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Festival of Fools (4/2)

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  • Festival of Fools (4/2)

    Right now in Idle Champions is the "Festival of Fools". And, it struck me that in order to inject a sense of stupor into the revelers, the spites' shoulders have been pushed backward and their hips have been shifted forward. The effect is that you're fighting wave of wave of inebriated festival goers leading with their pelvis. It's both hilarious and wrong.

    Oh and if you're into Dice, Camera, Action (the Waffle Crew), Holly Conrad]'s character Strix is unlockable in the Festival of Fools.

    Don't worry those of you that get bored quickly, I imagine there will be other games spotlighted here soon. I'm still trying to ease back in.

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    Glad to see you've got some time and inspiration to be drawing some comics, I've missed my GU fix.

    Whether this is part of a new round of regular updates or just a blip, I'll be lurking around for anything you share with the world =)


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      Strix! Bawww her model's adorable! I like how her costume has improved over the years. This full-on raggedy tiefling witch version she's used lately, pointy hat included, just adds that much more awesome.


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        GU is still on my comics favorites where it'll be till it 404s. Glad to see these updates.