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    Okay, so we were one short of a full group. But the members we had were cool, although the druid didn't seem to know anything.
    He just kept holding onto something hanging around his neck.

    Best Group

    It's a picture I did that I forgot to post. Those that like to explore sites would have seen this already.
    Oh, and before you mention it, I didn't spell wizzard wrong. I happen to be a Discworld fan.

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    That was cute. * wink *
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      Oh, and before you mention it, I didn't spell wizzard wrong. I happen to be a Discworld fan.
      That's no excuse :P

      Shall I do a conversation or not? since it sorta kills the thread when I do and takes up a lot of "vertical real estate."


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        As soon as I saw the last post done by Naelaen, I thought to myself, "I wonder part of the films he's done..."

        C'mon, don't disappoint us. Dissapoint. Dissappoint.
        Don't let us down. If you don't mind, I'll probably add the ones you've done to the pages with the pictures, obviously with you given credit.


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          <Middle_Earth message> GM Elrond - You have been summoned here to answer the threat of mordor. The ring must be destroyed. It must be taken deep into mordor and cast back into the fiery chasm from whence it came.
          Boromir says out of character, "GM Event! But the ring should be gift to the foes of Mordor, let us use this ring."
          Aragorn says out of character, "You cannot wield it, none of us can"
          Boromir says out of character, "And what would a ranja know of this matter"
          Legolas says out of character, "He is no mere ranger, he is Aragorn, alt of HasbroEQ. You owe him your allegance!"

          Frodo says out of character, "I will take the ring to Mordor, Druid starting group for Mordor raid"
          Gandalf tells you, "Wizard LFG"
          Legolas tells you, "Ranger with Archery Mastery and Endless Quiver LFG"
          Aragorn tells you, "Ranger with Virtue LFG"
          Gimli tells you, "Dwarf Warrior LFG"

          Frodo says out of character, "Mordor raid group Looking for one more"
          Boromir tells you, "If it is indeed the will of the GM Event, then the guild of Gondor will see it done."


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              This page has now been updated to include Naelaen's script.


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                Thats good, well done Naelaen!



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                  I imagine that group might've been more effective if the wizard stopped trying to tank and actually cast some spells instead. :P
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