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Chris Cornell (5/18)

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  • Chris Cornell (5/18)

    I was fairly torn over the news that Chris Cornell had passed away. His was a voice that spoke to me, for me, while I was wrestling my way out of highschool and into the wider world. Admittedly, I haven't sat down with a Soundgarden album blazing through my headset in years. But as I did my job, driving through an unexpected snowstorm, miles from home, Soundgarden was everywhere. As one station fizzled out, and I scanned to the next, there was Chris' voice to remind me he'd gone. And I was still fine. Then one of the stations played a song I'd not heard before. It was Chris covering 'Nothing Compares To You". Improbably as it sounds, his raspy voice seemed to lend the song more weight. That's when it hit me. Trudging through the snow. Still miles from home.

    Chris Cornell
    1964 - 2017

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    My gf introduced me to Soundgarden in 97 on a road trip and it has stuck with me since then and anytime I hear any of their music, I remember that road trip. Thanks for the tribute Woody.

    On another note, thanks for the random comics on the front page, I know I could have done that before by pressing the random button, but I had gotten where I relied on the RSS update and never visited until recently. Now I return every day to see some golden oldies. So, thanks for that too!


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      Tragic loss, made even more tragic by the horrible way his life ended. I have had so many people I thought I knew start the old "suicide is selfish/lazy/cowardly" argument with me that it has helped me shed some people from my life. I've been a social worker for 10 years; seen first hand the effects and causes and outcomes of this kind of situation. It is not selfish or anything else; it is the final, terrible symptom of a serious mental health issue that refuses to be ignored.

      Sound Garden, then AudioSlave have always been, and will forever remain, locked onto my play lists. Chris' voice, power and passion will stand the test of time as they already have, so that the future may know his work the way we do. R.I.P
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        His death hit me harder than I expected it to. When Roger Moore died, I was marginally sad but nothing more. For Chris, wow, I was stunned. He might be the first celeb that I felt anything more than just a passing malaise. I think that it is just I feel like we grew up with him. Like he was a friend. It is a really sad loss. Just thinking about it makes me sad again.
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