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  • FFX2


    Holy crud.

    So far, I've seen parodies of Fashion Magazines, Pop Stars, Charlies Angels (and other 70s shows like that), and the Power Rangers (and other shows by Saban).

    I've played for 10 minutes.

    My head hurts.

    (Is this too OT for the main forum?)

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    you forgot to add J-Pop in your list.
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      Oh yeah.

      So far it's been good. Battle system is every bit as good as FFX's, only it's closer to the old school (FF5, 6) systems.

      The job system is... very amazing. Instedad of classes, or the FFX big board game system, they have.. pocket board games, for lack of a better term. Those are the Garment Spheres. The actual classes that are on the garmentspheres, are called Dresspheres.

      At least, I think that's how it works. I'm still a bit unclear on it.


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        It seems kinda silly, but I'll still get it. Well only going to have to wait for another few months for it to be released here.... :roll:


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          yeah, but you got FFX Int., so you're not allowed to complain.

          [Edit: LOL, FFX International and FFXI are two different things... )


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            waste of money lol like i'm gonna pay 40$ to play dress up lol


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              This is all my opinion.. but I wish Square had just stopped with IX, and then started again with XII. When asked why they did none in-between, they should reply, "Well, Enix smacked us around, and boy did we smarten up." Not that I even know if FFXII will be any good.. it just has a nice premise.

              In fact, isn't it kind of an oxy moron to have more than one Final Fantasy?
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                FFX-2....I watched the intro. I couldn't make myself go beyond that. I just sat there alternately cringing and laughing, and hoping to god it would end soon... turned it off before the intro movie ended, and haven't touched it since.

                Sigh. I'm going to go play Vagrant Story to make myself feel better.


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                  Really makes you think..

                  Maybe there's a reason there were no FF sequals up until now?


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                    this all i have to say :i suare-enix wants me to pay $50 to play pretty princess dress me up, the are sadly mistaken, it looks like an charlies angels rpg, and each time i say its a girls game, all the girls who play it say its not, and mind you its only the girls yelling at me, not guys, i wanna save the world, not some guy from the prequel(sp?), from what i read, you dress up to win the battle, i wanna kill things, not put on a dress and kill things :sighs and sits down playing the original final fantasy:
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                      I'm loving the game. Yea the Charlies Angel's refernces are corny, and Brother is supposd to be the leader of the Gullwings, but due to you being "in control" of the storyline he looks like an idiot telling Yuna to decide, but you know what? I don't care. I hated the end to FFX because it left me with a feeling of incompletion.

                      UPCOMING SPOILER TO FFX!!

                      [spoiler:7059bb8eb4]I don't mind when movies, or games don't have a happy endding or end with the hero dieing, but FFX didn't even have that. Instead they leave it hanging. That he could be alive, regaurdless of the fayth nolonger dreaming him into existance.[/spoiler:7059bb8eb4]

                      I've almost beat FFX-2 and honestly I'm kinda of putting it off, and spending allot of time to level because I don't want it to be over yet.


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                        Originally posted by Velenka
                        FFX-2....I watched the intro. I couldn't make myself go beyond that. I just sat there alternately cringing and laughing, and hoping to god it would end soon... turned it off before the intro movie ended, and haven't touched it since.

                        Sigh. I'm going to go play Vagrant Story to make myself feel better.
                        *Mutter* Yes, the same intro that was on the preview teaser on Unlimited Saga. It's not that good, but, with some interesting tidbits you learn right after it (like 10 seconds after it), it redeems itself. Still, the opening to the game really, really feels kinda rushed. I guess it assumes you've seen the FFX International ending, "FFX: Another Story".

                        [spoiler:dbbb9901e6]Ok, lemme let you know something here -- the intro, it's not real. The movie with Yuna dancing and singing... That's not Yuna.[/spoiler:dbbb9901e6]

                        And that's all I'm gonna say about it. Aside from the campy jokes and the fanservice (Rikku is almost as undressed as a AO Shade, for christs sake), the battle engine is just as neat as FFX's, and having just finally beaten FFX about 3 hours ago, I *really* wanna know what happens.

                        Of course, I would have rather had a sequel to FF7. FFX's ending was really, REALLY sad. Heartwrenching, even, if you cared for the characters. (I hated them at the start but they grow on ya) But at least it ended. IT had complete resolution. There were no loose ends, no forgotten plot twists, no villans left over. The end came up, and if I hadn't known about FFX2, I would have said to myself, "Wow. It's over. Huh." Cause it was. Completely and utterly.

                        And then they made "another ending" for The International version. Which works, but, how in the world does it work? @.@ And that's why I'm playing FFX-2. That, and there's a rumour that there's a tie in between FF7 and FF10 through FFX-2. @.@ One of the developers said there was in an interview last week, anyway... O.o;

                        Chavarko >> If you surround your spoiler there with spoiler in brackets [ spoiler ]like this[ /spoiler ] it will make it impossibe to read without hilighting it. I know if I read that on accident, even in passing, it would have ruined FF10 for me.


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                          I'm having fun with it, the New game+ feature is what drew me in(Chrono Trigger, how i've missed you)

                          The story is ok, but the real fun of it is the battle system...

                          ...hehe Pretty princess dress up...thats funny...

                          another way to explain it is FF tactics and CT put together and allowing job changes within battle...After you contemplate that, smash yourself in the face with a billy club, that's how much it hurts playing at top speed(there are different speeds). Seriously though, its a nice battle system

                          It's an easy going game(story wise and referring to emphasis on building up levels) and has alot of depth to it. You get to explore the FFX world more, and that itself is pretty fun...
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                            Yeah. I remember seeing the drawings for FFX-2, and when I looked at Rikku, the first thing that popped into my head was the song 'Genie in a Bottle', for good reason, it appears.
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                              Its an OK game, although I have a hard time logging out of FFXI to play it. I am currently in chapter 2.

                              I do want to say that the dress up system is NOT as original as its made out to be. It is the same exact thing as swapping out characters that do different jobs with a slight crossover. (certain grids let you use abilitys learned from a different class)

                              The story is not bad, the presentation is awful.

                              As a RPG fan, the game is good. As a FF fan, ugh.

                              could someone put the different ending for the INT version in spoilers? I have never played it and I would like to know how different it was from FFX
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