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  • Tattoos

    Didnt really see anything on the first page about this and didnt want to bump any old threads, so figured making a new one would be the best idea.

    Anyways, Im really into body artwork. Tattoo's are definitly one of my favorite things to see on people. I dont know what it is, but they dive me crazy. They just put me in awe. Recently I just got my second one done. Id figured there would be some fellow tattoo lovers on this board, so I decided to share what I have and would love to see any artwork anyone else has on them.

    -Note!- The tattoo is located on my left side ribs. The picture is mostly safe for work. It does expose my bra and what not like that, so just an FYI there. I dont want anyone getting in trouble.

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    That's some sensitive turf there to tattoo, and the shading is probably going to be... entertaining.

    As for other people's tattooing, I have traditional work only partly completed (will be neck-to-toe when done)-

    Left arm (sorry about the image quality, need better pics)
    Right arm
    Close-up of the Fenian wolf on my right shoulder
    Template of the wolf
    Crappy shot of the overall left side
    Crappy shot of the overall right side showing some of the chest work

    I need to get more (and better) pics, but I am too busy and run ragged to think about it most of the time. Planning on adding more chest and back work, so I'll get comprehensive pics with a good camera then.


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      Oh very entertaining indeed. Just the little bit she did put me out for the count during that session. Hopefully it won't be nearly as bad since I won't be tender from getting the outline done and I'll be able to sit still so she can finish shading it.

      Those are definitly some nice sleeves. Do you plan on keeping them black or plan on putting any color in em? I love traditional tattoos like that. But I dont think I could ever get any. Just not really a style I could see on myself. Plus they definitly wouldnt have as much meaning to me as they do you. I hate people who get stuff just because its popular or what not.


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        Oh man that's a tender spot you got.

        Here's all mine: well, aside from the small flower on the inside of my right ankle, but that one is older and not as visible.

        I would take more as I'm all healed now, but I'm also getting more back fat because of the pregnancy, and I'd rather not share my back fat with the world. *grins* The tattoo is also on hold because of the aforementioned parasitic condition I have, which makes me sad.


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          Good grief both of those dragons are amazing!

          Takara, is yours almost done? I am very curious what the finished product looks like.

          As well as Ather actually. I dont think I could survive the pain =P
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            Oh no... Taks has hours and hours and hours left to go. In the grands scheme of things, she's just started. But, further work is postponed until after GU Jr. is born.


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              Yeah, about 30 more hours to go.


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                Originally posted by Ather
                Do you plan on keeping them black or plan on putting any color in em?
                They're actually an azure shade of blue, but no, it's traditional work, so no colouring, only lines. Any fill-in is done with hash-marks in the same colour. I am getting more done down my chest, across my shoulders and down my back, a narrow strip of spiral and scrollwork down the center of my abdomen, flaring out to merge with the zoomorphic boar on either thigh, and so on.


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                  The thigh?! Yous a brave man Breandan.
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                    I love tattoos. I only have four, on my back. I wish I coud afford another one.

                    Top(my most recent)
                    Second from the top (the pic was taken before last one)
                    Second from the bottom - I'm not really happy with this one, I miht try to get it fixed up sometime.
                    Bottom tattoo - My first tatt!

                    I really ought to get updated pics of my tatts...

                    I designed all of them, but unfortunately I had to simplify the work because they were too intricate for tattooing. I think the next one I'm going to get is an Irminsul.
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                      Originally posted by Soria
                      The thigh?! Yous a brave man Breandan.
                      forgot to mention the nethers, but, meh... no one wants to know about that


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                        Oh wow Brean..I dunno..I was iffy about letting someone jab me in the ribs with a needle 50 bazillion times..but the nethers?? That a definite heck no! Your crazy!


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                          Originally posted by Breandan
                          forgot to mention the nethers, but, meh... no one wants to know about that
                          Thats what you think!

                          Ok I'm joking... I think... DAMN YOU CURIOSITY!!!!
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                            I'd have to say getting my hiney worked on was THE WORST... way more painful than the ribs, spine or anywhere else I've had work done.


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                              Hooray! My friend finally finished the custom artwork for my memorial tattoo! I'm taking it to the local shop on Monday to see how long and how much. Yeah for me!
                              Awesome book!