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How 1 player can ruin the fun for an entire group!

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  • How 1 player can ruin the fun for an entire group!

    The examples below are all from ONE day of play. It was one of the best days for me, and simultaneously, one of the worst days for me, in my eq history.

    I went on an LDoN adventure to hit 57. The group played out like so: Warrior, Shaman, Bard, Shadow Knight, Cleric, Monk.

    That's about as well balance an LDoN group as you can assemble in my opinion. You got the bard for pull, lull, crowd control & mana battery; the cleric to heal and back up pacify; Shaman to slow, alacrity, root, & auxilary heal; SK to snare, dot, auxilary tank, & off tank if necessary; and, the Monk for raw DPS.

    It should have been an easy group. Collect 24, lightening fast. Done in 45 minutes... right?


    The bard was the worst I have ever seen. Couldn't pull for crap, failed to mez reliably. It was pitiful. One character completely ruined our group. We had to find a way to pull without the bard. Note also: The bard bitched and complained about us yelling at him, which none of us did, even after he got the cleric killed <-- on the first multipull (set us back 20 minutes).

    And, when I told him to twist popcorn mez to "stun" caster mobs, he told me not to tell him how to play his character (despite the fact that he was letting cleric mobs complete heal themselves 3 and 4 times in a row). He cursed and complained and sputtered non stop until he got the cleric killed again, and we all (the REST of the group) started playing like he wasn't even there. He freakin tanked for most of the rest of the adventure. **sighs**

    He did manage to successfully mez a couple of multi-pulls... but then again, *I* THE WARRIOR was having to freakin pull (switched back and forth between the monk and I, with the cleric running up to pacify.)... so SOMEONE had to be crowd control.

    He left as soon as we lost the adventure (with 2 more to collect) - Jackass.

    Anyway... that was just the LDoN adventure, but you can see how one d00dish jackass can screw up everything.


    Earlier that same day we went to hate and one ub3r w1zz13, who tries to take over EVERY raid I've been on with her, started her same pattern... making demands, pulling without permission, and being fairly uncommunicative. Now, the Raid Leader/My Guild Leader reigned her back in, so she wasn't the problem. But, not to worry, we had a r0gu3 to make up for her.

    You see, he went afk without letting any of us know. We got to where we were going to fight... and THEN got a message from him asking where we were. Then, he got himself killed, of course. We all had to backtrack and start over again. This set us back a good 20 to 30 minutes. (Note: Same guy FELL ASLEEP during our Hole Raid the night before. **grumbles** There were wizards about, asking for a tl out is NOT a bad thing if you're that tired.) Anyway, he decided to leave when he realized his epic bit wasn't up. **rolls his eyes** Not much of a group player eh?

    Well, after we got my Epic piece (thank you), and failed get the SK and Chanter drops (stupid stingy mobs), we decided to go do trials in PoJ. Now, we should have been able to do the execution trial easy as cake... but for some odd reason the ub3r w1zz13 decided to use her cleric instead. (Note: we already had a cleric in the group for the trial. We actually NEEDED the ub3r w1zz13 for dps.) Failed twice, then someone beat te execution trial before we got to try again (which was also when the person realized we didn't need 2 clerics; we NEEDED the ub3r w1zz13).

    So, instead of waiting the 30 minutes to try again, everyone pretty much got fed up and decided to leave. I was 4% away from, so we were going to just exp grind for a bit to ding me. For some odd reason the ub3r w1zz13 was in charge of this too (don't ask me how), and decided we'd go to Valor, despite the fact that half our group was below 55 and wasn't flagged (meaning they couldn't go in). Well, ub3r w1zz13 also filled the group without consulting with my Guid Leader (who was in the group), forcing him to leave to free up a slot. Needless to say, we didn't do Valor.

    Everyone was SOOO frustrated, they didn't even want to gather to LDoN together, which is rare for our guild. It's very close knit and easy going. And THAT is how I ended up in the LDoN adventure in the first example. I dinged 57, but it was overshadowed by the idiot excuse for a bard.

    So you can see, in one day, 3 individual players made the game miserable for 3 different groups.

    Feel free to share your horror stories.

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    I have far to many horror stories to ever share about the 7th hammer, not many at all with Mith Marr though =D
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      What timing...

      I just got back from the game....and read asked and you shall recieve.


      I was playing my warrior, and grouped with an 3nch4nter, and necro and a druid. Guess which one we had problems with?

      I'm pulling one to two mobs at a time. The druid is resettng his hotkeys to do the heals and do EVERYTHING else. (He had been doing rooting and rotting the night before) The necro is doing his thing...the 3nch4nter say "Pull's fun when you do that!!!" I pull four.

      He slowly mezzes. The necro is trying his best to help and the druid is getting heal agro, while I am keeping on top of the one targetted. Sadly, the necro dots a mezzed mob. The mob thankfully agros on me.

      The 3nch4nter starts b*tching about the fact we ALL need to make assist hotkeys ands such. Goes on ranting on how we all need to assist or else the next time the necro dots something and it agros on me...I will die. *sigh* Huge drama...the whole works.

      Meanwhile I'm keeping the mobs happy and the druid is keeping me alive and the necro is doing his best. We all live.

      A while later the necro leaves. The 3nch4nter insults the necro some. Then...he makes the same stupid request he did last time "Pull more!"

      I do....but by accident. I aimed and shot my arrow and expected two. Instead DL drops three more in the pathing of the other two and now the group has five. (remember it's only three people now.)

      I say "Oh Sh*t RUN!! got 5!!!"

      Druid says "Oh F**k me!!" and tries to bolt.

      3nch4nter decided to play hero...and starts mezzing. End result we have a cluster. Druid and I are already heading to get into KC to zone out agro. The 3nch4nter says he did a mind wipe on all five and to come back. The druid and I look at each other with caution and slowly head back. Things look empty.

      So we start working on exp again. Lo...the "mind wiped" mobs come back. Not all at once. A few at a time.

      But with each "mind wiped" mob, there is a friend or two that it brings along to help. Both the druid and I die. I even went to zone out agro...nothing worked, but our deaths.

      Now I understand heal agro and taunt agro. I am not totally sure what the 3nch4nter did, but the supposed "mind wipe" seemed to have it's limits that he didn't tell us about. But his need for more mobs and what he was skilled at handling were two things that didn't seem to match.

      *shakes her head* *sighes* All I know is after dying...and trying to make sure the mob stayed on me, not the druid, I was about to pitch the 3nch4nter out a 36 story window.

      And while this was all going on...he still pissed and moaned about the necro's mistakes. The necro wasn't even logged on!!

      To top it all off, after I died I headed back to the PoK FV stone. I was running through the tunnels when one of the wood elven guards inside decided to kill me. The druid ported up to sow me and volenteered to get my corpse. I only asked him to keep the guards distracted. So he helped. The 3nch4nter stayed in DL and went to a different ruin and kept asking us "Are you on your way back yet?" almost as insistantly as a child asking "Are we there yet?" over and over.

      I get my corpse out of the tunnels and then get my other corpse out of DL. Meanwhile the 3nch4nter is /oocing about him LFG, while still grouped with us. The druid and I had not planned to leave, but after hearing three of those /oocs we politely let him know we had to go.

      We made nice excuses and left our own ways. The druid said if I needed a healer look him up, and we could do our own group without THAT 3nch4nter. I told him I'll take him up on the offer...and if he needed a meatshield I would answer.

      *shakes her head*


      People that really need to study their class. *nods*

      Thanks Woody for a place to vent. I've ran into semi stupid things.... Tonight took the cake. Sounds like you got the same thing =/

      Oh...and no...I didn't go asking for a ress. I know I could probably make up for the exp lost by those two deaths with patience and time. Anyways I figure if there are no clerics in the zone...or any friends that are clerics...that I shouldn't go bothering and pestering them...they too are busy with their EQ time as well. Seems unfair to ask...if you cannot donate for their time.



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        P.S. Congrats on your epic piece Woody! Glad you got something good out of the day.


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          Ouch! Yeah that sounds like a day to make you really frustrated with EQ.

          Just to mention, I find that our Incite line is actally a really handy pulling tool, requiring no ammo or juggling of slots, and a surprisingly small "splash" area for hitting. More than once I have called inc 2, only to hava the non-targeted mob not care what I just said to his buddy.

          And I have to say I had really missed pulling too, and we are not half bad at it again.
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            Sorry to hear it was a rough day in the virtual world, Woody. Those are the worst days. I'm not sticking up for the bard, but at least he tried. From what you said he was still being an ass, but I've grouped with people who didn't even know they could mez/heal/taunt. Kind of like those idiot or ebay comics you did awhile back. That's why I prefure to solo unless I'm in a guild group. I hate getting people like that in pick-ups.
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              does anyone want to create a SL forum in the special thread? As a warning for the rest of us.
              I am going to have to disagree with your detective work there.


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                hmmm bad bard... I wonder if he left the server onto your server.
                I was alliance for 3 years but somehow I got turned into horde
                what happened?


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                  I'm an extremely low end player, and I like it that way. I play very casually (a few hours a month), and I always solo. Well, almost always. I've made exceptions three times.

                  The first was when I was playing a cleric, and I grouped with a rogue. That was actually fun.

                  The second was when I was a warrior, and I grouped with a cleric...which should have been fun. It wasn't. I essentially power leveled a cleric that had to be reminded to heal me.

                  The third time was very recently. I was playing a rogue and I grouped with a druid. It was the most unfortunate thing I've experienced in game..hah. When we grouped I warned THEM that I had always been a solo player, and that I may not understand how to best play my character in a group so if they had any suggestions during our time together I was open to hearing and acting on them. They didn't feel the need to warn ME, however, and we ended up ping ponging between zones while the druid decided to run in random directions and pull more mobs. They even got lost while running, but thankfully they found about ten mobs to help them figure out which way to run.

                  You'd think a druid would root or snare a mob I would pull to camp...but no. Instead they would run over and try to melee with it, with no magic involved and no heals happening.

                  At one point, their stupidity got me killed. It also got them killed. My only comment was, "So...I've been thinking. Which name do you like most? Larry? Moe? Curly?"

                  I made a very bad choice after that. They had made it back to the spot near our death first, and they said that if I consented them they'd drag my corpse. Okay. Cool. So, I did that. I think that I must be Moe. Curly managed to go in there and think camo would work when cast indoors against mobs that see through it. Curly died, but only after dragging my corpse "somewhere near water". It appears that when they realized that someone could see them, they responded by running in random directions again.

                  At this point I was more than done. I got to the scene of the crime and did a hide/sneak around a dangerous area and found my body. I drug it and looted. Then I went in and found Curly's corpse and drug it to the zone.

                  Curly asked if we could please group again.

                  Um, no.

                  My sympathies, Woody. I imagine it is much more frustrating when folks are high level.


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                    I don't have any horror stories that compare to any of those...mostly because I try very hard to forget things like that.

                    Bad bards are all too common however. Reason being they are a complicated, difficult class to play to their full potential. Can fill almost any roll in a group if played properly, but...*shrug*
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                      trade the monk for a wiz hehe, last night i did a group with no cleric and no real healer just bard, pal, sk, then pure DPS(wiz wiz mag). could burn down a mob in seconds flat and move on, VoQ+bard ment rarely running low on ammo.
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                        I did an LDoN adventure in Mistmoore in my high 30's with an alt. Usually these are a piece of cake. We had a really well balanced group, including two tanks, an encanter and a cleric. The cleric is the group leader. He picks a collect adventure at the request of the wizard who said he'd degroup instantly if anything else was chosen. The cleric refuses to CH or even remedy. He only uses one heal spell. A group heal. Saying "Man I LOVE this freaking spell!!11!1oneone" every time he casts it. It heals everyone in the group, for a massive ammount of mana, and only heals them for about 100 points when it goes off. So he's constantly out of mana.
                        The enchanter is working her butt off, and the wizard, get this...REFUSES to nuke. NO spells at all. What's he doing? He's clicking Solist's Icy wand. over. and over. and over. It's a 38 point damage effect that's mana free. A wizard at level 39 can nuke for over 400 points in one spell, for reasonable mana cost. but no. not this wizard. That would require mana.
                        He thought it was reasonable apparently, because he could do 386 damage per /minute/.
                        He went on at length about his wily strategy whenever he was asked to nuke.
                        *shakes head*
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                          You shoulda said to the wizard "If you wanted 386 damage a minute, you should have played a necro".

                          *runs from angry necro masses*


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                            Just a question.. why you didnt get a Beastlord? *snicker*

                            anyway, I WOULD have bitched at the Wizard, Rogue and Bard if you wouldn't have. jerkoffs have no reason to play Everquest if they plan on going into serious Raids and Adventures thinking they can whine and bicker all day long, maybe they just need to go back to Paludal.


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                              On the "memory wipe" thing: enchanters and clerics get spells that give you a chance to cause the critter to forget what's happened to it (wipes the hate list). But yes -- only a chance. On critters not kos normally, you can tell when successful by /con and see if it's back to usual ... but in situations like this where they hate your guts anyway, 'bout the only way to tell for sure is to wait and see if it comes after you (or if you get a new aggro message from wandering too close: ("Oh hey memblur worked! Uh, mez it and do it again?"))

                              Some mezzes have chances of memblur built in. And, given time, you can recast memblur to increase chance that it'll work (takes time since there's a decent recast time). With 5? I wouldn't try memblurring except to try to minimize chanter risk on mez break -- keep 'em mezzed until ready to kill. Or if too low on mana... zone to lose aggro.
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