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Player Types- a Dark Nova RPG excerpt

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  • Player Types- a Dark Nova RPG excerpt

    A little humorous excerpt from the GM's section of the Dark Nova Roleplaying Game-


    Types of Players

    Long ago, back when I first started gaming in *coughnineteeneightyonecough*, there was a joke about the types of players one could be guaranteed to encounter in their gaming lives. The whole thing started around 1983 or so at a party at Pacificon at the Dunfey Hotel in San Mateo in which the idea came up of classifying the different styles of roleplaying. They came up with four different types, which are explained below.

    The Real Man:
    The tough macho type who walks up to the battalion of Byntai slavers and orders them to leave before they get hurt. He then demonstrates what'll happen to any who injure or kill the slaves. Once the slaves are safe, the Real Man then uses his powered armor or natural/augmented strength to pound the Byntai into the ground like tent pegs with a ground car.

    The Roleplayer:
    The intelligent cunning guy who tricks the constable into letting you all out of prison after the Real Man or the Loonie get the entire crew arrested for something entertaining, but very illegal. Failing that, he will cobble together a scratch-built holoprojector to create an illusory hologram of the crew sitting in their cells while they quietly escape through the tunnel he created with the industrial nanites he had hidden in a hair folicle.

    The Loonie:
    The guy who will do anything for a cheap laugh, including dropping a plasma grenade at ground zero. Afterwards, he will extinguish his comrades with an industrial sized canister of whipped cream while eloquently discussing the cinematic flaws and groundbreaking social commentary of Planet of the Apes with a can of motor oil.

    The Munchkin:
    Drops naked from orbit to take on the legion of Kraegarym warriors with the medium naval AP lancer cannon he is carrying on his shoulder. Afterwards, he leaps in to finish off their leader using his secret 'twisted lotus' ninja decapitation strike with a vibrosword the size of a aerospace fighter’s wing. There are Munchkin Spoiler segments in this game for a reason, need we say more?

    All humor aside, these actually do fairly accurately describe the different types of players you will encounter in your games. Some want to smash things, grab the loot, and head for the nearest bar. Others seek to shape the future of known space through subtle manipulations of politics, media and the economies of entire nations. Still others are, frankly, so batshit whacko that you have no idea if their next action will be to come up with a plan that saves the universe, or dance around your dining room table with a can of soda balanced on their head. Munchkins, however, are easy to figure out- powergamers and rules-lawyers who will crash the game in a heartbeat if they are not kept in check.

    With the exceptions of munchkins- whom I have already decried- there is a place for just about any play style. Combat arms characters of various types fill the need of the Real Man to smash, blast, and crush his enemies, while Templars and the many Socialite archetypes are a fertile ground for the imagination and creativity of the Roleplayer. Loonies make surprisingly good Greasemonkeys and Netrunners (though be watchful), and can often roleplay the mentally and emotionally unstable Psions quite well.

    Munchkins and rules-lawyers, on the other hand, exist in the roleplaying game world for one sole reason- to make the rest of us take the game much less seriously so that we can enjoy it. Though a secondary reason- to hone our dice-throwing skills to marksman precision- could be argued. If a You as a GM wind up with a Munchkin in your game, remember that it IS possible to rehabilitate them, its just not easy. With proper coaching and beati…encouragement… the Munchkin can eventually grow up and evolve into a Real Man or even a Roleplayer. Loonies are born that way, so they generally are not on the table as an option. Still, unless they are complete social reprobates, do not give up on a Munchkin if you can help it. They are gamers, too, despite the criticism, they simply need their hyper-inflated egos shot down, their childish antics curbed, and to be shown that they can truly enjoy the game by playing it properly rather than attempting to min-max everything.

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    So i guess i fit in between the Roleplayer and the Loonie
    "I suck at dying, I died twice and failed, so now you're all stuck with me forever..."


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      what was that? I was just subtracting some points from cha and bumping up my int another notch.

      hmm, 5 points here gives me a synergy bonus here and then I take this... +35 to hit at level 1 is pretty weak but it'll do for now
      When all else fails, poke 'em in the eye with a good sharp stick.