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  • Eq problems

    Thanks to DocBobo for sending me the game, because I couldn't install it from my CD.

    But I still get an error when trying to register an account. It says error 0015: My station is already taken or my password is invalid. I've tried many different names and passwords and I keep getting the same error.

    Hopefully one of y'all can help me. | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7

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    hmm, I think that means that there are millions of EQ accounts and what you are trying is taken. *sigh* You will most likely find the same joy when trying to get a name of a character through the naming filter. It takes me ages to find the right spelling of the name I would like.

    Keep trying!


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      No one could possibly have the names I tried:









      so.......maybe it was my password:


      I even tried using my name as a name and password.


      so, if anyone has my name as their name and/or password then that would be really weird. | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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        i think it's your password Ciarin. I've had password troubles too.
        Before Onyxia, after Onyxia.


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          drop a kitty on yer keyboard, then request your password sent after you get an account set, then change it after you are registered (ive actually done this several times, works like a charm....good kitty)

          p.s. copy and paste the first password as you have no idea what that sinister little fluffball typed


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            *bursts out laughing* Does that really work, Pike?

            I'd try it with my own cat, just for fun, but he weighs about nineteen pounds.


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              One question: Did you set up an account with the Station (on the Station site) before setting it up in EQ? I don't know if it's necessary, but maybe it would help. That's how I did it almost 5 years ago, but they have probably simplified the process a lot since then.

              Anyways, try setting up your account through the Station ( first, and then using your Station name to log into EQ. Hopefully that will work.

              PS: for extra security, don't use a Station name that will be the same (or similar) to a character name.
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                I signed up for the station name on the sony site first.

                Same error,
       | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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                  Thanks Togashi!!!!

                  I created a warrior barbarian chick. Her name is Ciarin.


                  Now, I gotta figure out how to play....

                  *reads the new user guide*

                  btw, the graphics are somewhat.....less quality than I'm used to, but I can get passed that.
         | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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                    Just wondering, which expansions do you have? I admit, the environments (At least in the old world areas) are a bit sub-par to today's graphics, but the character models are on par with at least Unreal 2003. Which doesn't say much, I suppose..

                    It seems the complete opposite with DAoC. DAoC has beautiful environments, but the character models are no more than they need to be.
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                      Everquest trilogy.

                      Ruins of kunark, and scars of velious expansions.
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                        the other question would be, what server?
                        now lurking in a thread near you: The Answer Panda


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                          oh! It's prexius, I think.....

                          or prexus...prex-something....

                          If anyone could help me play who happens to be on that server, that would be appreciated.....
                 | Real ID: email @ | Steam: ciarin7


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                            Prexus? That's Woody's server, I believe, along with Takara's and a few other forum goers. I'm sure you could get some help along the line.

                            And yeah. Trilogy has asstastic graphics. They're good for times when you're jammed in tight with a lot of people, but the Luclin models are a major improvement, I'd say. The new Tunare models should be good, too.
                            I think that Japan actually pays people like Fred Gallagher to leave their country as soon as possible.


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                              Yea Ciarin, too bad ya didn't get EverQuest: Evolution. I believe its just as cheap as Trilogy, but has all the expansions except LDoN.

                              I'm on Prexus server as well, but I have problems going link dead playing because of Win98. I wouldn't be able to help out much as I LD too much.

                              But if I see ya online, I'll be sure to send ya a tell. =)
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