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  • The Nameless found..... Lavastorm!

    Basically (for those non-EQ players) the nameless is like the force. It's just there, it created the universe and keeps it going. Equally it could destroy it at a whim.

    (complying with the easy ways: the two pictures are snippits from EQ screenshots, showing what needs to be shown and hiding my awful UI layout :mrgreen: )

    Anyway, I was on my way to Sol A to check out the Inferno goblin wizard when I noticed this on track. I decided to try and check it out, and as this screenshot shows it was possible to track it down. It led me to the lava pool shown which is just north west of the Najena entrance. I was able to target whatever it was by using f8, but as you can see it cons red and yet has no name. I didn't try to attack it (could have caused a cataclysmic shock that would destroy the whole of Norrath..... or not as the case may be )

    Basically there you have it, a nameless mob. I'm just curious if this is a bug on Vazaelle, or on other servers as well. Or if it is even a bug at all. Are there more like it? Have they been around for a while? Whatever it may be, it is very strange and something to investigate next time you can't get into any groups.

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    Hmmm, i'm on my way to check it out on Firiona Vie...
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      Ha Ha

      Try right clicking it and see if it's a bank :P

      You never know, it's happened twice now.

      If it is. O_o Don't use it. The first time, people got to enjoy a nice tasty bag of ban.
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        Yea.. SOE takes exploits very seriously... Ban sticks are wielded. Well, I doubt using a banker that is out of place will get you banned, especially if you make a /petition and inform the CSR of it. But sitting there and using it repeatedly for profit.... ok, thats out of my system.

        Back on the topic of the Nameless. I have seen this kinda thing on track in Lavastorm and in other places. I assumed it was a corrupted mob (like the exclamation point mobs that would appear on your track in East Karana back in the day) The Nameless you say.. Very very good work! To find such an entity... *wipes a tear* His (does this entity even have a gender?) followers will be pleased! errr, read the first post.. its a force.. not a diety.. oh ok. I am so behind on my EQ stuff. All these new things. I remember simpler times with the original EQ... there was no Namelass, no terris Thule.. Bristlebane, Brell, bertox, Tunare, Inny, cazic, Rallos Zek, Quellius, Rodcet Nife, Veeshan, Prexus , the Marr twins, Solusek ro, and the tribunal! That was it! ( err course, now I am searching for my EQ manual to check this... *sigh* I need sleep...)


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          It could be like the "River Source" mob in The Warrens - it's not really there, even though it's there. I spent a good fifteen minutes thwacking the heck out of it, it never fought back, and regen'd it's hitpoints almost as fast as I was taking them away. ::shrug:: Just a thought. Don't know why the River Source is there, either.

          And that link, Fuzzy... took me about an hour of plodding around Norrath doing gear swaps and such pondering what was so odd about a character named Sitnay using a banker that shouldn't really be there... until I realized that Sitnay backwards is...
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            I've had talks with GM and Guides about this. Basically the mobs (which are are a lot of in many different zones) are there to assist in some function of the game. They wouldn't tell me much more then that and its a bug in track that allows them to appear. Why they haven't fixed it I don't know.

            I have actually killed the one in lavastorm. It uses the name "Pain and Suffering" for some of its melee or death messages (sorry it was over a year ago).

            The mob is indifferent, has no graphic, is mobile, will run on low health, and hits decently.
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              I'm getting the feeling that every zone has one...somewhere.
              An unkillable (or nearly so) mob that does much of nothing (ala River source...I'd forgotten about that one) except "serve a function".

              Who knows. Maybe you need an actual creature in a zone in order to control the respawning. Would be a neat bit of programming. Nameless mob has the ability to spawn creatures within a certain monster table, at specified scripted locations and times. Rather like a #maketarget 12798 -400 187 3 at a specified time interval after it shows up as not in zone.

              Complete speculation there, but *shrug* who knows. I can't imagine what else it could help with at the moment, and I honestly doubt that Sony intends to tell us.

              Still, theories are fun. 8)
              \"That bug should only affect certain classes when their exp is at a certain point and the moon is full and you\'re wearing orange socks.\" -- Absor


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                okay, i just killed the one in lavastorm, it was refered to as Pain and Suffering in hit messages(when it hit my pet and when my pet hit it), i took many screenshots of it, will post them here when i get home from work, was DB to me at 51, DB to my friend at 52 and red to my other friend at 38, respawned in roughly 5min, lol, no loot sadly, =/ though i was able to check by assisting my pet after it's death to get the corpse target and then /loot

                as for a gender for this mob it is definitely female(i know i will hear a lot of jokes concerning pain and suffering being femanine...) that is based from the sounds it made when hit.
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                  oh, i also heard there was one in EK called pain and suffering in hit messages too but it hit for 300 damage and procced a 20k dd spell...
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                    Mihos you know, thats pretty freaky. Maybe someone should look into it. Like my elite hacker ninjas with exploding floppy disks. Yes. But seriously, that could be Yantis and explain ALOT of stuff. :|
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                      May the Lava be with you.
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                        There are lots of these mobs scattered around. They're used for stuff like general emote messages, the LDoN "mysterious voice," and so on.

                        Here's an easy one to spot. Head to the Nexus, and find any of the teleport pads. Try to stand at the exact center of one. You can't. There's an invisible, untargetable block in the exact center of the pad. This is the "mob" that generates message like "The Kunark Spire begins to cast a spell" and so on -- it's the source of the port messages. (If you do check this out, be careful you don't get ported by the spires accidentally! )
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                          If you use the infamous showeq program, these invisible mobs show up on there. There are quite a lot of them.

                          so I've heard.


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                            I've actually picked a fight with 'A mysterious voice', the one near the Karana spires. It didn't fight back, but I think I did interrupt it's castng of the teleport up to Luclin. The people there cracked up because of it, then they got fidgety cause they couldn't get up to Luclin.
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                              I had a feeling it would be something to do with game mechanics. If it was in say Half-life it would be an invisible entity (or one that is outside the map) which things are anchored to (spawn points for example).

                              Good old pain and suffering, shame that got taken out of the game. I just thought it would be fun to connect this nameless entity with the Nameless