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    Typically when someone asks for a "zombification" commission they want a side-by-side, before and after kind of deal. But on rare occasions the before is tossed out the window and I'm allowed to run free with zombie fun.

    Now initially when I was asked to do this commission, I said no. It was "for a friend". And, despite the assurances that said "friend" was a World War II buff and would LOVE to be drawn as a nazi zombie, it's not in my best interest to draw someone as a nazi unless they give me permission to do so. After said permission was attained, I went to work.

    I'll say here, without question this is one of my favorite commissions... ever. I hate feeling like I'm patting my own back, but I think the end result is stunning.

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    Very Nice Woody!
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      That's pretty friggen awesome.
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        My Machines
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