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  • Magelo

    I don't lay EQ myself but I still think it would be cool to check out all your guys characters, yet when i click on a link to a Magelo Profile all i get is a white page with japanese symbols on it? Can anyone tell me why this is happening and how I could possbly fix it?
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    Brennan - 44 Dwarf Priest - Daggerspine

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    you are behind a firewall most likely.. if that isn't it I have no idea


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      If I remember correctly, this is a bug with Magelo that happens sometimes in Internet Explorer only. Try using Mozilla or Firebird. It's not related to any firewall issues that I'm aware of, since Magelo comes over port 80. If you can get to other websites, it's unlikely that your firewall would be blocking anything from Magelo.

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        go into ie then into internet options

        goto advanced and scroll down to the use http 1.1 options and tick them both, that should fix it.


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          Yeah that worked