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  • Circuit Maze by ThinkFun

    I am an avid board game fan with a collection that spans well over 100 core boxes, expansions, etc. But, before ThinkFun, I didn't own any sins.cgle player board games. Now I'm awash with single player board games, and Circuit Maze is the newest addition to the fold. And, did I mention...? It's electrified!

    In the box is a blue 5x5 game grid, 60 challenge cards, 2 legend cards, 1 linked positive/negative token, 3 beacons, and 13 pathway tokens. You use the challenge cards to layout each puzzle. You're then given a list of the pathway tokens you must use to light up the appropriate beacons. Each challenge card gets progressively more difficult. Now, in solving your electrical circuit puzzle there are a few things you must avoid so as not to damage your tokens/beacons. But, don't stress too much, these are explained in relatively simple language with accompanying illustrations in the instruction booklet. To that end you'll also learn some of the basics about electricity, current, resistance, all why the game builds on your sequential reasoning and logic skills.

    Because this is an "electric current" logic game, you will need 3 AAA batteries which, unfortunately, are not included. Don't let that stop you. The game is fun, and at the higher challenge levels it can be a formidable brain teaser, which I absolutely love. I did have some issues with the blue game board being a bit too squishy, which meant the pieces weren't always completely seated, they would occasionally pop out of place or give a false negative on an otherwise successful solution.

    - Challenging puzzles
    - Educational difficulty curve
    - Quality materials (for the most part)

    - Batteries not included
    - Possibility of frying your pieces
    - "Squishy" game board

    Another great single player, logic game from ThinkFun.

    Circuit Maze by ThinkFun is available via Amazon for $29.99. (at the time of this revie)

    GU Star Rating
    This product was provided for free in exchange for an honest and unbiased review.

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