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[Suggestion] WoW UI Overload

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  • [Suggestion] WoW UI Overload

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum, but I saw the word "suggestions" in the description and thought I would go with it.

    I raid quite a decent amount in WoW, and I realized something humorous. I don't know what half the bosses look like. I am just staring at bars that show me my cooldowns, bars that show me boss abilities, health bars, bars that show me the remaining duration on bars. Bars for my bars for my bars!

    Just made me giggle and thought I would share it.

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    Hehe, an interesting viewpoint. And accurate. If you are busy doing what you are supposed to do in a raid you are not really paying too much attention on the boss itself but your bars, timers, warnings and such. And I don't even use the heavy modded UI interfaces that some hardcore raiders do as well.

    The only time I get to watch the boss in detail is if I'm dead and haven't released yet.
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      Ya, I used to like it a little back in Vanilla when I died on Ony. That is a cool fight to watch in 40 man. Lots of mages and hunters lighting up the sky.
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        I recently started trying to streamline what mods I use these days, and I haven't raided in ages, but I know what you mean. Even without mods this can happen.

        If your a healer most of the time all your watching are health bars, and warnings for staying out of bad things. If your a tank and its a BIG boss, Gnome/Goblin tanks probably get this worse then others, you get to see legs...the ranged dps (or the dead! so true) get the best view of fights i think lol