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    I don't think WoW will be dated by summer.

    I'm biased here, I guess...but if Blizzard aren't the gods of gaming I don't know who is more qualified...Nintendo? Sega? Dunno. I wouldn't annoint them the gods of gaming either, but seriously I don't know who has a better track record. So no one gets to be a god!

    WoW will be out when it's ready. Amen. I wish that was the case with more games.


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      Originally posted by Naelaen
      I was about to point you in the direction of Casters realm's explaination about Feign Death. I then saw you were 58 and decided it'd be condescending
      yeah i don't really know how to explain it but its just become a complete pain in the ass to split pulls now. And thanks for calling me a newb. /cry

      btw bored so wound up reading that because hey i might have been wrong. nope nothing i didn't know. But I swear FD has been bugged since last patch. maybe this is a fix.. god i hope so.
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        Originally posted by FoghornDeadhorn
        WoW will be out when it's ready. Amen. I wish that was the case with more games.
        Just had to add an "amen!"

        SWG has proven to me that patience is a virtue
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          with such high expectations i feel as WoW will be a decent game and called crap, or be an awesome game and live up to it's title. Alot of people might also be mad with the lack of content at first, look how far EQ has came though it took 4 or 5 years...
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            Yeah, we'll see on the content...really no way of telling other than to go back to the "faith in the developer" line of thinking...but I'll tell you one thing, there was a thread that had a minimap up, and then showed that location on an area map, and then zoomed out to the reqional map...and then showed the world map.

            WoW is a BIG game. And there's no mounts until level nothing else there will be a lot of walking to do! :P


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              not quite true

              for a few silver you can...FLY thru the zones

              Bats, Zepplins, Hippogriffs, Griffons, supposed to be a Train from the human main city to the Dwarf Main city.. yes TRAIN (well more like a subway)

              pretty sure there are boats too...


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                Well, yeah, that's true. But you don't get any silver for some time...assuming no one gives you any...................damn twinkies...


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                  Actually, I remember reading on the official boards that in WoW all high level classes would be able to get from a dungeon to town, and back, in like 10 minutes.

                  Don't quote me on that.

                  However I am nearly 100% positive that high level mages will be able to teleport for sure!
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                    Yeah, I remember reading somewhere or other that mages would get teleports. I also remember reading in that same place, something about groups of mages being able to conduct "rituals" of some kind to create a new teleport target, or something like that. It's been a while since I read it, so I'm a little vague on the details (not that there were many details in the first place).


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                      Page 2439 in Erling's Book of The Perfect MMORPG:

                      "Teleports = bad."
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                        Remind me not to buy your MMORPG :P

                        teleports = travel isnt a total time sink


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                          You mean you read over 2000 pages in one book? Thats alot of reading... I think that you should be able to teleport to continents only. And other than that have alternate forms of transport. I like the way they did the mounts for WoW. I cant figure out if i wanna make a dwarf or an orc, i mean a samurai lookin one like the blademaster, then i would get me puppy to ride and all.
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                            Having certain classes able to teleport isn't a bad thing, what I think is a bad thing is not every class having an innate form of gate or its equivilent. Gate allows for people who need to log off quickly to have a guaranteed way back to town quickly, without having to be dependant, in a potential RL emergency situation, on either being stuck in the bottom of a dungeon somewhere or hoping someone can teleport them out.

                            What is bad about teleports is when they are mass available and free. The Wayfarer Magi, the Nexus Spires, and worst of all the PoK books can all be used for free and have dramatically changed the game from feeling like a world to feeling more like, well, a game. If the Nexus scion *sold* the shards, or if using a PoK book required a reagent of some kind (something costing ~5pp or so), likewise for the Wayfarer's ("You must purchase the resonating gemstone to enable us to guide your passage to the other camp!") you'd have plat-sink and discourage casual or frivolous overuse of the teleporters while still having them there for the times when you want to join a group somewhere distant.


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                              I hated the PoK books when they first came out, now the spires you had to wait for, and hence meant there was a least some downside to using them. But in all honestly the PoK books have enabled me to visit a lot of Norrath that I wouldn't have before. Kills some of the adventure aspect in getting to places, but enables you to adventure in zone you hadn't visited before. Swings and roundabouts.


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                                Originally posted by Foehammer
                                Well, hopefully the beta will start sometime soon then. I try to stay away from rumors, even those said by company employees. The truth is that no matter what someone says, it's still just words until it actually happens.

                                Blizzard - "The game is almost REALLY! It's going to be ready in 2 weeks....(two weeks later).... Oh we ment 2 weeks from today, errr...better make that 2 years from today. Okay, it's REALLY REALLY REALLY ready now, and nevermind that it's graphicly two years outdated."

                                I believe Blizzard makes good games, but I don't think they're the "gods" of gaming. It's one thing to take your time with a project, and make sure it's good before releaseing it, but it's another thing to take too long to the point that it's outdated in a lot of areas. *cough* Warcraft Adventures *cough* Excuse me! I must be coming down with a cold!

                                I hope that Blizzard will realize that with WoW they can add more content later. Just as long as it's not buggy at launch and has enough to keep people interested, then I think it will be a sweet game.
                                Yeaj Warcraft adventures was a joke and really? WoW reminds me alot of EQ but a bit more cartoonie.. definitely not as detail as SWG but truth told if it's fun ? I don't think anyone is gonna give a rats .... well just saying EQ fans sure will think it's an improvement GFX wise.... the rest of us might take the hit to have something fun to play again.
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