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  • Not so Idle Hands! :D

    Had a early creative mid-life crisis (30 in a month), and decided to delete my personal mental blocks about art, and just started drawing, both physical and digital, and I am having A BLAST!!! and it's really helped get rid of a lot of my depression. I'm happier than I've been in years, my friend's and family are all being encouraging, and I'm really trying to get serious about it, not really with the thought of monetizing or anything, but just diverting time that I'd normal be playing video games, in to creativity to share.

    I honestly have never really tried to draw past doodles, and the few times I did were usually more discouraging than helpful, so I'm pretty much going at this like I am in Art School. I am challenging myself to do different styles, and things way harder than I should, and so far it turning out better than I could've hoped! =]

    Anyway, here's what I've made so far, all the drawings I've finished are on my DeviantArt page, please give it a look, and feel free to critique and advise.

    I've been mostly focusing on Digital atm, I am using a "Pencil Simulator/Animator" called Pencil2d, and it can make very realistic pencil/ballpoint drawings, but I only have a mouse atm, and my wrist/hand is already starting to tell me I should probably start looking in to a drawing tablet, and there seems to be A LOT of them these days. Are there any leading brands, or particular tablets that stand above the rest? I don't really need a huge professional one, just a really good hobbyist variety with good features.

    Thanks in advance for any advice!

    Peace, Spazz.
    "A Great Man: When he makes a mistake, he realizes it. Having realized it, he admits it. Having admitted it, he corrects it. He considers those who point out his faults as his most benevolent teachers." Lao Tzu (kinda)