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Stuck; N64 Zelda Ocarina of Time

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  • Stuck; N64 Zelda Ocarina of Time

    Picked this up, been playing it on and off a few months when I forget how frustrating it can get, /chuckle.

    The scenery is certainly very well done but at times I feel like I'm trying to play a Myst PC game, with less clues. Or, given the level of nastiness and perfection required, Tomb Raider lol.


    Hint sites say;
    To defeat Phantom Ganondorf, Forest Temple -
    Z-Target him and when he gets ready to throw a magic ball at you, hit it back with the sword. When he falls to the ground, use the sword again. Repeat until dead.
    Hrm, how exactly do you accomplish that? I either miss the magic lightning ball or get hit by it, but I can't seem to reflect it.

    The Golden scale;
    Do I need to catch a 20 lb fish, or just one bigger than my first record? For some reason the big fish won't bite the lure and when they do, even setting the hook, they get off halfway through the fight to shore.

    Golden skulltula in Dodongo's Cavern, In the alcove above where you chain react the bomb flowers to lower the stairs;
    I can kill it with the slingshot, but not get the token with the boomerang. As adult Link, the hookshot does less than that. How do I get into the alcove?

    Speaking of the hookshot, it doesn't seem to be as useful as the Boomerang.

    Frustratedly yours,
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    I've been playing this also. Against phantom ganondorf's magic throw I just kinda target him and rapidly hit sword attack as fast as i can and it'll reflect.


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      Phantom Ganondorf was the toughest part for me. The camera angles or something was just very hard to get right. I had to restart that dungeon a lot. If its any consolation, I don't recall any of the other bosses being as difficult so it is down hill from there.
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        Still trying to get past Phantom Ganondorf, no luck as yet.

        What am I supposed to be doing with the bean plant by the bridge in Lost Woods that goes between Kokiri Forest and Hyrule Field, other than look at the chopped off trees?
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          I can't tell you anything about that bean plant. I last played a few years ago.
          What I do in my spare time.
          "When the souls of the oppressed fight in the very air that rages, who can stand?" - William Blake


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            oh wow, does this take me back. The amazing thing is I think I remember some of that stuff.'

            Phantom Ganondorf: you have to time your swing so that you hit his magic missile back at him, kind of like ping-pong. If you hit him right with it, he'll be stunned for an incredibly short time. Run up and smack him a few times, if you are lucky you'll actually get more than one hit in.

            Gold skulltula: not sure about that one exactly. But I do remember that were a few that you needed to use the scarecrow song in order to get above them. Do yourself a favor and make that stupid song something mega easy to remember. There were also some that you just couldn't get until you had gotten every tool in the game, you have to keep going back to completed areas to collect them.
            Added: "[Go back into the deku tree with bombs and dodongo's cavern as an adult
            with the scarecrow song to get the gold skulitas.]" from
            Don't forget to collect your rewards for the skulltulas, some house you go in you get rewarded based on how many you've collected. I think it's every 10 or so you get something. (don't hold me to that, it's been a long time)

            Hook shot does have it's uses, you just have to figure out when it's most useful. Isn't there 2 versions? One only goes a short distance and one goes much longer, that keeps you out of some areas until you get the longer one.

            Did you get the horse? That's a frustrating mini-quest on it's own. Always took me forever to get it.

            Gawd, I can hear the music in my head now.
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              I did finally manage to play all the way through (with considerable help from sites like By far most of the difficulty seems to be that like Mario 64 you cannot set the camera angle to a fixed position when you need it to be.

              The trick to defeating Phantom Ganondorf is to Z-target and then back up to the fence. He tends to miss more the further you get from him, and if you see you won't smack the lightning ball back you can step aside fairly easily.

              You need to wait until the ball is slightly outside the arc of your swing, and allow time to make the horizontal swing. Ganondorf will only occasionally miss rebounding, and I was never able to strike him with a ball that we had batted back and forth. So you have to be quick to click off Z-target and jump attack him the (very) short time he is randomly stunned. The longer the fight drags on the more he does the broomstick style attack it seems.

              Other than Phantom Ganondorf the only boss mob that gave me real trouble was the silly Shadow Beast. I mean, come on, a damn bongo drum? How silly. And the fact you have to redo almost the whole level (about 15-30 mins) every time you get killed because you can't fire an arrow every time you need to? sheesh. You need to whack the cursed thing like 4 times even with the Biggron sword so I have no idea how long the fight would drag out with only the Master sword.

              The Amoeba didn't last long at all once I figured it, and the Twinrova fight was more tedious than anything. The dragon was pretty cool though, and took a bit to defeat as I got down to three hearts with no fairies or potion left. Is the Water Temple ever annoying though, raising and lowering the water only in one order.

              Paws down though the Spirit Temple was very very neat, and I liked how you needed to do it as both Young and Old Link.

              Ganondorf's Castle and the barrier mini-dungeons (I instantly thought 'Dark Tower' knockoff lol) were almost ridiculously easy after the rest of the game, did they run out of ideas or something? And having to fight Ganondorf the same way as the Forest Temple was kinda boring, although he seemed to throw the lightning ball slightly slower than his phantom self.

              Now that I think on it, doesn't Phantom Ganondorf remind you strongly of Personal Avatar from MtG? chuckle

              *There seems to be no point to bothering with the Skulltulas after you get 50.
              *The $%^&* 5th bottle trick, never did manage it.
              *Kinda sucks the Fire or Ice arrows won't work on the Shadow Beast.
              *I never did figure out what the bean plant at the bridge in Kokiri Village/Lost Woods was for.
              *How useless is Fayore's Wind? *evil cackle* You lose the warp if you die, which is when you will actually ~need~ the avoid the infinitely frustrating guillotines on your way back to the bongo buffoon for the umpteenth time..
              *Never did find the special lure at the fish pond.
              *Got only 19 of the 20 hearts. Missed the ones as Young Link in the Graveyard tour and Zora River musical frogs, didn't bother with the race one vs Dampe, and one other elsewhere.

              If you got the bigger quivers, you have played this game far too much hehe.

              Tried out Majora's Mask but gave it up already. Way way too frustrating and boring having to redo so much every time you need to reset your three days.
              "Don't worry about the world coming to an end today. It's already tomorrow in Australia." - Charles Schultz

              The many lives of Strikesfirmly.


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                easy way for forest ganon if you try it all over again that i use (and for the last boss) is use and empty bottle. I read it somewhere long ago and when i tried it, its makes the ping-pong battle of magic missle death so much easier. Give it a try (since using the bottle makes you swing faster than the sword, it might take some time to get used to) The reason why this method is easier is cause your not chopping, your always swinging away with the bottle.
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