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  • ZipIt Shell Backpack

    In a house with two kids, no matter how many we buy, it always seems like we're one short. Or maybe we just have too many choices; and, it confuses the decision. I don't know. But, there's never a wrong time for a new backpack. Enter the ZipIt Shell Backpack.

    On initial examination, it looks like a simple yet colorful backpack. Zipping it open however you're treated to a wealth of interior pockets, pouches, zippers, and compartments. That helps tremendously when it comes to organizing the various sundries you stuff in there, which is great for early school-age kids. At 12x16.5x6 inches though, it's not very big. Now, it will hold up to a 14" laptop. Unfortunately, I haven't owned a laptop that small in over a decade. So, for you commuters it may be a bit more accurate to say the pack will easily hold an iPad Pro or Surface Pro 4. I wish it had some exterior storage spots, but I understand their absence given the overall design.

    In terms of wearability, both the back of the pack and the shoulder straps are padded "for comfort". But, I found the shoulder straps to be so narrow (only 2 inches wide) that carrying any real weight in the pack made them uncomfortable over a period of time. That in mind, I wouldn't recommend this as an "all day" kind of pack. I also found that, because of a band connecting the shoulder straps (near the base of the neck), I had to loosen the adjustable straps every time I wanted to take took the pack off, which can be frustrating. It's a minor ease-of-use inconvenience, but an inconvenience, in my opinion, none the less.

    The look of ZipIt's Shell Backpack is pleasing both in shape and color/pattern options. The shell is semi-rigid, providing a structured look. The shell does have some give to it, giving me some concerns that it could get creased if it's mishandled or squished. ZipIt does offer a Lifetime Warranty, but only against manufacturer defects. So, let's hope I'm wrong about the potential for creasing. If it gets dirty though, the pack is machine washable. With two kids that's a major plus.

    Overall, it's a nice little backpack, as colorful as it is useful.

    - Semi-rigid shell
    - A lot of internal storage pockets
    - Colorful
    - Unique shape
    - Machine washable
    - Lifetime warranty

    - Narrow shoulder straps
    - Must loosen straps to take the pack off
    - Interior "laptop" compartment is too small
    - No external storage
    - Minor production flaws

    It's a very nice little backpack despite some design flaws.

    The ZipIt Shell Backpack is available from ZipItStore.Com for $44.99. (at the time of this review)

    GU Star Rating
    This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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