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Before you post in this forum... [updated 2005-09-12]

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  • Before you post in this forum... [updated 2005-09-12]

    Please take your time for some preparation, before you post any questions in this board.
    If you have any hardware problems, or want to upgrade but don't exactly know what fits to your current hardware, please provide as much information about your current hardware as you can. The more information you can provide, the easier it will be for us to help you. Please keep that in mind.

    If you feel a bit uneasy about what the technical stuff inside that grey case is all about, there is still a way to provide us with detailed information about your hardware. Please install CPU-Z and post screenshots of the different tabs of the program (keep it down to jpegs please). You can't get more detailed and precise than that.

    General hardware information:
    Tom Pabst's hardware
    Xbit labs
    (The list is a work in progress, feel free to PM me with other sites you find reliable)
    All of the above sites have up-to-date tests of current hardware and are a huge resource for gathering information to compare hardware you might want to buy later on. These sites do hardware test for a living, so you can expect more detailed (and reliable) information than you will ever get it in this forum. If you can't find the info you want there, then there still is Google.
    You would be astounded what a search with the right parameters can dig up for you.

    The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 1
    The Mother of All CPU Charts Part 2
    detailed CPU clock speed and FSB list for Pentium and Athlon series

    Graphic cards:
    ATI homepage
    nVidia homepage
    THG Graphics Card Buyers Guide
    VGA Charts IV: AGP Graphics Cards
    VGA Charts V: PCIe Graphics Cards
    The Fastest Graphics Cards of Summer 2005
    This by no means is all information you can find about graphic cards, it's just a start to give you a solid foundation to compare information from other sites against.

    SLI/CrossFire section
    SLI explained
    SLI explained, second opinion
    ATI CrossFire explained
    VGA Charts Summer 2005 - PCI Express Graphics Cards
    How much Graphics Power Does a PC Really Need?
    This section has been added by private request. If you ask me if the SLI technology is useful, the honest answer is: if money is of no concern, then go for it. On the other hand, with patience and a budget you will always be able to get a equally powerful one-card solution, but you will get it at a later point in time.

    for DELL users who want to upgrade (power supplies explained):
    general information
    DELL specific warning
    To sum it up: DELL builds proprietary computers because they don't want you to upgrade with generic hardware from other vendors. Keep that in mind when you buy their computers.

    free antivirus software:
    Antivir Personal Edition Classic
    AVG Free Edition
    AVAST! Antivirus (the home edition is free)new (added 2006-07-04)

    Adware/Malware software links:
    Spyware/AdWare/Malware FAQ and Removal Guide
    Spybot Search & Destroy
    Ad-Aware SE
    Hijack this
    Spysweeper homepage (attention, this one is not a free product!)
    The list goes on, but the best advice I can give you, don't surf the web with Internet Explorer. Use Firefox instead. Don't click on everything you downloaded on Kazaa (or others) without thinking. "Britney_nude.exe.gif" might have some surprises for you.

    video encoding/transcoding:
    Most advice to that field is considered close to breaking board rule #15, so I keep it down to a link. Doom 9 is one of the best sites about video encoding and it has a huge and competent forum. The site has tons of tutorials and how-to's, so if you have any questions the best advice I can give is to start there for answers, not here.
    Just to make this clear, my personal belief is you can't discuss this topic without borderlining easy way #15. So, whenever I will find a thread about it, I will close the thread just to be on the safe side.

    I don't get a word you are talking about!
    computer glossary
    There's no shame in not knowing everything about computers. Above site should provide some (hopefully) understandable explanation for computer related stuff.

    update 2006-07-06: updated the AV section
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    wOW~ Doc! Good Post! You Gonna be the Moderator here now?


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      This announcement is a work in progress, so if you see any dead links or find more tools/sites which should be added, please post to this thread or pm me and I will keep it updated as good as I can.
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        Hijak this

        How to ask questions online


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            I would suggest adding to the spyware section The Spy Sweeper from You can get a free version of it to use for 30 days. It is very good. I went ahead and bought a year's subscription because I liked it.
            it's in the list now
            - DocBobo-


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              So what do we need to put in each post then?
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                + motherboard brand and type if you can
                + CPU type and speed
                + amount of RAM (not hard disk space, people still get that mixed up)
                + speed of RAM
                + power supply brand and type (wattage is not so interesting itself, we had a few threads about that already)
                + graphic card brand and type

                If you have any special hardware that has a problem, list brand and type.

                A lot of people that post problems here fail to list this info and we have to pull some teeth to get as much from above information as we can to find clues what the actual problems is. A few snapshots from CPU-Z would help a lot in these cases, because this tool lists all of these infos (well, not the info about the power supply, but that can be helped by looking at the sticker on the power supply itself)

                Accordingly, if you have software problems, list the software you installed before the problem turned up.
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                  here is a Anti-virus scan that also removes some things

                  I post too much for my own good.


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                    Thanks for the link, but I won't add this tool into my list for now. Please read this review for the reasons.
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                      Another entry for the Anti-Virus list:


                      Trend Micro's online virus & spyware scanner.
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                        A good one I found a while back was and all you have to do is regester for free on the home and you willget a free year of defs then re regester for more defs for FREE!!!! when that runs out and it is totaly sweet.
                        I post too much for my own good.