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    Umm.... unless I missed something, I believe that not only will it be balanced with the "if you can even attempt it", but most likely several of the materials will be quest items that you have to do other steps to acquire. And from the way their quest system is looking like, it's all good to me. Personally, frustration does not equal fun. Sitting around for weeks on end to rush to kill a single creature before 1,001 other people is not fun. putting in over 20 hours of straight XP grind work to not make enough to even make a single level definitely is not fun. If all Blizzard does is fix those problems, and their game keeps you distracted enough, like they claim it will, to not have to focus on the XP bar (for lack of anything else better to do) then it's far better than other MMORPGs. Gimme a world where I feel like I make a difference in it (even if it is purely perception), and where there's enough little things to do that will advance my character's development without me needing to focus solely on that development, then I'm happy as can be. I don't care if it's graphics are stick-men on notebook paper, and the sound effects are little more than beeps on my watch. I personally don't care if massive raiding designs are implemented, as I tend to be of a moderately anti-social (rather, I tend to get frustrated with ever-increasingly large groups of people in one area), and love to solo in a game - where grouping is an option, not mandatory for my survival.
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      I actually like SWG's crafting system. You set down harvesters to mine mass quantities of the resources that you need. Of course, you have to FIND the resources before you can set down a harvester. But once you do, you have tons of whatever you are mining. More advanced stuff means more resources, and generally means sub-components that you have to create in a factory. And you still have a chance to critically fail, at any level, including master. But you also have the ability to experiment, where you can make the stats of your item better than they would be otherwise. The thing I don't like about it, is that it's considered a "class" so it takes up skill points to use it that you could use on other stuff. Unlike EQ where any race/class combo can skill up as many of the tradeskills as they like.

      What I would REALLY love to see out of a tradeskill system is one that lets you actually design stuff. Like, for an architect, for example. Instead of gaining the ability to make a small naboo house, you gain the ability to make stairs, columns, walls etc. Which you can combine any way you want to make a house. The more stairs, columns, walls etc that you use, the more resources it takes. But you have freedom of design instead of every master architect being the same as every other master architect. Just an idea, no idea how/if they could make that work in actual gameplay.


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        I dont like the idea of the Herb gathering and Mining I think that they should be part of the things that use them. I like the ideer of engineering, specially if you dont have to be a gnome to do it Ie. tinkering. I think that the gathering trades are for poeple who want to pharm and get money. I you are getting the supplies you sell them =LOTSA MONEY! And yeah the "other MMORPG's" EHEM I HAVE NO IDEA
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          I like the idea of having a Warrior-Alchemist combo.

          Anyone remember Chakan?


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            i think its AWSOME that u wont have to get 20 of the item just to make sure that you will be able to get at least one of it

            and how could a game with ORCS and ELVES and GNOMES be real...............