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    General Cron stood before his men, thousands of them standing to attention and ready to serve their commander. "Boys, it's the time for war. It's time to show what you're really made of, to show your loyalty". Bron walked from one side of the podium to the other, staring out into the crowd. "The enemy is smart and has weapons that rival our own". I know that we will be able to hold these giants back, i know you will return". He stops and turns around to look at the flag that hangs on the wall behind him. "For the colony and the queen", he raises his hand into the air, soluting the flag. Behind him the soldiers cheer, raising their weapons into the air.

    The sun beat down on the soliders, the vast desery shimmering in the light of the rising sun. The great dwelling of the giants rose into the sky before them. General Bron looked up at the 'Giant Home'. "Alright now, this is where your fate is decided, will you be a hero, a cowerd or will you be dead?". The soliders shift nervously. One talks to his comrad,"Have you seen the enemy?, i hear they tower above us on two legs. Can you believe it..two legs". The solider was about to say something else but was stoped by a tremor that made the ground shake. All of the soldiers turned and looked up at the 'Giant Home'. Slowly the door opened and one of the giants walked out. "Men!..the time is now". General Bron motioned and started running forwards with the army following behind him.

    The army swarmed over the feet of the enemy, biting and stabbing with their weapons. The giant bellows and stamps its feet, causing many of the soliders fall to the ground and be crushed as the giants feet fall. Soldier Kan looked quickly to the ground. As the foot lifts S.Kan saw his camrades on the ground. Some were dead, others lay half-dead twitching, body parts missing, dying in agony.

    The giant reaches down and pulls off the shells that cover both its feet and throw them to the ground and retreats back into its dwelling. The soldiers stand silent, waiting. When the giant does not come back they cheer in victory and go to tend to the wounded and bury the dead. Solider Kan, who had seen his fellow soldiers die and scream in pain, stands infront of the 'Giant House' staring up at it. "Why do they fight us?, what have we done to cause this war?". Soldier Kan turns around and starts making his way back to the others. He had only taken a few steps when a shadow passes over the army. They look up. The giant had come back and holds a large conister in his hand. The giant leans down and presses down on the top of the canister.

    There is a soft hissing sound and then they are pushed back by a strong wind. They all look around, one of the soliders runs to General Bron. "Sir..Sir!. What is happening, what was that air?". The general watches as the soldier infront of him starts to twitch and falls to the ground. He screams in agony as his skin starts to burn and melt away. General Bron looks around. His men lay on the ground, screaming and burning. Bron sighs,"Chemicals" and falls backwards as the chemical spray starts to kill him. Within three minutes the whole army is dead.


    The giant looks down at the ground then to the canister in its hand. Smiling it turns and walks into the 'Giant House', muttering to itself, "Damn ants".