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Powerful Boobie Magic! (1/2)

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  • Powerful Boobie Magic! (1/2)

    Grouping with my guildmates a few days ago, we decided to go off and help an up and coming shadowknight get this level 49 spell she had to quest for.

    Unsure of the difficulty of the final mob, we needed to get a powerful blaster to help us out. Well, the clerics hubby has just such a main but he'd either just got off of work, or had to go to work soon. I don't remember which. The point is, the poor bastard was sleeping; and, she was going to drag him out of bed to help. **grins** So, she said "let me see if I can convince him" and went AFK.

    The shadowknight conveyed her idea of what the process of "convincing" him would be. So, when the cleric came back, and the wizard logged in soon after... I accused her of using boobie magic.


    It's POWERFUL magic... boobie magic.

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    One of the most powerful magics known. /nods
    If you don't know where you are going, any road will get you there.


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      (insert sick wizard staff joke here)
      Earth Destroyed by Solarflare. Video at Eleven


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        No man shall escape!!! (And really, is that so bad?)



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          Hehe. We female clerics have amazing powers of persuasion!
          -- Ancarett, who lives at
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            The day my wife uses boobie magic on me to get me to start playing a game is the day I know I'm on my way to true happiness...


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              A good counter weapon against Boobie magic is the Staff of power.


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                Sadly, the staff loses it's power fairly quickly, while the power of boobie magic is forever.


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                  SV Boobies +200

                  Chain mail
                  SV Boobies -100

                  Getting out of bed to play computer games via boobie magic

                  Hehehe, Naelaen hunts down this comic:


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                    *chuckles* I thought boobie magic and the staff of power usually went together.

                    Well...they tend to work well together...or is that one leads to the other? Does it really matter? *grins mischievously*

                    So long as....well... I would finish..

                    Let's just say so long as things were highly pleasent. :lol:



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                      I have a friend that one time playing as a dwarf with luclin models on he looks down while running and says 'I am mesmorized by my own boobs'

                      try it, look down and run.
                      I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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                        Seems your humor is far better when related to your friends maybe cause it's more humorable and in jest when friends are involved I find this recent series a refreshing change

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                          Boobie magic IS all powerful, BUT...

                          For me, it was always the "pout" (que dramatic "DUN DUN DUN" sound effect)

                          "Please? <pout>"


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                            Poutie magic is a sub-magic of boobie magic though.
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                            Antoine de Saint-Exupery
                            French writer (1900 - 1944)


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                              I don't think I would fare well playing half-asleep, tried that once in FFXI, ended up with half the group dead and extended afk on my part.

                              Just adding somthing else to think about to the mix... zzzZZZzzzz zzZZZzzz zzzZZZzzzz zzZZz