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  • need some tips please

    well i have be busy on a new story... i know i never finish my stories, i blame my imagination! it is over active and comes up with better themes all the time. okay so new story but i'm stuck on the words to start it which then maybe a comic format would be better in some ways... so i can draw beast men easily, expecilly cats.... thankee to Amber and her comic(DaMFA) i can draw humans with a similar techneic(i just studied the charatures), however one of the main charatures is a skeleton covered from head to toe in palliation armor so that you can only see his eyes when they glow... that and i need to know how to make a skeleton period for the sake of undead armys that show up with other necromancers....

    anyone know how to draw these things well(doesn't have to be perfect) just so i have a fairly simple process to follow? Please and thankee!
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    finally figured out how to save to jpg ... using the program i use... here is a concept drawing of two of the main charatures Tally and Crystal... Tally is the horse person... if you need some clearification

    I know tally is leaning a bit and i probably need to change some line thicknesses... tally is going to be a chestnut with a white blaze and maybe some stockings...

    okay pic of tally and cheta... well i hate feet right now...
    I have no blood, I bleed bright red potentially deadly chemicals...


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      Not sure how I missed this. When it comes to skeletons, you have to know just enough anatomy to be dangerous. That is to say, it only needs to be "close". Trying to be too accurate will typically throw your "style" right out the window.

      I could show you how I do it, but I'm not really certain that would help. As finding your own way to it will be what makes it yours. So, google and ample amounts of flubbing is my advice. I guess.


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        yeah, what Woody said, just grab some pics of skeletons and put those details into your current style and scale...its just a body minus the fleshy living if you have to make a light outline of a normal person and fill in the skeleton inside that body form.
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