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    Originally posted by FoghornDeadhorn
    Yeah, we'll see on the content...really no way of telling other than to go back to the "faith in the developer" line of thinking...but I'll tell you one thing, there was a thread that had a minimap up, and then showed that location on an area map, and then zoomed out to the reqional map...and then showed the world map.

    WoW is a BIG game. And there's no mounts until level nothing else there will be a lot of walking to do! :P
    I never had the prob with early EQ in this regard and truth told people will be oin one spot alot anyways playing with small groups till they get higher for high level raids.... so I don't think it will be a problem as some thinks.
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      On transport:

      Major transportation modes will be to major locations, like cities. Plus, the boats (your major mode of transpo from continent to continent) are more of an adventure than a mode of transport. I think that's way, you can be attacked at sea and stuff. Probably run into little mini-quests sometimes, like "argh, thars a storm"....the next morning "tha winds carried us to an uncharted island sir...ARGH!"..."Thar be fish people on tha, argh, boat..." "please help us find our flippers! *bubble bubble*" "ARGHH!!!"

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        I've always thought there were too meny pok books. One per contenient would be just fine. Also I hope in WoW they slow walkign down and have more random encounters, like if you walking in a forest you have % to enoughter a quest NCP(s) and the quest is based on your level. Nothing sucks more then running into newb quest after other class/race quest. Would be cool, you adventuring with friends, get ambused or surrounded, storyline, good voice actors, interesty story twists.

        Ah well, we can dream.
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          or at the very least one per faydark o.O