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"The Executive" Gift Set from Everything Wine

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  • "The Executive" Gift Set from Everything Wine

    My partner is a wine enthusiast. And, she doesn't lack the necessary wine accoutrements. But, when a company offers you a wine gift set called "The Executive" in exchange for an honest review, you take it and see how it all stacks up to those items you already know and hold dear.

    Encased in a rosewood accented gift box with a padded, custom-cut interior, are an aerator, a stopper, a rabbit lever corkscrew, two additional spirals, a thermometer, a drip ring, a foil cutter, and a spout with stopper. Each piece is made of high quality materials, with a simple but elegant aesthetic. The corkscrew lever has an easy action, and switching out the spirals is a simple proposition. Getting a cork into the proper position to back the spiral out can sometimes be tricky, depending on the cork itself. My partner is also quite fond of the aerator. It's clear plastic, with a perforated metal grate.

    To date we've not made use of the drip ring, as it's a bit too formal for our needs. We've also not used the wine thermometer, which graduated in Celsius only.

    - Handsome case
    - Quality materials
    - Sturdy construction
    - Interchangeable spirals
    - Helpful customer Service

    - Thermometer only measured in Celsius
    - Trouble reversing the spiral out of some (synthetic) corks

    An excellent set of wine accessories for the novice and connoisseur alike.

    "The Executive" Gift Set from Everything Wine is available from Amazon for $49.99. (at the time of this review)

    GU Star Rating
    This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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