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    Okay, we *all* here voices while playing our MMOGs when we don't take our meds. But if we started hearing them even when the antipsychotics are working?

    One of my favorite websites, Gamegirl Advance featured an article last fall which dealt with a growing trend in videogames. Voices. They're here to stay.

    Most X-Box games have them. Many PS2 games have them. A lot of FPS games use them (I understand Planetside has them as an integral feature). Even games that don't have them can be tricked into having them with programs like Ventrilo, which my Jedi Knight II clan uses.

    So, now that you've had a chance to digest this thought, and realized that you won't be able to play a female character to get stuff anymore, what are your thoughts on the matter?
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    I'm confused are you talking about Mic support or abient voices in the background?
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      "But I AM a girl, mister, I just smoke too much. Now, how about giving me this epic item and all these plats? You know you've a wonderful moustache? And those muscles!..."

      Voice problem resolved. :lol:


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        That reminds me

        Secondhand story here, but it's at least very close. It's been over a year since she told me about it

        A friend of mine was playing one of those Xbox shooter over the internet games, and some guy fragged her in a cheap fashion, and she hadn't said anything yet, she ended up saying, well, that was cheap. He said "all's fair in war" or some such thing, she spun around and fragged him about 4 or 5 times in a row, with style, and when he started whining, she parrotted his quote, and got lines like "have your balls dropped yet? you sound like a girl"

        "I *AM* a girl"

        Boy was he quiet after that 8)

        32 year old manager of a gaming outlet. She loves those microphones
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          Alls you need is a soundboard of a girl's voice.

          I don't have that problem, however...

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            Originally posted by Ciarin
            Alls you need is a soundboard of a girl's voice.

            I don't have that problem, however...

            Great idea.

            **Try to persuade his lovely girlfriend to tell some useful game sentences on the tape recorder on an erotic fashion**


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              You could always pretend you're a mime, but that of course wouldn't hold any water :mrgreen:


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                Unless, of course, you're playing Horizons...
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                  Many of the officers of my old guild used game voice for raids and such.
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                    A few months ago in SWG, we invited this cute little fem doctor into our guild named Simone. All the guys in our guild were hitting on her, one of them even had suggestive screenshots posted on the guild board. Then someone gets the idea to have everyone use Teamspeak so that we could all talk to one another. A couple days after we get it started up, I hear a new person comes into the channel (it announces it everytime a new person joins), and this really deep voice says Hello. So I asked who it was, and he says "This is Simone"

                    Haha it was dead quiet in there for a few minutes cause almost no one knew that Simone was a guy IRL. And the subject of the suggestive screenshots was/is horribly mortified.


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                        i remember that. good times, good times.
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                          HAHA. Oh well no more free stuff to me, i can do a little kid voice so that might help :-D. Guys used to hit on me all the time when i was a female char but after getting a few items i told them and they stopped following me. I have a 8 year old sister, maybe some stupid guys will think her voice is older so i can use her to get me things, yay


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                            It has been many moons since I posted here.

                            Seeing how I have an hour before my systems analysis class, I figure I might as well post on this thread, as it has turned into the age-old debate that I too am a part of.

                            The good ol' argument of MMORPG gender-bending rears its ugly head once again. My take on it is quite simple.

                            As a semi-retired EQplayer, and current player of Neverwinter Nights and the Hordes of the Underdark, I've been around the online gaming community and have seen it all.

                            When I started it, I was single, and naive. Now however, after a few years of gaming online under my belt, and having learned some lessons, and gotten a real woman in my life, my take is, as I said, simple.

                            I play both sexes in these types of games. Male, to reflect the real me, and female, to take advantage of the male psyche.

                            Males will always see females as lovely, weaker, and sexy. As such, even if they claim otherwise, they wont always believe can think as well as, or even outsmart a male. We all know logically this isnt true, that females are almost every bit as equal as males, but the instinct is still there.

                            When I play females, I am always treated with more respect, given things, and assisted in my tasks more frequently. Now why would I pass on that if it's offered? And no, I never ask for that treatment.

                            Now I know what you're thinking. A greater percentage of online gamers are teenagers, mostly male, all of whom have raging hormones.

                            Yes, I've been propositioned in game, as these kids never take into account that the players NEVER look like their characters, regardless of gender.

                            My answer to such advances is simply as such:


                            to which I answer 'older than you/what does it matter/none of your business'.

                            If they prod more, I say 'if i say 'male' you'll think me a weirdo, and if i say female, you'll hit on me, and call me a le***** if i am not receptive to you.'

                            If they REALLY persist, I simply say that I am a le*****...

                            Yep, I am TOTALLY into women. No interest in men at all.

                            Now, in all that, when you think about it, am I lying?

                            It's a game. I'm there to play a game. If I wanted to read perverse text messaging, I'd go to a chatroom somewhere else.

                            'nuff said.

                            -Talloak Turadh'Claioh, EQ 57 woodelf druid, EMarr(retired)
                            -Longbranch, WoW 65 Tauren Shaman, Feathermoon

                            "You're only as young as who you feel!" -Groucho Marx


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                              I play female characters all the time. I don't do it to mislead people, to get free gear, or any of that crap. I do it because I'm a roleplayer at heart. Most people here who've payed any attention to me should know that by now. Even when I'm not actually roleplaying, I'm semi-roleplaying. I'll "wear the female face" in-game, so to speak, but if anyone asks, I'm a guy. If anyone starts hitting on me, "Hey, I'm a guy". You know the drill.

                              People who'll drool over anything with breasts in a game are fools. ( But guys playing girls that knowingly LET people drool over them are even worse. ) Hey, this can be compared to real life. If you walk into the bar and hit on every single woman you see as blatantly as people do it in-game, you're going to get slapped a LOT. Heck, you'll be amazingly lucky if slaps are the worst you get and you don't end up leaving in an ambulance. Just because it's online doesn't mean it's okay to act like a pig. React to women in-game as you would to seeing them IRL.

                              This is beyond just the so-called "risk" of the girl being a guy. It's about manners. I know girls who only play male characters because they get sick of being outright sexually harassed by guys in-game. It's like people log on and suddenly lose all common sense...

                              So... I roleplay. I roleplay men and women. I'm told I do both very well. When I tell new RPers in-game that I'm really a guy after RPing with them as one of my females for a bit, they tend to be surprised. In all honesty, saying that it's wrong for a guy to RP a woman is no less ignorant than saying it's wrong for a male author to write about a female character. Roleplaying is essentially the same, creating a story from your character's perspective.

                              Yes, I take it VERY personally when I hear some homphobic remark about "manginas". I'm not gay, I'm not trying to take advantage of anyone, I'm trying to play the damn MMO****RPG****.