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Dark Nova Artwork: weapons FTW!

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  • Dark Nova Artwork: weapons FTW!

    Been busy making a lot of weapon designs for the Dark Nova game, so here's a few of them (the rest are in the Dark Nova gallery on my DA page here)

    S-42 Pulse Pistol
    M-10 PPG
    PPR-19 Pulse Rifle
    PPR-40 Pulse Rifle
    PPC-40 Medium Pulse Cannon
    M-293B Gauss Sniper Rifle

    There ya go

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    One of those vibroblades (C) reminds me of a funny-looking decorative dagger I got at a fair when I was a teenager, "Fang of Something-or-other" (as far as I know it got thrown out when found by my parents, so I don't even remember the name).
    "Thoughtful quote related to humanity that will make someone rethink some modern issue." -Instantly recognizable historical figure


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      I updated the batcrap out of the images, so check the newest ones


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        great weapons how many new weapons are there going to be in the game i think more anitplasma and APPR would be great i love energy weapons