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    All and all i need help putting my thoughts down on paper for this one... so some wording or name suggestions for the different areas would be helpful.
    short summary
    Efae is a land that has both angels and demons, the war was going on for hundreds of year before the humans crashed into the planet and rebuilt there lives. now the humans are thriving but the war still wages... and a few humans took sides and now fight with the angels or demons... others live neutrally and wish nothing to do with the war...
    skylands- home of angels, mountainous and bright, rich in precious metals.
    Firelands-home of the demons, very volcanic and dangerous, rich in iron and gems
    the lake's valley- separates the fireland and sky land... green and lush, soil is rich from volcanic ash and the lake is fed by the skylands. alot of fighting is done here.
    Swamp lands - home to gnolls and hags...placement is probably going to be behind the fire lands and on top the cayon.
    Canyon- crash site of the humans
    Flatlands- the canyon withers into the flatland with is located on both sides of the canyon... humans made both flatlands their home.
    ice land- north and home to ice demons... very cold and wintery.
    angels, demons, ice demons , humans, hags and gnolls.

    note, angels and demons are races... not religious references, not all angels are good... not all demons are bad... the just don't get along

    notable characters

    Elice- main demon, female
    Apollo- main angel, male
    James- human child Apollo's friend, male
    Susan or Sue- James' little sister and Elice's freind
    Frank- James' and Sue's father, farmer
    Need a name- James' and Sue's mother
    Queen Constance- Angel queen
    King Gaval- demon king

    there is more but this is good for now... so any name suggestions or place name suggestions... or landmarks, or places?
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    So here's the introduction to Arch, starts out with Elice and the little girl by the lake.

    It was a still day by the lake. The fish splashed and birds sang, the trees shaded the flowers blooming amongst the tall grass… a battle field never looked so well dressed. Most fighting is done in the air so the only real spot that is trampled is around the dragon tower where humans on the angel side, also known as the Order of the Gails, stormed the tower in hopes to free their leader, the White Dragon. The white dragon had been held captive by the Black Dragon for about ten years now. Having the Black dragon in power is suppose to make the demons stronger, when the white dragon is in power the angels have more power, but the powers still seem to be balanced so it is probably just hogwash and fairytales.
    A little human girl sat beside the lake crying. She wore a light blue dress and had a basket full of nothing next to her as she sobbed. A demon flew swiftly high above her head… she ignored it and continued crying into her knees.
    The demon soon spotted a small light blue dot and went to investigate. The demon soon saw the young girl.
    “Hello?” the demon bent around her trying to see her face.
    The girl continued to cry.
    “Are… are you okay? You hurt? Do you need help?” the demon asked curiously.
    More crying.
    “This place isn’t going to be safe much longer, please tell me why your crying?” the demon said in a relatively gentle voice and placed her hand on the girl’s shoulder.
    The girl finally looked up at the demon, the demon was female, had on armor and burning blue eyes that stuck out from her red skin, she was a winged demon and her wings where half folded. Her hair was black with lava red streaks though it.
    “My mom… sniff… told me…snivel… not to talk…to strangers…” the little girl whined.
    The demon smiled and stood up straight, “well my name is Elice. See , I’m not a stranger anymore. Now can you tell me what’s wrong so I can get you out of here?”
    The girl looked up at Elice, she had stopped crying, “My Mom told me to collect herbs… so I went to the herb patch and was collecting herbs when a razor beast started to chase me… now I’m by the lake and I never been to the lake so I don’t know my way home!”
    She started crying again, “and… sob… all the herbs… sob… fell out… choke… of my basket!”
    “Well, I know this place like the back of my hand, I can get you home.” Elice said.
    “You can?!” the girl smiled relived.
    “Yes, and I’ll even help you recollect your herbs…” Elice smiled.
    “what about the razor beast” the girl said quietly.
    “You let me deal with the razor beast, “ just one thing I need to know… where about do you live?”
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      The air was sweet and calm with the fragrance of herbs aloft. The little girl was happily filling her basket with herbs and the occasional flowers. Elice lay back in the long grass enjoying the occasional cool breeze. The razor beast was hiding in its den, knowing all too well not to mess with a protective demon.
      Everything was quiet until a small portal opened… Elice had a look of dread… a small imp jumped out and looked around. Then seeing Elice shouted,” There you are!”
      “Oh sorry I didn’t report, something came up…” Elice tried to explain
      “I’ve be searching high and low for you, heck I was about to report you where in the hands of those angels! You want to know how worried your father is! You can’t just take off like that!” the imp scolded.
      “I know, I know, but I have a good excuse!” Elice pleaded.
      “What could possibly be a suitable excuse for abandoning your duties!?” the imp scowled.
      The little girl noticed the commotion and came over.
      “I didn’t mean to get you in trouble…” she whimpered.
      “Nonsense” Elice replied
      “What’s this?” the imp flew around and examined the little girl as she hid behind Elice.
      “It is a human girl. She was lost on the battle field and I wanted to get her home before there was a conflict… I was just letting her collect some herbs for her mommy…” Elice explained.
      “Hmmm, I guess you do have a reasonable excuse, but General Granite won’t like it.” the imp said.
      “General Granite doesn’t like anything I do.” Elice stated.
      “Well okay, be safe,” the imp shouted as he disappeared through a portal.
      “I’m sorry,” the little girl said.
      “Sorry for what… it wasn’t your fault,” Elice said.
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        The walk to the farm in the western flatlands was more than pleasant. The little girl’s name was Susan and as they walked she would ask question and Elice would happy answer. At one point Elice had to refuse some flowers and explain that they would survive longer in her mother’s vase then in the firelands where she lived. Susan was a bit disappointed but accepted the fact that demons don’t have flowers because they would burn up fast.
        The farm was quite average in size… the house and the barns where in a small space surrounded by fields and pasture. As Elice and Susan made their way to Susan’s house a figure looked up.
        “SUSAN!” the figure cried, “Frank come out here Susan’s home safe!”
        Frank came out and stood on the door step.
        Susan’s mother ran right up and gave Susan a hug, “oh Susan! You shouldn’t have been gone more than an hour. And now here the sun is setting! We were so worried.”
        “Oh mom, I’m sorry… a razor beast chased me to the lake! And then Elice came and brought me home!”
        “Well you must be Elice then?” Frank said extending his hand to Elice, “I hope our little Sue wasn’t too much of a problem.”
        Elice smiled, “No problem at all, I enjoyed her company.”
        “Mom? Dad? Can Elice stay for dinner?” Sue asked.
        “If she wants to… but…” her mother said
        “Please Elice! Please stay for dinner! Mom makes really good chicken!” Susan begged.
        Elice looked surprise, she was never invited to dinner before by a human.
        “Really we should warn you…” Sue’s father persisted but before he could finish a loud shout came from above…
        “DIE DEMON SCUM!”
        Elice looked up to see an angel with a light sword come hurling toward her, “Awww crud.” She stated as she dodged at the last second knocking over Sue by mistake.
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          Elice dodges the sword again...this time trapping her in the corner.
          "Apollo! NO!," Sue cried.
          Apollo lifted his sword one more time but before he could strike Frank got in between Apollo and Elice. "There will be NO FIGHTING on my farm Apollo... and the same appiles to Elice."
          "But?" Apollo started.
          "I know your at war but this farm is Not a battle ground...." Frank said sternly.
          A boy came running from behind the bushes.
          "Apollo? did you kill the demon? did ya save mom, dad and Sue?"
          "James?!" the Mom said shocked.
          Susan scaled at him.
          Elice tried regaining her bearings, holding her head.
          "James.... Apollo... this is Elice...she is Susan's new friend." Frank stated, "Elice... this is my son James and his friend Apollo... and Apollo is VERY sorry for the misunderstanding, and we'd be very happy if you stay for dinner."
          Apollo looked at Frank as if he was crazy, "I'm NOT eating at the same table with that... that... thing..." Apollo stated
          "And i second that" said James
          "Then you two can eat in the bar..." the mother was interrupted by Elice
          "Don't worry about it...i have better things to do then get killed by a feathered monstrosity," Elice turned away and started walking.
          a slight moment of silence
          "ELICE NO!," Sue cried, "I don't want you to go!"
          "Sorry Sue, but there is no way that me a feather boy can get along" Elice explained.
          "No," Sue started to sob as Elice disappeared.
          "It is for the best Sue" James tried to comfort her.
          Sue looked at Apollo sobbing then stated, "It is all your fault!" and kicked Apollo in the shin, then ran into the barn crying.
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            The day waned to night, and then light, once again, could be seen breaking the horizon.
            Sue was still sleeping in the barn's loft, she was trying to figure out why Elice left most of the night. James was up most of the night trying to justify Apollo's actions but now was sound asleep in bed.
            Frank stood by the wood stove thinking.
            "You're still up?" his wife sounded softly.
            "Thinking..." he replied.
            "You can hardly blame Apollo for attacking, and Elice for leaving?" she said.
            "I know, it just seems unfair to Susan," he said.
            "I think it could've gone a lot worst you know."
            "Yeah I know," he started to the door.
            "Where are you going?"
            "To see if there is any way to bring Elice back."
            "Leave your mark of light here then... the demons will kill you for sure if you don't"
            "Right," he opened his shirt pocket and took out a small badge. He placed it on the table before leaving.
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              James yawned and sat at the table, his Mom was by the stove making eggs. James looked around.
              "Where's Dad?" James asked
              "He went to find Elice," she frowned
              "Is he crazy? They'll kill him!" James exclaimed.
              Just then Sue walked in rubbing her eyes.
              "Demons wouldn't hurt Dad, would they?" Sue asked.
              "I'm sure not, I made him leave his mark of light here." the mom replied.
              "but how will the Angels know he is on there side?" James asked.
              Mom sighed, "James me and your Dad are neutral, he only uses the mark of light because Apollo insisted. Two, he is heading to the volcanic lands, the chances he runs into an Angel is slim to none."
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