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    The system used in the Tacharis, Low Fantasy and Steampunk RPTs seems to work quite well in keeping the essential game mechanics from interfering with the players good times while keeping a limit to character power and ability. I believe the system could easily be worked out into a sort of Guide that can just be copy/pasted into any RPT with any setting with minimal work used to remove skills and rules that do not fit the setting (ex. Magic in non fantasy settings) and add skills and rules that are specific to only that game (house rules).

    Generally 5 skills are given to each character so all skills must be of sufficient usefulness that someone with such limited number they can pick will not automatically pass it by.
    Skills can be simple, they give full ability with one point spent. An example of this would be the skill Dumb Luck which lets you get away with being very loose with probability.
    Tiered skills have two or more levels each better than the last but still the same ability. An example of this would be Healing where first level gives simple first aid and last level is Brain Surgeon.
    Higher Cost. Skills that are so powerful that they require a higher than 1 point cost but cannot be broken down into tiers.

    Here are examples of how skills can be displayed

    Animal Handling (1 pt): Able to deal with out of control, untrained or poorly trained animals. Allows training of non-magical animals within reason. Some animals are inherently untrainable. ((Nearly All Settings))

    Jack of Trades (2 pt): Can pick 3 Tier 1 skills with a 1 point cost and perform them to a slightly lesser ability than another who paid full price. ((Nearly All Settings))

    Clockwork Engineering 1 (1 pt): Allows the repair, design and construction of simple clockwork or steampunk vehicles or creations. Higher skill allows more complex workings. ((Steampunk or Fantasy Settings))

    Post suggestions for or discuss rules and skills. When the entire thing is compiled I will put it into its own thread and ask for it to be stickied for reference.

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    Well, let's discuss demolitions, this is how I see it:

    Demolitions (1pt): Allows the safe handling and mixing of unstable chemical or magical ingredients into controlled explosives, rockets, grenades and bombs. Includes some structural knowledge to assist with placement and detonation. Anyone can carry and throw grenades or bombs, but the safety issues keep most from doing so.
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      Here's how I envisioned the aforementioned Weapon Focus skill:

      Weapon Focus (specific): Improved skill with melee weapon of choice. When wielding this weapon, the user is able to strike with more speed and power than someone who is not focused in its use. The wielder can also defend more effectively as well, improving the user's ability to block and parry incoming melee attacks. They are also more difficult to disarm. Prereq.: Melee Weapons or Exotic Weapon (specific, melee only).
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        Is there something I could do to make this kind of thing easier on you guys?


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          Originally posted by Woody
          Is there something I could do to make this kind of thing easier on you guys?

          I don't really see how administrator help would be needed. This is just to try to develop a game guide (like the Dungeon Master's Guide/Player Handbook of DnD) that would be easy to use as a reference or basis for starting new Roleplay Threads without a lot of time spent working out the details. When it is done, I or someone else will make a thread with the finished product and ask it be stickied. After that, anyone who wishes to use the system to make a new RPT would just be able to decide the setting, create a world and pick from the available list of rules and skills that are appropriate.

          Edit: Regarding Weapon Focus skill. I am thinking it could actually be expanded to include all weapons and take the place of Marksmanship when used with appropriate ranged weapons.

          I will try to work on short descriptions of setting styles for the rules part. For example High Fantasy where magic is everywhere, Low Fantasy where magic is low key or non existant, High Science-Fiction where you have everything from Star Trek to the Cultureverse or Low Sci-Fi where the setting is restricted to one or two solar systems and a "harder" set of physics.


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            I'm an administrator that can code. I was asking if there was something I could add to, or change about, the forums that would make things easier. I was just trying to help.

            Guess I'll leave you all to it then.


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              I don't think we need specialized board software or any other additions, when I discussed using the dice roller (which emails the roll to the player and the GM making it secure and fudge proof) it was shot down as being a bit constraining so I don't think that is a needed direction.
              Developing special programs just for this system would also make it hard to use on other forums, which some might wish to do.

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                As a senior member of the RPT games (I started the original RPT) I have some things to add.

                As an introduction and motivator for the more structured style:
                When I originally started the "RPT thread" (now "The Warriors from Baldaris") we just kind of ran with it and let anybody do pretty much anything they wanted. This led to some problems. Characters started becoming demi-gods, plot holes were rampant, and fantasy became totally unbelievable. Even though it is the longest lasting RPT to date, it had many many fatal flaws, but served as a guide for the systems we've been constantly improving upon to reach better and better systems. It really works better when you give each character a set limit of things they can and cant do based on skill points. This eliminates the god-like characters and keeps every character within the same limits as the others.
                The structured system brings more rhyme and reason. With the latest edition of a "dungeon master" it makes the game flow easier and drastically reduces the chances of "writers-block" that has been the bane of all other RPT. People simply ran out of ideas and were not able to move the plot along enough to keep people interested. The "game master" can step in and be an NPC so that the game doesn't always go the way a character wants it to, and if a hitch appears, the game master can step in and summarize what the characters will/did do and then put them in a situation more favorable to moving the plot along.
                Overall it's a very effective system that through trial and error has been tweaked and played with to get a better system. As always, they are open to suggestion. They key is to have something that all the players will agree with: a favorable skill system, plot, setting, theme, etc. Without the favor of the players it cannot thrive. And with the structured system, it's easier to meet these needs with input.

                That is my two bits that may be used as an introduction and persuasion for the structured system. I will have suggestions for things to add later. Let's keep up the good work guys.


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                  Some skills

                  Strength (1 pt): Greatly increased physical strength and durability. Able to take stronger hits without being disabled as well as be far more formidable in physical combat. ((All Settings))
                  Acrobatics (1 pt): Highly trained levels of agility. Useful for dodging blows, climbing walls, leaping between moving objects or anything else that a very agile person would be good at. ((All Settings))
                  Stealth (1 pt): Increased ability to use ones surroundings to avoid detection. ((All Settings))
                  Roguery (1 pt): Pickpocketing, shoplifting, breaking into houses or disabling an unaware person without undue harm. Also good for trap setting/springing and getting through locks. Stealth is not a requirement and must be purchased separately if wanted. ((All Settings))

                  Now, for weapons would it be worthwhile to make separate categories for firearms and medieval ranged weapons? I am trying to keep the number of skills low but honestly someone who can fire a gun does not necessarily have any ability to use a bow...


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                    yeah that should be a seperate skill. A bow and crossbow have much diffrent mechanics that a rifle or pistol. then i guess heavy or crew serviced weapons have their own we get a quick shot/fast draw or a shoot from the hip ability, say walking around with a shotgun or SMG at waist height and being able to hit a target in that stance...

                    Vehicle driving experiance, driving a truck is diffrent from driving a car, and then an armored car or tank is again another level for experiance, being used to the weight of the vehicle, its stoping and turning abilitys, what kind of ground to expect trouble on...
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                      You could always make bows and crossbows into Exotic Weapons, and stick them under that category. Since the ranged norm for combatants in this setting is guns, the more medieval stuff will be few and far between, and so they become rare enough to be branded exotic. They also don't match the firing style or functionality of any other weapons, which also tends to be the description of an exotic weapon.

                      As for the Marksmanship/Weapon Focus merge, I like it. The skill then essentially gives Marksmanship benefits for ranged and Weapon Focus benefits for melee, without the fuss of different skills. A little buff could be added to the Marksmanship half to make it more appealing, but I can't think of much other than an improved ability to maintenance and reload your weapon. Bows and crossbows could greater power due to the user's own body being involved in the firing, but that can't really apply to firearms.
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                        I agree with Slarethorn as to defining an exotic weapon as being rare and requiring different, and specific, training compared to normal weapons. That being said, there are some weapons that may migrate between exotic and mundane depending on the settings or even the whim of the GM. Have a weapons section, put just about anything in there, and allow for the person setting up the game to choose and add exotic weapons.

                        The points are virtually the same, but characters will be choosing say "guns" skill (1PT) or "BFG9000" skill (1PT)
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                          Ranged, Common (1 pt) Trained in the use of the settings common ranged weapons such as bows and spears for some settings, small firearms in more modern settings and hand lasers in futuristic periods. ((All Settings))

                          Ranged, Exotic (1 pt) Trained in the use of a specific uncommon weapon or crew serviced weapon. This includes non period weapons such as bows in modern time settings. Crew serviced weapons require at least one operator to have skill in the weapon type provided there has been time to give basic instruction to the other people assisting. ((All Settings))


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                            Rule: Counting your pennies.
                            Tracking exact amounts of money for several players as well as setting up values of items takes a lot of time, effort and will usually detract from a game if it becomes annoying. To bypass this, it can be assumed that each player has enough money at all times for basic needs, food shelter and essential commonly available equipment. There are exceptions to this, for example if the player has been robbed of all money and has not yet been able to get some.
                            Story permitting, if the players don't have money enough to carry on can be earned in about a week of world time which can be skipped through with a mention of any noteworthy events that happened while the player was working. Other schemes of obtaining funds should be allowed if they make sense in the situation, such as quickly getting money by robbing others or entering contests if available.
                            The Wealth skill allows the purchase of much more expensive items. An example of this would be in a Modern setting, someone with Wealth could purchase a car outright while someone else would not (adventurers have a hard time getting financing!) and would have to get transportation by another means.
                            Wealth is not just money outrightly available but skill in earning money. In the same amount of time after losing everything as anyone else, a character with Wealth will usually be back to their normal purchasing power.


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                              so would a barganing ability be thrown in to help the buyer get the best for his money, i guess we could call it fast talk ability? maybe it would help in gathering intel on a mission? wanna try a jerryrigging ability, allowing a normaly impossible combination of parts to make something above your engneering level, but its jerryrigged, so theirs a good chance it will blow up in your face...the bigger and more complex the item the greater the chance of it back fireing...say you have some parts and decide to turn it into a toaster oven or a cannon...i guess its the Mac Guyver ability...i gots a paper clip, some gum and piece of paper...of course, lets make a nuclear bomb...
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