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Have GUcomics become to flashy?

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  • Have GUcomics become to flashy?

    Ive been scanning through many of the archived comics, and relieze they are drawn out much more plainly "getting the point across".

    The newer ones seem to be too flashy, and all them colors draw attention from the real issue, makes you forget what your reading in the first place.

    wonder if Woody ever tried to get Syndicated, that would be cool.

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    One man's "Too flashy" is another man's "evolved talent". I think they're great now. Not that they weren't before...


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      I suppose your right in a way, Im just getting carred away by all the contrasting colors and the lettering.

      But quality wise they are much better, just that its losing the comic value and becoming more of a well detailed picture.


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        Comics don't have to be simplistic doodles. I don't see how higher quality art can detract at all from it's "comic value". It still has a cartoony look, it's just more sophisticated.


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          *nods* In a variety of comics, you will undoubtedly notice the earliest of them being signifigantly different. Woody's is no different.. not only does it act as a source of entertainment, Woody is also improving his skill on it. Compare his very first GU with any one from the past month, and you'll see a definitive improvement.

          It's for the better, I say.


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            I didn't say it was getting worse, he has gotton far better, the biggest difference you can tell, is before he used a single color background or a gradient, now its a faded scape.

            as for the face, he has improved there also, for frontal pictures he had changed from the cartoon eyes "connected" to the more seperated eyes.

            Im not say he has gotton worse, im just saying its too flashy for its purpose "being a comic" he is getting better dont mis read me on that.


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              What I'm saying is I don't see how artwork can be "too flashy" for a comic.


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                Actually i think it is getting too flashy in the sense there are tooooooo many people on this forum , most of them not posting anything worthwhile.


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                  For once, I agree with Son-of-a-Gun.

                  Well.. I may have agreed with him in the past, but for once I'm saying I agree with him.

                  Next time will be the second time, if I say anything.

                  Hmm.. perhaps I'm one of the ones not posting anything worthwhile.
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                    GU has progressed in quality as it has gradually switched from being a hobby to being a job.

                    As a hobby, I had another job that tempered the amount of time I could spend on the comic.

                    Now the comic IS my job, and it behooves me to produce a quality graphic, where if the humor doesn't appease you, the artwork likely will.


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                      Originally posted by Son-of-a-Gun
                      Actually i think it is getting too flashy in the sense there are tooooooo many people on this forum , most of them not posting anything worthwhile.
                      Gold, man, absolute gold.

                      I'm just as guilty of posting forum-fluff as the next person, but I just had to hail this truth as I saw it. And I love these forums, but.. yeah, sometimes it gets a little overboard.


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                        I never post anything worth while.
                        Really suprised i havn't been banned.


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                          same here. the opinions of a 16 year old arent really valued much, even less so in a forum full of bright people like a good majority that post here.
                          You\'re not my BRO!!


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                            The opinions of a 16 year old are valued... when they are intelligently written and progress the topic in a positive direction.

                            Brat pushes the line and annoys me sometimes, but has never gone so far as to make me feel like he should be banned.

                            And Pheonix, nothing you've posted has ever made me feel the need to twirl the ol' ban stick.


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                              I love that phrase
                              \"More legs = More spider.\"