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    Originally posted by those crazy guys at the everquest labs
    January and Beyond

    Upcoming for January and February 2004

    We want to wish everyone a happy holiday season and thank you for continuing to be a part of EverQuest. We have some exciting times ahead with our 7th expansion in the works,, and there are many more exciting things to come. Here are a few of the new features on the EQ team's large and busy schedule.

    Melee Enhancement, part 2

    Melee classes are currently enjoying the first part of the improved Melee system and the feedback we are receiving has been great. Early in 2004 we plan to move forward with the rest of the melee enhancement, the reaction abilities. The enhancement gives Monks, Rogues and Warriors the ability to use special skills in response to a mistake made by their opponent or an exceptional move of their own. This enhancement will be in addition to the existing system, allowing players to use the skills for more involved game-play and to improve the abilities of their characters.

    A more detailed explanation and the transcript of a chat with the EQ Live team about the system can be found on the Developers Corner.

    Graveyard Zone

    Tired of losing your corpse? The current EQ system removes corpses from the game after a week to reduce clutter and potential video lag. But we know there are times when your character dies and you just can't get it right away. Next thing you know a day turns into a week and BAM! Your corpse is gone. Since we can't leave the corpses sitting in game indefinitely, some inventive folks here have come up with another option.

    We plan to create a "graveyard" zone that will only work if your corpse has decayed and disappeared. If you have lost your corpse due to decay in other parts of Norrath, you will be allowed to enter this zone and reclaim it.

    Tradeskill Interface Upgrade

    Tired of all the clicking and dragging needed just to make a type 1 wood arrow? We know that the current tradeskill interface is cumbersome, so the UI guys have come up with some new ideas.

    Opening a tradeskill container will now open a new user interface. In the window you will find an area that has all recipes that are currently available to you. This includes recipes that are at your skill level as well as some above it. Clicking on a recipe will display what items are necessary for its completion. Clicking the "combine" button will extract those required items from the player's inventory, and perform the recipe combine, placing the results on the player's cursor. The new system is nice and neat, with no dragging and dropping unless you want to try a combine that is way out of your league, which uses the old style of combination.

    These are just a few of the things slated to come out of the EQ Live laboratory. Watch for other exciting announcements in the weeks ahead.
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    Oh lord, the people in SOE are saints in my eyes. Lists ALL of the recipes available to you at your level and a little bit above? That'd be great and horrible for EQ Traders.. great because they can finish every recipe listing, and horrible since they might not be as useful.

    That's freakin' awesome. I'm going to go hibernate until that change is in now.
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      Re: interesting upcoming updates...

      "early 2004" for the rest of the melee stuff. Personally, i'm champing at the bit, but i'm willing to wait a few more months to see them come out right. hell, my offensive and defensive discs are on seperate timers? that's good enough for me...for now.

      Graveyard zone; on the one hand, it's needed because sometimes something happens in the Real World that we can't get to our corpses until after they decay. but do we really need a zone for everyone's decayed corpses? can't wait to see the corpses of the corpse artists get there...

      Tradeskill streamlining: I'm happy about this one, as i like tradeskilling but loathe the carpal tunnel syndrom associated with it (make poison...220, maxed for level. about a jillion spirits of sloth made to get there :evil you have a menu of what you can make with your skill (so you know about stuff you didn't know you can make), and if you want to make something you don't nessecarily have the skill for, you can still give it a shot (like a ranger trying for a trueshot with 16 fletching skill)
      But, on the other hand, i know a lot of tradeskillers will be unhappy because it kinda trivializes the sacrafices and time they already spent clicking to get up to 200+ skill. I'm going to file this under "make eq easier to get into and reduce the number fo repetitive stress syndrome suits" catagory.

      well, that's my take on it. looks good to me
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        bout time they make tradeskills less boreing. I might start tradeskillin when i get money agian. :P
        I really hate tradeskillin...
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          wow no more draging... clicking... clicking... draging? and it will disgaurd all of your cutural you can't use cause your not that race i bet... that is... TOO EASY! thank you eq... you finally heard my plea
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            My cleric will smith again!

            My warrior also egarly awaits part 2 of enhancements. I've enjoyed what's happened so far.
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              YAY no more broken mice or sore wrists.

              I am really looking forward to the tradeskill thing.
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                *Squees and dances*

                Yes, I squeed. What are you looking at? ><

                I'm posatively thrilled about the tradeskill change. No more RSI!!!!


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                  OMG It's finally happened!

                  *falls to the ground weeping with relief and delight*

                  Ya think Blizzards ribbing about the tradeskills was any factor at all? Subtlety of a brick to the head.. not so bad


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                    I think this next melee update will be great. Finally some strategic thoughts to smaller battles. Now you actually affect it one way or the other. It'll become more engaging, I think.

                    As for the graveyard zone - great, more "easy ways to play EverQuest". I don't like it. I don't like teleporting stones, either. It's like EverQuest is becoming the MMORPG equivalent of fast food.
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                      I don't see anything wrong with removing pointless tedium and frustration that added absolutely nothing to the game, but rather only detracted from it.

                      If something adds frustration to a game, but doesn't add anything posative to it, why leave it in?


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                        I agree.

                        I fail to see how the graveyard zone really makes Everquest that much easier, other than to remove a simple point of frustration.

                        It doesn't make leveling any easier, it doesn't let people progress without learning their classes, it doesn't do any of the over-used excuses of how Everquest has been ruined by becoming too easy.


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                          I wonder how long bodies will stay in the new zone? Overall, I love the changes...This will mean I will actually try recipies that take more than 2-3 items
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                            tradeskills? you mean those things that are notoriously boring, that take uber long times to master, and require patience? WOW! i can actually do them??? COOL!
                            i r teh leet n00b!


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                              eheee eee eeheee! NO MORE WINDOWS!!! But yeah i like the concept but hate that we gotta dish out another what 20 bucks for it.
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