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Well that was abrupt! (1/10)

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  • Well that was abrupt! (1/10)

    Just a handful of days after the 2nd beta went live, Mutable Realms' MMOG attempt WISH has been cancelled. - Mutable Realms [ more info ]

    To say it was sudden and unexpected is an understatement. With over 68 thousand Beta applicants and 30 thousand active player accounts. The game seemed to be getting off on the right foot. But, from a community standpoint, the game and it's beta went largely unnoticed. And maybe that was a key factor in deciding to shut the game down before it dug deeper into the investors' pockets.

    68 thousand applicants is a lot. But, lets look at two items of note:

    Mutable Realms recently polled its community oh how much they felt the monthly charges should be.
    Even with strong community support, the number of customers at release has traditionally been lower than the number of potential customers in open beta.

    So, we can hypothesize that the company saw a huge discrepancy between their monthly expenses per account and what the community was willing to pay. That coupled with a relatively small number of likely customers, may well have demonstrated to the company upper echelon that the game could not truly succeed. Or in laymans terms, releasing the game wouldn't make them filthy rich.

    Now, like so many of the games that have tanked, or are slowly tanking, recently, WISH had a strong community backing. And, they seem to be generally distressed. It's one of the things I really hate to see happen to the MMOG community. But, it's a fact of life in the turbulent world of Massively Multiplayer Game Development.

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    Does it seem like those MMOG which focus on Hyper-Realistic scenery are all failing?

    The only ones that are persisting being those with a monster budget and support, like Sony...


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      I for one had never heard of it... but gotta love those flies

      How about Middle-Earth online? Anyone heard how that's going? It seems like their site hasn't been updated for a long time. Did it get zapped along with the rest?

      Ok, a bit off-topic perhaps... back to the cartoons!


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        It's very expensive to develop and maintain an MMOG. And, with a good handful of MMOG really doing well, it will become increasingly more difficult for upstart companies (without major financial backing) to release a game that will thrive in the current MMOG market.

        You really have to get the hype machine working for you early on, and maintain the hype up until release.


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          like WoW :mrgreen:

          Blizzard are the (well deserved) masters of Hype.


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            Aww. And I was looking forward to trying it out in beta
            Didnt even get in the beta before they went down *sighs*


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              Well there goes another. I completely forgot about this game. Back when I was bored and mad I wasn't in World of Warcraft beta I did sign up for the Wish beta. But WoW has brainwashed me ever since. Sorry to anybody who was looking forward to this game, it did look kind of neat. Anyway back to more WoW.
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                The game did look nice, yet it was a venture into the most crowded end of the MMORPG pool. WoW managed to have great hype not just from blizzards skill, but also the warcraft fan base. Without those, meaning hype and a dedicated player base to spred that hype, your pretty much doomed if your jumping in the sword and sorcery mmorpg. D&D online will do well but they have a hard core fan base of table topers already. Bottom line if your gona jump in the pool, jump in the less crowded end, jump in with SWG and Planetside, that way ya got a decent chance.
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                  I think that the market is currently saturated. If any new MORPG enter the market with sucess we will see older and estabilished MORPG get out business.
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                    Well they can spread the fantasy MMO's so thin and EQ2 and EQ STILL prob holds the majority and Warcraft the Minority. That's three succesful MMO's in the fatasy genra.
                    As much as I had hope DnD would do well and as many fans as they got tween the gfx and those truly hardcore fans who own PC's I wonder how well with yet another company completely new to the MMO world can handle the competition.

                    The only Genra that can support a MMO is Sci Fi. While there is successful MMO's allready in there there is still a possibility for something to come along to challenge for accounts. *Was hoping SWG was the one but Sony ruined that one in my eyes.* The hope for a popular Sci Fi till SWG is controlled by a good company is Starcraft.
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                      I didn't really know anything about Wish either. It's true enough though, the MMOG market is limited in a number of ways and much harder to break into than the ordinary games market. On the plus side games, such as WoW, which make MMOGs more accessible could increase the size of the market and allow smaller titles a shot at success.

                      I still hope that one day someone will make a game like EvE but with direct control over your ship. Like sticking the space portion of SWG together with everything else about EvE. Of course I'm just saying that because I prefer PvP to be about how players play instead of how their characters are set up.


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                        This is just more proof (at least to me) that if I ever have an idea for a MMORPG...I'm going to need to go kiss lots of corperate (SONY!!) arse >.< ROFL

                        It's sad to see a game fail so quickly, but at least they didn't keep it going and end up costing their investors more money or crash and burn and go bankrupt. >.<

                        *shakes head* I must say, I'm impressed, Horizons & Shadowbane are STILL hanging in there!! *Cheers* STAY AWAY FROM THE LIGHT!!
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                          I was in the beta for wish :::wounders if the nda is good...oh well:: I liked to premeis that they had going on. they had a news paper about goings on in the world.. and other stuff..and there were no levels which i found cool..i am really sorry to see it go :cry:


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                            There are a lot of rumours of why Wish failed. Most of them don't really add up or make much sense upon careful analysis (as with the one above) and we may never know...


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                              Yeah, just from browsing around the link you gave, the game looked like it had at least some merit, I mean hell, it had good graphics, pretty solid gameplay (from the looks of it), and, most importantly, it wasn't EQ2 or WorldOfWarcraft. That meets all three of my criteria for "Should I buy this game?" :lol:

                              But I've never heard of the game, and with the way I get around the internet, that's saying something pretty bad about its hype and/or advertising department.