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  • Lets all write together!!!

    This is just an idea i have, but wouldn't it be fun to write a story together with everyone here?
    I thouht so too :P
    lets do it then
    Everyone writes a piece and than the next person continiues , and so on.
    A few rules though:

    -only your own original characters, WoW characters ar fine too.
    -play nice, no trolling.
    -when you want to say something out of the story,please place "out" in front and "in" after whatever it is you want to say.
    -Have fun (yeah, i know :P)

    "out" I'll start, so here goes... "in"

    A lone figure was sitting by a nearly dying fire, his face masked by a heavy, brown hood, a long cape wraped around his broad schoulders, a long sword lying next to him in the grass
    The figures mouth was just visible,and is had a nasty smile around it.
    Hurried steps could be heard in the distance, getting closer fast.
    "Finaly" The figure spoke in a low, gruff voice.
    An other figure came into the circle of light that the dying fire was giving of, clutching his left schoulder.
    The hooded figure stood, picking up his sword.
    Do you have it?" he asked.
    "Forsooth." the other figure said.
    All shall love me and despair!!!!

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    Suddenly, the shaft of a well place arrow pierced through the neck of the second figure. his body falling limp and lifeless to the ground. A small bag rolled slowly towards the fire from the corpses hand.

    A voice shouted from the darkness...
    "You should never have sent your lacky to do your dirty buisness..."


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      The hooded figure's smirk disapeard.
      "You," He spoke, softly,"How did you find me?"
      Out of the darkness, a young man appeard, holding a bow and arrow at the ready.
      "Easy," the archer said, looking at the hooded figure in discust," I followed the trail of blood you spilled."
      The hooded figure sneered, took his sword in both hands and attacked...
      All shall love me and despair!!!!


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        "out" *disgust, Isaura. (sorry everyone, I'm a Grammar N*zi

        ...a nearby tree.
        The young archer flinched and launched his arrow, misfiring.
        Then, out of the fire, stepped a slender female figure.
        "Ah, it's you." The hooded man spoke, relieved.
        "T'is me, you see. Correct you are. I have traveled wide, I have traveled far." The woman whispered.

        All shall love me and despair!!!!


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          "out" Oopsie!

          Forgot that Isaura was still signed in... The previous post is mine :$.


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            the archer's eyes widened in surprise in this turn of events. "How did she get here so quickly?" He muttered to himself as he quickly ducked behind a tree. The female figure turned to where the Archer was hiding. She was wrapped in a dark blue cloak with strange red glyphs embroidered into the edges. From the hood he only saw piercing blue eyes and a few tangles of white hair. It gave him an eerie feeling.

            At that moment...
            "You a loose cannon sandvich! But you a damn good cop!"


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              The archer realized he no longer held the advantage. He quickly surveyed his surroundings, cursing himself for not having already done so. After analyzing his best escape routes, he decided to act quickly.

              The hooded figure drew his blade once more and grinned slyly at the woman. "Shall we, he asked?"

              "Aye, my dear. Let's have fun. Enough with words, the battle's begun!"

              With that, the slender figure...
              - Zoloph
              What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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                the slender figure moved to the opposite side of the fire.

                The hooded figure bowed slightly. " You know, we could just ...share the profits"

                The two slid around the flames like dancers in a gallant ball, thrusting, parrying, trying to calculate the others weak point. Thier shadows flickered across the tree line like a morbid play for children.

                "You know I don't like to share, William!"

                "No, I suppose you wouldn't"

                Seeing his chance...


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                  the hooded figure, William, struck at the slender woman.
                  Doging the blow, the woman started an attack, but was stopped in her tracks.
                  The archer was trying to get away, but in his hast he had stepped on a twig, wich broke with a loud snap.
                  Both the woman and William turned to look at the archer.

                  Knowing he was traped, the archer...
                  All shall love me and despair!!!!


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                    dropped his longbow and pulled his longsword from it sheath and charged at the duo. Hoping to close the distance fast enough to get in a final blow before they took him down.

                    William grinned evilly at the change of events. "So he has decided to come join the fun. Mirvana I think we can set our differences aside for this nuisance. Garic has been a thorn in both of our endeavors. Lets end it!"

                    Mirvana tiled her head to the side as if pondering the situation. Garic the Archer was within a few seconds of attacking her.

                    At that moment...
                    "You a loose cannon sandvich! But you a damn good cop!"


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                      Garic leaped into the air, somersaulting over his two opponents, unleashing a spray of darts around the fire.

                      William spun his blade so fast no dart penetrated his defense. Mirvana quickly muttered a few words of magic and the darts bounced harmlessly off her skin.

                      Nuisance indeed! hissed Mirvana. I suppose I can ignore your trespasses for a few moments.

                      Garic called upon all of his training. He knew it would take every bit of it to overcome the pair. Then the thought came to him...
                      - Zoloph
                      What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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                        His master's words.
                        Garic focused to remember them correctly.
                        Then, he remembered, and his master's voice echoed: "Do a barrel-roll! Press 'A' to shoot!"

                        Confused, Garric...


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                          Garric woke to find himself slumped against a tree near what was left of the smoldering camp fire. He had been dreaming. No wonder his master's words were confusing. His dreams were getting stranger every night.

                          But what happened? And where were his foes?

                          All he could remember was his initial attack on the brute and witch... what happened after that? Garric shook his head, searching his memory only to find an ache in his neck.

                          "He's awake," whispered a small voice from the shadows around the camp.

                          Alarmed, Garric quickly stood up, bow in hand. He reached for an arrow, but his quiver was empty. "Who's there!" Garric shouted, trying to remain calm.

                          There was a soft rustle from the brush across the small clearing. Then...
                          - Zoloph
                          What doesn't kill you makes you stronger!


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                            from the shadows emerged a brownie! The small creature looked up at Garic and smiled. Clothed in mostly brown cloth and what looked like a thimble for a cap she bowed at Garic and spoke softly,"The Witch and her Brute companion left you behind after she cast a spell on you. They where arguing on how best to deal with you when they where summoned. I watched the whole thing from the safety of my Willow Bush. I was highly amused by your little fight. Such interesting lives you mortals live."

                            Garic cocked his head at the brownie. He's heard of the legends of the fairy folk but has never actually met one. "Perhaps I took a bit of hit to the head as well. Are you even real or an illusion created by my mind?" Garic asked the Brownie. A high pitched laughed was the Brownie's response. "I am very much real, I really don't pay to much attention to the dealings of your kind. But the events that happened last night has me curious. The Witch especially is of important note. It seems you knew both of your foes. What do you plan to do now?" asked the Brownie.

                            Garic thought for a moment...
                            "You a loose cannon sandvich! But you a damn good cop!"


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                              "First off, little one, did you see where they went to?"

                              The brownie pitched her cap forward slightly, put her tiny finger to the side of her head out pouted in thought. "Hmm... yes...I think they went down the hill to thier camp."

                              "Thank you. I think you should go hide for your own safety now."

                              The brownie rushed forward to rest on Garic's foot. " Oh please I get so bored out here! I could show you the way?!"