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    The core player races from the Dark Nova Roleplaying Game
    Original art was done by Erica Parks, our "people" artist for Dark Nova Games, and modified by me

    Ahruga- A race of genetically-engineered warrior-poets who descend from Gaelic settlers of human origins.

    Garoudan- Predatory hunters who evolved technology through intertribal warfare, extremely religious with a faith centered around the Hunt as a sacred act.

    Human- There are three parallel-evolution human species, the Terrans, Khurians, and Naradi. No one has ever been able to explain how the same species could evolve separately on three different worlds, thus spurring speculation of genetic seeding or manipulation by a long-gone race. Humans are noted for three things- their insatiable curiosity, their adaptability to new environments, and their strong-willed and stubborn nature.

    K'Thari- Imperialistic bipedal felines and one of the first races humanity encountered, and the first they fought against. Now staunch allies of the Terran Alliance of Nations.

    Kyaren- Semi-arboreal primate humanoids that closely resemble Humans, but with prehensile tails and some felinesque traits. Playful, optimistic, and insatiably curious, they are the lighter side to their patron race, the Ahruga, who rescued them from attempted genocide.

    Lyncrathi- The epitome of hedonist, being obsessed with (and oddly immune to the negative effects of and addictions to) every vice they encounter. They are also masterful diplomats, being able to bridge the gap between cultural divides and get disparate races to sit down and negotiate.

    Namaran- Warlike and aggressive, even compared to the Garoudan and Ahruga, while simultaneously brilliant artists and musicians, the Namaran are noted by humans for their phenomenal beauty and incredible military prowess, despite being primitive technologically compared to their enemies.

    Sarza- Noted for their intelligence and their ability to understand complex social situations, Sarza are very similar to Humans in their social customs and organization, albeit a great deal more Machiavellian in their thinking.

    Teek- A diminutive saurian race that hails from a world with continent-wide jungles, the Teek evolved to sentience and tool-use in order to survive, turning them into instinctual inventors and tinkerers. Obsessed with technology and machinery, they are masterful engineers and techs.

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    ...You're just trying to make sure I sell enough interest for a second printing run, I know it

    And, yes, it's working :P
    Poofe Farsteppe 'n Evandril Dracorum,
    Champions of Chaos,
    Defenders of Dragonkind


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      So I was aiming towards liking either the Garoudans or the K'Thair..and then I clicked the link to the Teeks. OMG! They win <3


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        you have no idea how many requests we have had for Teek plushies

        ....if only I could find a place to make them affordably, we'd make bank at cons


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          Bean..if Teek plushies ever come out..I better be in the top 5 people to find out first!! I'm going to get like 5


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            I can see it now...The RPG gets scrapped, and all the funds go to make Teek plushies, making Breandan the newest billionaire
            Poofe Farsteppe 'n Evandril Dracorum,
            Champions of Chaos,
            Defenders of Dragonkind


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              TEEK PLUSHIES! gotta have the all!
              "I suck at dying, I died twice and failed, so now you're all stuck with me forever..."


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                Eh... Interesting.


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