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    I used to play Everquest online adventures for a while so my story is loosely based on that.

    One abyssmal day in Neriak as Andruilx was pondering how he could rid Tunaria of the Elven race and their allies, he stumbled across Baneseifer, one of Innouurk's very Chosen, as he sat on the mold encrusted rock, strands of his withered robe fluttered in the mysterious breeze that cut through Neriak like a naked Barbarian in Permafrost. The shadowknight approached him cautiously, for he knew that the Chosen were very highly regarded and would take your life without so much as a thought. The timid Slayer bowed and hailed this lord among his malevolent race. Baneseifer returned the bow and asked the young Slayer why he had such a troubled look. The young Slayer explained his intended plan. This greatly intreigued Baneseifer, and he further questioned the young Slayer.

    As days passed and the two slowly went over intricate plans to form allegiances with the darker races of Tunaria. Both of them knew that they were going to need the unyielding allegiance of the Trolls, so the young Slayer departed for Grobb, hoping to gain the trust and support of the mighty Trolls and their god Cazic Thule. Upon his arrival Andruilx met up with Hagridd, the leader of the troll forces in the city of Grobb. It took a great deal of convincing to get the trolls to lend their aid. Hagridd agreed to assist them, but told Andruilx to gain the support of Cazic Thule he would need to speak to the High Mystic Strongmad, and have him contact the evil being. Strongmad, was not an easy being to find, and when the young slayer did finally find him, it was some time before he was able to get Strongmad to start the summoning ritual.

    The Sky blackened and the evil and hate in the air thickened, so intense was this malice that it felt a burden to the young Slayer. As the spiritual embodiment of Cazic Thule appeard and asked why he has been disturbed. Andruilx walked up, with with somewhat shaken confidence, And set forth revealing his malevolent plan. Cazic was beside himself with pleasure, knowing that this may now be the time he would be able over throw the elven goddess Tunare. Cazic told Strongmad, Andruilx, and Hagridd to depart to the Isle of Dread immediately and speak to Terror, Dread, and Fright. They would amass the armies of the isle and would be ready when the time came.

    With this Andruilx, Strongmad, and Hagridd left Grobb and embarked for the Isle. They arrived at the Isles waysender Norach, days later and exhausted. Norach was a wretched creature and was only interested in self gain. When the travelers asked for admittance to the Isle Norach asked them to present a Medallion of the Faceless and ten thousand tunar. None of them having even a quarter of this sum of money, becamse irritated. Strongmad summoned the dark spirits to relay the message from Cazic Thule to Norach, and he reluctantly allowed them to pass. The three walked for some time until they came upon the great castle of the three Golems. Andruilx, having little fear of these absolutely terrifying beings, stepped foreward and proclaimed why he was here. Instantly the Golems emerged and began talking. After the long discussions the Golems agreed to lend all the strength on their great Isle.

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    So, it has been some time since I've written anything as I'm not really that great of a writer, but I felt like I would give it a short update. Please, give any kind of feedback you feel due...

    After spending a few days in Isle of Dread recovering from their long journey, the three of them talked to the waysender on the Isle and request that he teleport them back to Neriak. Baneseifer was found in the lower levels of the city studying acient and dark texts that, even for the dark elves, had been forbidden to read for thousands of years.
    "M'lord, we have gained the aid of the Trolls, their god Cazic Thule, and all of his minions to inclue the entirity of the Isle of Dread. Our plan is starting to unfold without flaw. I wish to depart at once to recruit the Ogres. They are stupid brutes, but they have great strenght and they will be most loyal to our cause." said Andruilx
    "Relax young one," Baneseifer stated, "You have been gone for nearly a month and I have much to discuss with you. No doubt that we will need the aid of the Ogres, but for now I wish to empart some wisedom and acient evils to you, Strongmad, and Hagridd. I particularly wish to teach these spells the the Shaman. We also need to recruit the hmmm... less..... virtuous of the Human race. The Gnomes and their strange machienery would also be a great help to our cause, but we must be extremely careful around them. They are cunning and we do not want to reveal our entire plan to them until all is ready..."


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      Also, if anyone wishes to add anything, you can google Everquest Online Adventures. The lore, races, classes, and even the cities with maps. Feel free to add please!


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        Originally posted by ElectronicsTech3 View Post
        Also, if anyone wishes to add anything, you can google Everquest Online Adventures. The lore, races, classes, and even the cities with maps. Feel free to add please!
        I agree with you.