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Justification (3/23)

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  • Justification (3/23)

    As a demonstration of my ridiculous work schedule, the artwork for this comic was started on the 21st, finished on the 22nd, and I managed to finally get text on the thing just before midnight on the 24th. This kind of schedule is WHY I think I like playing Idle Champions. I can just let the thing run, but jump and click-destroy a boss while I'm having lunch, or trying not to nod off in a company phone meeting. **whistles**

    Also exposed by this comic however are my sleeping habits. During the week I typically sleep around 4.5 hours. Sometimes I'll take a 15-20 minute nap around 7 pm. On the weekends I try to get 6 hours. But, that's highly dependent on how rambunctious the kids are being. So yeah, late nights of gaming (Minecraft), watching YouTube (Tested, Because Science, Mumbo Jumbo), or binging something on Netflix are common place.

    You would think with hours of extra time each day, I could still get a comic done everyday... [disappears in a puff of smoke]

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    I started following you from just before "Ding!", It's funny to see how we're all growing up, and being more "responsible" people, even if gaming is going by the wayside.


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      Dude, work at your own pace. I'm sure most of us are just happy to see anything new whenever it pops up.
      "There are no happy endings because nothing ever really ends"
      -Schmendric, The Last Unicorn

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        I really like the art style Woody; well played.

        Good to see you back at it for now!
        I'm going to stab you.....with bullets.