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Gates of Discord Preview Movie?

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  • Gates of Discord Preview Movie?

    I heard a rumor that there was one out there, but I am not seeing it on EQLive, nor any mention here..

    can anyone confirm or deny the exsistance of a preview for GoD??


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    Haven't heard of any video previews for any of their expansions, and it seems unlikely they'd do one this time...<shrugs> Could be wrong, would like to see it if it's out
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      There's been an official PoP movie if i recall...As for GoD, the only thing i've heard is that some guys have accessed the new zones. Wouldn't be too hard for them to record their exploration and release it.
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        The only preview movie I know of for GoD is the one you get to see if you solve the riddles that are/were linked from the eq live page. After you got through all 12 puzzles and 3 locks, you got to see couple minute long movie showing in-game footage of the new expansion.

        Here's the original thread on it:


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          Yeah there was a short preview movie for PoP. Was quite good if you read the prologue beforehand. Of course, it was downtime waiting for Ykesha to be put on the servers.


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            EQLive has a few movies on it, but none of GoD. Has Trilogy, Luclin, and a 2nd anniversary one. Plus the EQ cinematic trailer.


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              Planes of Power trailer:

              It was the last part of the prologue, so I assume the GoD trailer will be the same.


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                There was a movie at the end of the long and laborious Gates of Discord puzzle. It didn't show anything new, however. It just showed some in-game shots from Nedaria's Landing (the new zone reached through Jaggedpine Forest). Frankly, if you haven't seen it, you haven't missed much.
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