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Old GU forum archive! From 3/12/02 to 12/01/03

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  • Old GU forum archive! From 3/12/02 to 12/01/03

    Back in the good old days PvP online comics and GU comics shared the same forum host called Deep Fried Forums. Eventually DFF was shut down and GU moved to its own forum server. PvP forums became the unofficial PvP forums then eventually broke off to just become its own forum called Forumopolis. Recently the original owner of DFF and Forumopolis didn't want to run it anymore and was given control to one of the moderators. The new boss found old archives from different incarnations of Fourmopolis/pvp forums and posted them in the museum.

    Well while searching for my old posts I noticed the GU forums were also saved but not linked to in the museum. So here is the link to the old forms if you want to reminisce or see Woody's old Beaver hat.

    Old GU forum archive from 3/12/02 to 12/01/03

    P.S. I haven't posted on these forums in a few years but had to post this when I found it.


    Necrosaro begins to cast Thread Necromancy.

    Old GU forum archive! From 3/12/02 to 12/01/03 comes back to life!

    Anyway if anyone cares this archive has been unlocked again and is available to view, if anyone cares that is. I don't know for how long though.

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    I'll grab out comic writeup posts and establish a non-post archive here.

    Too bad they couldn't get that together when I asked for it. See I asked for my part of the forums so that the GU Forum Archives would remain intact as best as I could maintain them. But, no one ever responded.


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      Haha, I like Woody's beaver hat.


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        cool, I found my old avatar picture.


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          Wow. THe beaver is chewing on his head. Thats.....strange.
          Awesome book!


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            The beaver hat came from someone saying his older avatar's hat looked like a beaver on his head. This is the thread that started it:


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              Wow, hadn't realized I've been on these forums that long.
              Never rush a miracle worker. You get rotten miracles.


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                Originally posted by Necrosaro
                The beaver hat came from someone saying his older avatar's hat looked like a beaver on his head.
                Ever since i joined the forums, Woody has had the same avatar, so just seeing a different one was worth the loading time.


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                  I think I joined in Apr or May of 02. Could be wrong. The site listed is blocked here at work and while there's ways around that I don't need to get in trouble.
                  The colossal misunderstanding of our time is the assumption that insight will work with people who are unmotivated to change


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                    Awww...I miss when EQ1 was the best thing ever. I saw a few avatars on there that I haven't seen in quite a while...made me wonder where some people have gone off to.


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                      In the forums as in life, people come and go. There a few names in there I miss too, but many more have been replaced by forum goers I enjoy much more.

                      In looking back I can see how I've matured as a business man and a gamer. It's interesting.


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                        Aww, the first Behold thread!


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                          lol it was pretty funny looking up my old posts, I said a whole bunch of stupid stuff back then, well moreso then now.