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  • Starting New MMO... advice?

    Ok, little back story first. I used to play a lot of FFXI a few years ago. lvl 75 whm, 67thx, and other assorted jobs over 30, but quit when it started getting repedative and needed to sort a few things out irl.

    That was like two years ago and I'm getting the bug to play some mmo's again (actually, play some old games too, currently playing Diablo II . But FFXI is outa the question because it would be like being born again, too limiting and frusterating.

    I don't exactly watch the news or read any gaming magazense, no cable, and the mags would be waisted on me cause I'm the type to read em once then forget about em... was hoping for some "constructive" advice on which game to look into and or play. I don't think it'll happen but i'm not looking for a flame games you don't like list :P

    I've heard some good things about WoW, probably be looking into that while I wait for some repliest ... (8 hour work shifts of sitting by a computer = free time... too much free time

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    I'd probably still be playing WoW if it weren't for the horribly long wait times to log in during its busier hours. I could never wait for it to finish... can't imagine how anyone else could. Aside from that, I had no complaints about the game. So if you're not planning on playing when it's likely to be really busy (or if that problem's been fixed recently), then it's worth trying.
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      my most common play times would probably be 11-6am est time I'm a complete night owl.


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        I have a similar playtime schedule. WoW and EQ2 were both very friendly to me while I was playing. Both offer a significant solo opportunity, and both offer servers hosted for "overseas" players, whos peak time lands right in yours.


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          Good point, had that prob with FFXI as well. But used to it and lag, down time, log in issues... regular place sadly. I'll probably go with WoW, wanted to try it out when it game out origionally, but didn't have a working computer at the time.

          So unless I change my mind, should be playin it within next week or so lol.


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            WoW is nice, it's a lot of fun, just be aware of the focus shift at 60 towards raiding or long long hours of PvP farming. There's also rep farming to be done too if you want to "advance" solo/small group. You were capped out in FFXI, so you may or may not be into the raiding thing, just something to be aware of =-)

            City of Villains is fun too, but it has no equipment, and no end game, again, something to be aware of. It does however have the best visual character customization via the costume creator, and different powersets in the same AT(Archetype/class) can play wildly different. I've been playing CoH lately, which is largely the same, but lacks some of the cool things that CoV gets, like a overarching story (though this isn't nearly as prevelant as the FFXI one(s)), newspaper missions for those levels your contacts run out or if you just feel like doing a bank robbery, said robberys are also something cool CoH doesn't get(or an equivalent); the upcoming patch "soon" will give Mayhem Missions, which are timed missions that grant you more time as you smash stuff and complete objectives in them, CoH gets no equivalent. All in all, CoV currently has it better off than CoH, but it also depends on which style you prefer, as well as what powersets/classes appeal to you.

            It would be helpful if you said what you were looking for in a game, so that we would be able to offer better advice on what you might like!


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              Definately into the raiding thing, as for the farming, crafting, I can deal as long as there's music or people to chat with. CoV I've already played, took a MM from 1-40 in 2 days lol. Ninja MM on hardest dificulty can solo whole way only needing help with the hero type bosses I've still got hte game lying around, but after 4 mothes of playing it off and on last year I did almost everything there was to do at the time. Like everyone say's, best part of tha game is character creation. Had full list of chars, only played a few

              As for what I'm looking for specifically, ... nothing really :P like I said earlier just got the old itch for the mmo. group up and kill shyt, spend hours trying to accomplish something only to have a n00b mess it up, exp for weeks only to loose it all trying to help someone... i think i'm crazy :P


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                Hehe, WoW seems like a good fit then, especially if you know some people in a good guild who can help you out with company and maybe with the raiding thing later on. You won't lose experience in WoW either helping someone =-p Only penalty for death is 10% durability loss on your gear, and there is no permanent durability loss, so it's just money you lose when you die. WoWs crafting is no where near as painful as FFXIs, even if you go with enchanting (the worst one to level up), but it's also not a huge moneymaker.. raw materials are where the money is at, not the finished product, in most cases. Farming... there will be plenty of that =-p Lots of various reputations to raise, both for raid quests and for solo/small group ones, so there are plenty of things to occupy your time if you're into the options WoW provides =-)

                And yeah, MMs are the masters of PvE slaughter hehe. I'm playing an Ice/Kin Controller at the moment, though I had a Necro/Dark MM during my CoV trial.


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                  Sounds good, as for knowing people.. lol probably not :P farming's easy... had a lvl 67 thf in FFXI cause I enjoyed farming (as long as my music was working no exp loss... durability, meh, as long as broken items don't go away, i never had a prob with durability, and I know they don't in WoW... like I said earlier, been lookin into it earlier. Crafting, bleh, was 78 alch in ff. Not really my thing, and alch was the easy one to lvl :P

                  I'll probably go buy it tomorrow if I find the time, I only wonder, game... latest expansion should be enough (don't have to buy all the other expansions to get them do I.. that would be stupid so I'm hopefully doubting it) what's cost / month?

                  :edit: also, does the game allow for progs to run without hastle in background... specifically, media player.


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                    No expansions for it yet... Burning Crusade will be out later this year, so just the standard box is all you can get/will need.

                    And yeah, you can run stuff in the background just fine, and tab out/run windowed with no problems. I use Winamp as my (music) media player, unless you meant "Windows Media Player", in which case I imagine it should work fine, but I wouldn't know for sure, as I never use WMP for anything!

                    I'd recommend you pick up skinning/mining (or herbalism instead of mining), for some cash when you start out, skinning doesn't need a tracking skill so it has good synergy with the other two, though you can't skin humanoids only animals. But it should help you get some nice cash flow going on, on most servers at least.


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                      good music solves all boredom problems, me and my 4k songs get along groovy .

                      is there a game card, or cred card only.

                      and i've been using wmp since it was the only media player out there, i'm just too used to it and it works fine for me to use anything else :P

                      and thx for the advice "everyone" anyone wanna help a n00b WoW char later this week lol j/k :P but I'll probably be found on within a few days.


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                        EBGames has 60 day gamecards for $30.


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                          sweet, good to know, specially since i'll probably end up picking up the game from an eb games outlet.

                          how bout, how does the exp system work? (:P so much easeir to ask the thread questions... since I can't seem to find that on the dmn site :frusterated:


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                            In what sense? Experience is evenly split between all members of the party, with an extremely small group bonus being applied with 3(I believe) or more members... if you're just killing stuff and not doing quests, grouping is a very inefficient method for experience... and even doing quests it can be questionable if it's the best. If you're doing groups in instances however, the experience can fly in, plus quest experience, plus the good drops. If you want the fastest experience possible, it's often best to do solo grinding or group instances.


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                              1. "solo grinding" and "group instances" ... means what?

                              2. an example of good exp, # wize I guess... i heard once a while ago it was possible to reach 60 within a week,

                              3. but origionally i meant, how's the exp factored, is it set exp per mob level. or by comparision of mob's level and yours.