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World of Warcraft Warriors, what spec?

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  • World of Warcraft Warriors, what spec?

    I've been playing WOW since it first came out. I was one of the first people in line. I came home and jumped right into WOW. I played a lot of difference classes my first couple of days and decided to rest on a Human Warrior (I now wish I was a Orc or Tauren Warrior but alas I can't part with my trust character, we've been through way to much).

    Now that I've played around with different Warrior Spec setups, I would like to ask what everyone else has done with there Warrior. Personally I have put almost all of my talent points (I'm level 46) into the Defense spec with only 5 into the Heroic Strike skill in Arms. I've found out that I deal more damage and hold the aggro for instance runs a ton better then most Warriors that are 4 to 5 levels higher then me and have their skills points spread out over the three spec categories.

    Anyways, please post your thoughts/tips/comments. Thanks!

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    I go with the cookie cutter Arms/Fury. You may need to change the 5/5 Sword Spec to whatever weapon you will be using for awhile. Also you can ditch 4/5 Two Hand Spec to get Improved Hamstring which can be useful, but isnt life changing, but neither is 4/5 Two Hand spec.


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      I'd reccomend, if you're tanking, a mix of Protection and Arms. Protection isn't AS necessary in the 40's or even early 50's. Arms will give you some damage and such for when you don't need to tank or are soloing, and the little pit of Protection just helps with the defensive abilities and avoiding crits.

      Up to 45, this was my build:


      Tier 1
      Deflection - 5/5: Parry is practically the best defensive ability, since it negates damage instead of lessening it and doesn't have the nasty side effect dodge can have in PvP.
      Imp. Rend - 3/3: Necessary for further goodies on down the tree.

      Tier 2
      Tactical Mastery - 5/5: Stance dancing is one of the things that can make a good warrior, and keeping rage so you can hop to another stance to do something is excellent. (Mostly thunderclapping and going back to defensive)

      Tier 3
      Imp. Overpower - 2/2: Mmm. Crit. This helps take on NPCs and a lot of players, especially if you have a low weapon skill or a slow weapon where dodges hurt a lot.
      Anger Management - 1/1: This is mostly for soloing or chain pulls, so you can keep a healthy amount of rage between fights. It really helps when you have the rage to debuff at the very start of a fight.
      Deep Wounds - 3/3: Mostly for the PvP aspect, though it can help with soloing. Be careful with this if you're tanking. An unlucky crit when you're swapping targets to Sunder/Revenge them can make for difficult CC.

      Tier 4
      Impale - 2/2: More damage is a good thing. Makes pretty much everythign easier.

      Tier 5
      Sweeping Strikes - 1/1: Pre-req for Mortal Strike, and also helps deal out damage against multiple NPCs. Mortal Strikes WILL hit the target next to them, and before the patch, cleave could be used with it to dump all of the extra swings on nearby targets.
      Mace Spec - 5/5: Most of the stuff in protection is stuns and the like. Some of the very best tanking weapons are maces, at least in my opinion and at least around this level. I still use an Ardent Custodian, and if you dual-wield maces, it makes for easier soloing and some fun PvP.

      Tier 6
      Imp. Hamstring - 3/3: Hamstring is easy to spam, and if this goes off in PvE or PvP, it can give you a moment to step back and bandage. Can also help with runners.

      Tier 7
      Mortal Strike - 1/1: A bread and butter move for a lot of warriors. Nasty damage, and reducing healing effects is wonderful for both PvP and PvE. Sometimes Shield Bash misses, so having this debuff up can keep an NPC from fully healing itself.


      Tier 1
      Anticipation - 5/5: +10 def is good. Defense increases every defensive ability and can also help prevent crits. Good for survival and mitigation all around.

      From there, I had a tough time choosing where to plant stuff next. Since you're 46/7, there's going to be one or two talent points you can still use.

      I settled with going more protection, but there are some nice talents in Fury. Particularly some of the rage generation and debuff enhancing abilities.

      Improved Revenge and Defiance could be nice, but those would be some of the last talents you get at that rate. I'd suggest Arms before Protection, and if you or your guild really find it necessary, respec into protection in the late 50's. It's my opinion that for the Tier 0 instances (Scholo, Strat, DM, UBRS, et al) and such, you don't need a whole lot of protection, but it's good to help when people aren't attuned to your tanking style.

      Edit: Current Build, minus the one talent point I can't figure where to place. I have it in Imp. Bloodrage currently.

      A few notes. Block isn't as hot as it should be, because it commonly only reduces damage taken, instead of nullifying it. Negating 60 damage from a 500 damage hit isn't as good as all of it being negated.

      Also, from what I've heard and had confirmed by the WoW forums, is that there is a flat 60% cap to defensive abilities all together. Meaning they can add up to 60% and that's it. Anything over is equally dropped from all of them, as far as I interperted it.

      Parry and dodge have priority, but dodge is less helpful in PvP thanks to other warriors. I would whole heartedly suggest Deflection with ANY build. It's a must have.
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        Have fun with your warrior. If you're not in a huge raiding guild, go arms/fury for a while(more arms than fury since fury keeps getting the nerf bat). However, I say that playing a fury/arms spec warrior up to 60 with your playing your warrior a defense warrior up to your current level. It's going to be a bit of a different play style and it's going to take some getting used to.

        Now tanking isn't much harder without defensive spec at your level, nor at higher levels, it just requires that you pay attention more. Most warriors at lower levels insist that they can tank with a 2h, but that's not ture. Just use a sword and board and your should be alright. Just keep sunder up and all the other abilities that you can shove in there.

        Here are a couple of specs I've played with throughout my run in WoW:

        Arms/Fury Spec

        Arms/Defensive Spec

        Protection/Arms Spect

        You can also find more on the Warrior forum, but I'm not brave enough to go there. Some of the talent points in my specs can be move around, because I've seem to have forgotten where many of my points went .