

          I also have a 49 cleric and a 48 warrior, but the warrior was plvled like crazy so she doesn't really count.
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            i'm gonna have 4 years under my belt in march. highest character will be a 54+ rogue (with any luck, raveena will be 56 or 57 by then).
            41 druid, 41 cleric, 41 paladin, and 12 other alts between 10 and 38 have occupied my time over those four years. added together, i have roughly 363 character levels between all my characters. if only i could see an XP table, so i could tell how many level 65's i could have had in that time (or 60s pre-pop.)

            curiously enough, my first character was an erudite magician on torvo, who's holding steady at level 13, and has been gaining dust just about since i moved to luclin...
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              Two years and only in the thiries? Try four years and in the thirties. I have almost all of my characters in their thirties though, and I've been mastering the tradeskills as best as I can.. trying out all the new ones I find out about, etc.
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                I've been playing 4.5 years and my highest level character is my beastlord in the sig. \|/ For me, it's a combination of reasons: Many, many characters (I like to get the spectrum of abilities and styles of different classes. 8 characters on Tunare, plus a couple scattered on other servers), casual play (I have no interest in powergaming, minimal interest in raiding), and roleplay. Over the years, I've probably played a total of around a hundred different characters, many fading before level 20.


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                  Just over three years here . . . . 45 Human Monk, 45 Barbarian Warrior, 20 Dwarven Cleric, 14 Barbarian Beastlord.

                  I work 5 - 6 days / 40 - 60 hours a week, with a minimum 1 hour commute (1 hour either way), and a marriage, house and four animals to tend to . . . not terribly conducive to gaming. But I love EQ, it's a great little relaxation tool. It just depends on how much time you can/will invest in the game. I'd play more if I could, and probably have much higher characters.
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                    I keep forgetting there's other people on Tunare other than me. I've played maybe 20 characters, all of them I got to 16 or higher.
                    I think that Japan actually pays people like Fred Gallagher to leave their country as soon as possible.


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                      I personally hate leveling. I love dinging, but I hate the process in between.

                      I know that it's the traditional way to do role-playing games. It's the D&D way, if you want. To me, role-playing is not about whacking creatures until some number in your interface eventually adds to itself.

                      In my book, role-playing is something totally different, and I'm still waiting for a MMORPG with the quality of EverQuest, but is not going to be based on level gameplay.
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                        eheh, ive been playing for around 2 years, and my highest is 47..

                        I have too many alts >.<
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                          My friend has to be the worst with alts...he has never gotten a character over level 16, and he's had the game for maybe...ooh....2 years, lol. He has a very short attention span.


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                            I played for 2.5 years and quit with my highest level at just under 50, I believe. I played some alts (okay, 7 alts, but who's counting!), sure, but I was also hampered by RL issues: kids, husband, job, dogs, an inability to stay up past midnight for anything except a sick kid. . . .

                            I know if I had put my nose to the grindstone, I'd have been well into the 60s when I quit, maybe higher, but I spent a lot of that time exploring (this was all before PoP when you had to travel on foot, boat or PC teleport) and tradeskilling.

                            I had lots of fun on the way and bemused people with my ability to lead a party on foot across Antonica without missing a step (or a witty story or two about the time I got wiped out here, there or anywhere).

                            Right now, my highest level in DAoC is 41 but I've also made legendary armourcrafter with the same toon which means a lot more to me than level 50. Someday I might level her the rest of the way up but I'm in the game for the journey, not the destination!
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                              I've got about 6 years under what would be a belt.
                              and my heighest is lvl 25.
                              A total of 4 almost 5 days on him too.

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