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    How does earning AA's work, exactly ? Is it the same amount of XP needed to go from 51-52 or something like that ? I heard that some people in my guild can get an AA or 2 a day at 65.
    I'd really like to know before I switch to 100% AA at 55 (so, plenty of time)

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    You earn AAs as if you were leveling from 51-52, but its realative to your level as well. If your lvl65 the mobs you were killing at level51 that were DB are probably green by now and you do not get EXP off of them.

    The Elemental Planes really are EXP havens, especially after the changes to the EXP system with the group EXP bonus. (Sucks for soloing people, but even then its still decent)

    Plane of Fire and Plane of Earth are amazing. With the right group you can earn an AA point ever 30-45 minutes. Your basically kiting mobs that are red cons at lvl65. They yield 5% per kill for a full group of 6 or up to 13% solo. When you consider that the mob is generating 30% AA EXP for 6 people compared to 13% solo you really can see the benifits of grouping. Even having 1-2 partners makes it better.

    There are some out there that argue you should wait until 60 or 65 to do AAs, especially if your a caster since your spells are what make you you... AAs just enchance those abilities. Melee its a little different story since your AAs affect your ability to tank no matter what.

    Depending on your class there are many AAs that are considered required AAs. Run3 is universal. For Tank classes its the combat stability, lightening reflexes, etc... castings its Spell Casting Mastery, Subtlety, etc... Healers its Healing Gift, etc... Buffers like shamans and chanters Extended Enchantment, Massive Group Buff(Clerics too), etc... The AAs really do depend on your class. Its a good idea to look for your class boards. Most have a specific section for AAs.

    Hope that helps.
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      yes kinda like that rangor, dosnt really take that much exp to earn a AA. just get a good group and ya should get least one or two in a sitting. some of the crazy people in my guild can get almost 10aa in a day *grumbles about never getting in a fire kite group*
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        My guildleader was in Halls of Valor (I think it was) and he gained two while I was one and 25% to his third before I left. And, it wasn't really a LONG time that I was on for.


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          You can get tons of AA in HoH, CoD, or Tactics. For a full group in those zones, each mob gives 2% AA or more to each group member. The rate at which you earn AA seems to change when you hit 61. It's about 5 times faster for me than regular exp. I recommend getting your baron title (and run3) before 60 and doing the rest after level 62.
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            I would recommend getting Run3 once you hit 55. Regen3 is okay, but I like Metabolism3... Its a big savings on food,e specially since I use stat food. Its one of the more helpful AAs IMO. Nice little treat for all classes.

            Plane of Valor and Halls of Honor are good EXP zones. Lvl62 also gets you access to the Bastion of Thunder. That was the EXP zone for groups before Elementals. Lots of places to camp. Valor is limited to a few good camps. Halls of Honor is good if you get a decent group or are a kiter.

            Crypt of Decay and Tatics (RZ's home) use to be uber for Necros and Chanters before the charm nerfs. Same thing with BoT... Mages could solo very well there.

            Tormet just plain sucks for EXP. Nightmare and Justice are still decent EXP. I still fight there at 65. I can pound the Gaolers with little effort and they yield decent EXP and diamonds. PoStorms is great if your into making out with trees, but again the charm nerf has lowered it. Valor, Storm, Nightmare, and Innovation are your best bets after 55 with some recent changes. After 62 BoT is preferred over Halls of Honor, but HoH still has some nice camps if you go deeper into it. CoD can be good if you get an undead class or two to help.. Necrosand SKs.
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              I crank out aa's soloing HoH. get an aa in about an hour or so. even though I can sit there and crank out aa's and very rarely getting bothered I don't do it often. it reminds me too much of Katta..... I never ever want to see katta again... ever
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