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  • The group left the tavern as soon as dawn broke.
    The streets were empty, and they made their way quickly though the streets towards the gates.
    The gates were open and the guard dozed off, so the group went trough unnoticed.
    As they left the town behind, Garic looked at his companions.
    William was looking even grimmer than usual.
    Erud had a lost look on his face, as if he was daydreaming.
    Mirvana and Thrum walked side by side, Tiff riding on Thrum's back.
    They all looked deep in thought.
    Garic felt a sense of foreboding as they walked, silently, to Shadowmeld Keep.
    All shall love me and despair!!!!


    • They made camp in the forest near Shadowmeld Keep. The darkening sky and clouds felt heavy and foreboding. William offered to take first watch and Garic would relieve him in a few hours. The spot they picked to camp was far enough from the main road so their campfire could not be seen. They found a large boulder to use as some cover from the elements. Erud had found plenty of dried wood for the fire and even found some herbs for some potion he was working on. Thrum and Tiff where curled up near the fire sleeping contently. Garic was off scouting the area to see if anyone had followed them. William went over to his pack and pulled out a handful of throwing axes and clipped them to a hip quiver he designed himself. He climbed the boulder and perched himself over the camp giving him a clear view of the area. He heard the soft footsteps behind him and didn't turn around as he spoke,"Come to keep me company tonight Mirvana?" He smirked and eye'd the witch as she settled down near William. "I couldn't sleep. Not this close to the Baron's domain." Her voice carried a hint of fear on it. William grunted and adjusted himself on the boulder to be more comfortable yet in reach of his weapons. "Dreams I take it? I can feel the tension in the air here. I'm damned jealous of Thrum and Tiff. Gods knows how they manage to sleep." Mirvana let out a small chuckle at that comment. William looked over at Mirvana. "Hmm she's changed. Never thought I would hear a chuckle come out of a cold wench like Mirv, but maybe that's not a bad thing." William thought to himself and looked again over the campsite. Erud was feeding the fire with the bundles of dried wood he found and sat cross legged with his back to the boulder. "So where did our friend Garic wander off to now?" Mirvana whispered. William just nodded toward the road. "Doing his ranger thing. Covering our tracks and checking to see if we left Freeport without anyone noticing. He has his uses."

      The two sat in silence for a while now. Listening to the sounds of the forest. The silence was oppressing as the night wore on.
      "You a loose cannon sandvich! But you a damn good cop!"