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Tome is gana get Retired

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  • Tome is gana get Retired

    Ya so.... i got FFIX, and i cant pay for both and i'm not in to EQ a lot.
    i'm droping EQ a day or two after new years. EQ whas so fun but now 5 hours to get a dang group and being a tank, my fate is to get slap by a mob and like it. Tomecat is gana fish in PoT and rest, he is 2 years old,
    lvl 47 poor and like by a lot of people. I'm gana miss that big guy,heh so will all my friends off of EQ. :cry: I will miss Tome a lot, the wacking of mobs, the friends, the raids, the killing of people at a Weding* hehehe*.

    Well im going to sleep. I'm falling asleep at the keybord, good X-mas to yall,see ya.
    ''Sal Kar Surrenders Battlefield (8/13/06 17:00 CST)
    It is reported that the services rendered in this battle by RFZ-SQD-946 and other mercenary units were particularly remarkable.
    Ok so which newbs ran matches against the computer and lost enough times for the game to bug out and congratulate an AI squad?"