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Nope... not a bug! (12/24)

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  • Nope... not a bug! (12/24)

    In the same adventure I mentioned in the writeup for the 12/22 strip, something similar to today's comic happened. So... I couldn't help jotting it down for later use.

    After the Paladin left, I was left to try to pull after the cleric pacified.

    We cleaned a room down to two mobs, pulled, and killed the first. While the other just stood there. The vampire lady continued to stand there and look at me as I shot her over and over again. I finally just walked up to her and whacked her with my hammer.

    Before whacking her though, I paused to let the other group memebers know that I'd rooted her... with sex appeal. It went over well with them; hopefully it worked for you guys too.


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      What? I DID root her with sex appeal.
      Vhah Drahsil - 58 Barbarian Warrior


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        rofl ^_^
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          I don't fully understand *why* that happened... was the mob actually rooted?


          Regardless, it was a nice comic.


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            No. She wasn't rooted. And even if she were... I wouldn't have been able to walk right up to her.

            The arrows obviously never landed, despite clear line of sight.

            My only guess, even though I KNOW the duration is NOT that long, is that Pacify was still in effect on her. She didn't move until I hit her. **shrugs**

            I had the same arrow problem with some scavengers later that same night.


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              Ooh, the arrows never connected. That makes sense.

              But then does that actually count as shooting her?

              You know, it's entirely possible that Vhah *did* hit her, just must've used Cupid arrows or somethin'...


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                Vhah could root me with sex appeal any time he likes....yummy!
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                  yes, I with Dubheasa on that!

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                    Gawd that was funny. First time I read it I read it not thinking EQ terminology and I thought it was naughty and funny. Then with EQ on top it made it even funnier.

                    One of my first large grouping experiences was 4 Australians and 2 Americans. They kept yelling to root the lizzie. Now we were sending tells to eachother wondering just what the hell what up with these pervs. It wasn't till I was relating this story to some other players that I realised just what was up. None of our classes had that spell so we had no idea.
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                      Yeah, Vhah got a laugh out of us with that line :roll: Again, we had no idea why it just stood there, he couldn't have missed 3 times...could he??

                      Also about that whole "root" thing....when I visited Oz I was in a pub where the locals were watching rugby and happened to ask which team were they rooting got some looks!! Luckily the barmaid pulled me aside and explained! :P

                      -Lenghost Cyr


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                        Len is the one eyed bearded guy at my right shoulder. **points**

                        There is a GLARING problem with the picture though...

                        The halfling with the purple helmet is the Paladin that I mentioned. He uh... shouldn't be there.

                        Technically he was sitting at the exit while he got ready for work, hoping we won the mission, and didn't train him. **grins**


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                          The look on Vhah's face is priceless...


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                              Well, you have no arguments from me that Vhah's sex appeal could render a woman stunned and immobile. Rawr!
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