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    I'm ready to let me Super Hero Ego out of the box! Some of this thread will be blatant DC comic fan fic... the rest is original. This thread will go by episodes... not chapters, if i could draw consistently for crap(i can draw well but i have a problem with constancy)... i would have considered making it into a fan fic comic instead, so everyone will have to settle for a wall of text that I try to make readable. At this point I really respect Woody and the other comic artists that make these free online comics possible.
    Anyway comments aside... next post will be episode 1... hope you enjoy my Super Hero Ego...
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    Shaman... Episode 1... part 1 "To get out"

    A radio blared in the summer heat, "We await the launch of the U.S. Game Star, the first EVER cruise ship for gamers... whether it be an RPG, collector cards games, or miniatures... the Game Star has it all except online MMORPG gaming.... Tournaments will be held every day after the launch, we even here there might a special appearance for the new Justice League card game...."
    Many gamers where loading on the Game Star, Amanda Grace and Sara Grace where looking over the rail on the front deck.
    "This will be fun, tomorrow they start character creation for the LARP groups," Sara said.
    "Yeah, I have my decks and cards ready to go!" Amanda smiled.
    "Did you bring your medication?"
    "Two weeks... all packed... even have my insulin pills just in case."
    An announcement came over the mega phone, "All passengers, please check in and meet above deck for safety proceeders."
    The ship soon set sail, all was well... everyone was having fun that night... but in five days out this would change. A storm came out of nowhere and soon turned into hurricane force. The captain radioed for help but something prevented the distress call form going though... by the end of it the Game Star was on the shore of a deserted island, with several holes shorn into the hull by reef and rocks.
    "Captian can you find us on the map?"
    "Nope, and the radio is busted too."
    "People! looks like we are going to be here for awhile! I'm sure we have been reported missing, so help is on the way! in the meantime let's make the best of it!"
    A Radio blared, "The U.S. Game Star has gone missing...with fear that it sunk during a bad storm the Justice League is helping to search for any survivors."
    The effort to survive on the island started out good...everyone helped... recovering food form the ship and finding food on the island was easy, fresh water was located the next day, the shelters started to dot the beach quickly... and the occasional LARP game was played.
    After the second day... thing began changing... arguments formed, the captain started to become a violent leader. Sara though was not effected, she began to get busy breaking up fights and ended up with a black eye herself. Amanda not being able to stand the fights went off to get wood for the fires.
    It was after the fifth day on the island where everything "went to the dogs" so to speak. Sara was worring about Amanda... one person in a rage threw Amanda's pill box into the ocean... contaminating all the medicine she had left...The captain saw this, and instead of a clam reasonable punishment... the captain choked him.
    "What happened?... is he okay?" Amanda was getting upset.
    "No pulse..." said the speaker lady.
    Sara was silent.
    It wasn't long till Amanda went to get fire wood near the spring of water. Something was sparkling under the tiny stream. Amanda put down the wood and picked it up. it was some crystal on an old string. She smiled at the little treasure, "well something good came of today after all." she told herself slipping the crud neck piece on. She then went to pick up the wood again... her hands went right through the pile with out picking it up. She tried again... same thing... then she looked around... her body was lying on the ground... she tried to scream but nothing came out. The scenery looked different too... darker.
    "Okay" she thought..." if i lie down on my body... maybe?"
    she did just that... "why isn't this working?" she thought.
    "maybe i'm dead?, but i felt least i can hear my thoughts..."
    "Maybe i should head back?" she thought...She went back to camp but before she set foot out of the brush, she saw several looming shadows besides survivors... tons of them by the captian. Only one by her sister though... and it was grayish not black.
    the gray one turn to her..."Run!" it said, "find help". suddenly all the shadows turned to her... Run? where? she thought as she sprinted away. The grey spirit started to fight and hold them back... but he slowly darken till he was one of them.
    The horizon revealed a secret just in time, odd light was coming from the horizon... wasn't the sun though, she took a chance and ran to it... she had to swim and she was a slow swimmer... she jumped... but instead of going in the water she stood on top of it..."maybe not" she thought and ran over the water to the light source. She glanced back... the dark spirits stopped at the water's edge and went no further. She then ran to investigate the light.
    (sorry about delays... i'm running all over and trying to write... which makes the train of thought derail. anyway if there is confusion tell me i'll clear things up or try to.)
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      The light turned out to be some sort of crack. all that was left was to go though...the light was blinding it took her some time to adjust on the other side of the crack... she found herself falling and soon landed in a small pool of water... a black koi and a white koi looked at her strangely... she got out of the pool and stood on the edge of some sort of terafirma that was suspended in white nothingness... the fish then started into a dance like spin, looking quite like a yin yang symbol in motion.
      "What is this place?" she thought as she looked up and saw where she fell.... a large piece of earth with a shield like dome over it. there where more earthy platforms floating about, and strange beings darted between them... ignoring her really... she tried talking agian but nothing.
      "How do i move in here?" she thought, and a dragon like being swept passed knocking her off where she stood.... she went up and up till she tumbled on the next platform... This platform had stone ruins on it. "Maybe i can jump?" she thought. She tried to jump, amazingly it worked, she felt as light as air."Gravity here is messed up i guess" she thought.
      she hadn't jumped quite that far when she saw what looked to be a crystal spire. "Maybe i can find help there, but how can i if i can't talk?" she thought but went to it anyway thinking, "if i can't talk... might as well look around."
      She landed on the spire and she touched the slightly glowing crystal... her hand sank in, she tried to remove it but this spire sort of absorbed her in. Inside the spire was several books lined up on shelves and some chairs and tables... in the center was a softly humming light stream surrounded by crystal rings moving up and down gently.
      "Is this a library?" she thought as she opened a book and flipped the pages... no words that she could see. An unexplained calm filter through the room, she felt safe here. In a corner there was a mat with a blanket and pillow she never noticed before until now... but she was exhausted, worried, and was feeling kind of sick. she went to the mat, lay down... and soon was asleep with the only sound being the stream of light.

      "shh, we have a visitor," a female voice said, "she's resting"
      "She got in so the spire likes her, i guess" a male voice replied.
      Amanda sits up and looks at five spirits. The one closest to her was a wolf, then two dryad like beings, then a dragon... and finally a human spirit that didn't look very pleasent.
      "Ah your up..." the wolf said calmly, "Can you tell us your name?"
      Amanda tried but nothing came out, then she grasped her throat hoping these creatures would understand.
      They all turned to the human spirit, "Bah she's just a fool that stumbled into the spirit world... doesn't even know how to speak!"
      "Please?" the wolf said gently.
      "Fine, come here fool..."
      Amanda stood still.
      "Fool i said come here... " he said louder.
      "your frightening her Jacon," the wolf said, "It's okay young one, he won't hurt you."
      She did as the wolf said hesitantly though.
      Jacon rubbed his eyes, then looked at her left and then her right,, he firmly placed two fingers by her voice box and said gruffly," now say your name..."
      "Amanda Grace," she jumped back at the sound of her own voice... it was back, she could talk..."Youhavetohelpme... mysisterandfreinds..."
      "Slow down Amanda," the dryad spirits said together.
      "yes, slow down..." the wolf said.
      Amanda took a breath, then said slower, "I need your help, our ship got blown into an island, our radio doesn't work, supplies won't last long with all the fighting about..."
      "They need to learn to work together then," the dragon said.
      "No it isn't like that at all... their not fighting because they don't like each other, they are being influenced by these dark shadows i think..." Amanda explained.
      "Where?" Jacon said.
      "It is the island that has that dark shield dome around it..." she answered.
      "The fool lies, that island is sealed off from both the mortal and the spirit worlds..." Jacon said.
      "Well the shield is cracked!" Amanda claimed, "and I have friends trapped in there now!"
      "We'll look at it then... if it IS cracked we'll seal it." Jacon said.
      "what about my sister and friends?"
      "It would be too dangerous to go in after them, unfortanitly..." sighed the dragon
      "What kind of spirits are you?" she demanded
      "we are the last few of the True Spirits," said the wolf.
      "HA! who is lying now? True Spirits would help me save my friends!"
      "Fool!True Spirits also don't do things that are foolish! do you even know those shadows are corrupted shaman spirits?" Jacon exclaimed, "Your friends are probably dead right now..."
      "Not helping Jacon..." the wolf growled.
      "I might be a fool to you... but this fool isn't going to let my sister and friends die to a bunch of shaman shadows! If you won't help I'll find other spirits." Amanda started looking around for the exit.
      "touch the light steam to get out, fool," Jacon growled.
      Amanda did as he said and was whisked away.
      "You had to show her the exit?" the wolf grummbled
      "That fool won't get far..." Jacon was browsing the books as the spirits looked upset at him...then a book fell from the shelf onto his head, "Don't tell me you are worried about that fool too spire?" he looked at the book, it was what he wanted," thanks spire" he growled as he sat down to read.

      "Now i know what my sister went through when i had a lung transplant," Amanda sighed... Jacon was right she din't get far without getting tired. The ground she was on was just grass and a dry puddle of what was once mud... she took a stick and poked at the cracks. Just then a couple of cat-like spirits pounced... the earth she stood on shook volently for awhile and stopped... she looked up at the dark spirits and then asked desperaitly, "Will you help me?"
      "Are you not going to flee in fear?" asked the spirit.
      "I need someone to help me save my sister and freinds..."
      "You fear for them don't you?" the spirit asked.
      "Very much... i feel helpless and even true spirits are not going to help."
      "We'll help you, where are they?" the spirit asked
      "in the land with the dark dome around it..."
      "I'm a Fear spirit and even i won't go in there..." the spirit looked at the smaller one who was giving kitten eyes... then sighed, "but we said we will help and we will."
      "You will?" Amanda's eyes lit up with hope, "oh thank you!" giving the big cat a hug.
      Fear shuttered a minute, "well now I have a few things you must learn before we go in..."
      "And those are?"
      "never veiw my kind badly... fear can protect, as well as make a fool of you. choose where you place fear wisely and it can be a benifit. Also Choas is what I create but without it order would be no more. do you understand?" Fear said.
      "I think so..." she said
      "well enough, now how much do you know about spirit attacks?"
      "I'm beginning to see the problem..."
      "Perhaps I can assist," the wolf from the spire said.
      "Why are you here?" Amanda grummbled.
      "I wanted to appolagize, for Jacon, and the others..." the wolf said.
      "She is our human... go away!" the smaller cat spirit shouted.
      "Chaos! that is not polite." Fear stated
      "Sorry mom..."
      "But he is right, we did say we would help this spirit... and that we shall." fear answered
      "you only offer to help if it beifits you, Fear"
      "Saline, you know me all to well," Fear laughed, "but honestly i must help any spirit that does not run from me."
      "Amanda? you did not run? can you not feel fear?" Saline asked.
      "I can... but my friends and sister are my concern... right now... fear and chaos, well i'd rather have them at my side then a true spirit that doesn't put life first." Amanda said.
      Saline sighed, "Jacon said those things... I didn't and i'm sure the others didn't mean it the way you thought. Now I have a plan if you still want to risk it... Fear... Chaos... not exactly who i wanted to work in, but they might make things go quicker come to think of it. Are you in?"
      "Anything to save my sister and freinds," Amanda nodded.
      Fear and Chaos agreed as well.
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        Part 2 1/2

        They met back in the spire, Fear and Chaos had to get special permission to go into the spire.
        The plan was simple but involved several true spirits working together...
        Saline said, "Hydrate will find and steer a nearby ship close enough to the island to see the shipwreck, while Amanda, Fear and Chaos will lure the corrupted away... i will see everyone on the ship.... you three slip through the crack over the water and..."
        "you're forgetting something Saline..." Jacon said still reading, " the body needs to get to the ship too"
        "Oh... yes..." Saline sighed
        "Don't worry about my body, as long as everyone else gets out safe..." Amanda said looking down.
        "Fool. Well I guess you'd die anyway." Jacon closed the book, "I have what I need to reseal the prison barrier, let's go."
        The black barrier had opened further.
        "The spell takes about an hour, add a half if I decide to be slow, don't chance my mood..." Jacon said.
        Hydrate appared..."the ship saw the survivors... they are lowering life boats now."
        "Better do your job good you three we don't want these spirits to escape on a ship." Jacon grumbled.
        As Amanda, Fear and Chaos slip through the crack Jacon grumbled, "Fools... all three of em'... have no idea what they are getting in to..."
        "Just like you were," Saline added.

        Amanda easily caught the shadow's attention but almost too quickly ended up on the other side of the island, she had ran past Fear and Chaos. She decided to try to walk on water again... but her foot sunk in the water. then she noticed it was rising, the shadows started to back away from the water. she looked and hidden in the tree line was four glowing eyes, Fear and chaos had caught up.
        Meanwhile on the other side Saline was making sure everyone got in the boat... she worked quickly and soon everyone had gotten on the ship and Hydrate started guiding the ship away... Saline gave a howl for the others to make a break for it.
        Amanda was almost to the crack when she turned around... Fear and Chaos where surrounded.
        "Get out of there! Fool!" Jacon shouted seeing what was happening.
        "NO. I have to help Fear and Chaos." Amanda answered as she turned to run back to help the dark spirits who helped her.
        "Fool! You're going to risk your freedom for...." Jacon was interupted.
        "I might be a fool but i'd make a better shaman then you Jacon."
        "Fine..." Jacon said, as he stopped casting.
        Amanda was now surrounded... The shadows stared in on her...
        "Why are you doing this?" Fear and Chaos shouted, "Save yourself..."
        "I'd rather die a fool then to leave my friends behind."
        Hearing this Fear and Chaos gave as big of roar as the could muster... the ground shook... the shadows scattered... but it was only enough to get them surrounded together.
        "Jacon... Please?" Saline asked.
        "Fine," Jacon entered the crack..."Spirit typhoon"
        Blue light weilded up and scattered the shadows away... "You fools get out of here NOW!" all four made it out and Jacon finally sealed the shield.

        (need to hit the hay... be back with the conclusion tomorrow)
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          Back at the spire Amanda was sleeping with Chaos on one side Fear on the other... they where dark spirits but considering the circumstances an exception had been made. Hydrate and Saline watched as Jacon paced opening and closing a book. The Dryad spirits where dancing about, though they had done nothing to help, they celebrated in a victory.
          "It's sad," Saline sighed, "Amanda will only be with us for a little more then a week... she'll pass on as soon as her body dies of thirst..."
          "At lest she'll be free," Hydrate assured.
          Amanda stirred and awoke... Saline ran up to her.
          "I just want you to know I'll be by your side till your body take it's last breath..." Saline said.
          "I know," Amanda said quietly and put her arms around Saline.
          Jacon looked over,"Fool!" he said in a splitting voice, "come here!"
          Amanda got up and came over, as soon as she did Jacon shoved a book in her hands.
          "Read this page," Jacon demanded pointing to a blank page.
          "There are no words... I can't" Amanda replied
          Jacon put his hand on her shoulder,"Try agian..." he said a little softer.
          Faded words began to fill the page.
          Amanda read, "It is not often that a fool wins against a spirit of darkness, nor does a fool realize to conaquinces of there actions. Many people change the world but as it would so do the fools... but it was a fool who first saw spirits that changed the spirit world... for the worse? maybe... for the better... possibly. But in seeing this world the spirits chose him as a friend, he was the first shaman. He became a healer, a protector and a friend. Soon the spirits chose others, some influenced good, some evil and some became corrupted with power. A war broke out among shamans and spirits... it was too late to change what was done though... the spirits decided to not make any more shaman..." Amanda took a breath and looked at Jacon, "What does this have to do with anything?"
          "Keep reading fool." everyone shouted at once.
          "Okay, but the shaman blood that flowed from generation to generation ensured that the shaman class would live forever in the blood... the evil corrupted shaman began killing off good shaman to gain power... the only way to keep the balance then was to bring in good shamans again... thus YOU say... I've been a fool... but I stay true, when my body crumbles... my spirit is strong...for the good i will stay... for the truth i will learn, and this knowledge will keep my spirit always true, you know me by my name but to spirits i go as..." there nothing after that... "Shaman?" Amanda said trying to fill in the blank with the right word. As she said that though it read Shaman in the blank and then she felt a shock of energy go though her arms. She dropped the book in fear... Jacon was now laughing so where the spirits.
          "Normally new shamans come up with a more creative name!" the dryad spirits laughed.
          "At lest she didn't say fool," Hydrate chuckled deeply.
          "I missed something didn't I?" Amanda said.
          "I think it is appropriate," Fear said stretching... the fear spike woke her...
          "You are now a shaman, you have read the shaman creed of truth, the blank was for the name the spirits would know you by... you chose the name Shaman..." Saline explained, "being a shaman means you can do spells and summon spirits to your plain for help."
          "Why make me a shaman now?" Shaman asked.
          "Well for one you'd be able to come back and visit us all you want..." Jacon said, " and you can summon your body to you in the spirit world... and place it back on the mortal coil almost where ever you want... besides you did say you'd make a better shaman then I, I want you to prove it," Jacon smiled slyly as he picked up the fallen book. "and this is yours, now that you are able to read it" he handed Shaman the book.
          "Okay... why are you being nice now after you kept calling me fool?" Shaman asked.
          "Have you learned nothing about spirits after reading the passage? The very first shaman was considered a fool, if I didn't like you I'd just call you an idiot..." Jacon said gruffly, "any more questions?"
          The spirit world shook for a minute suddenly...
          "Yes, what was that?!" Shaman said perplexed.
          "Ah... good he approved my request," Jacon smiled.. , " we better claim your body before the next quake..."
          "who? and how?" Shaman asked in a panic.
          "Let's get your body here first! we'll explain who later..." Saline said.
          "Just think of your body, and then say 'Return flesh to spirit'" Jacon instructed as he placed his hand on her shoulder...
          She did as he told her and her body materialized in front of her... it was odd seeing her body again... still sleeping... still breathing faintly. her thoughts where broken when the world shook again.
          when it stopped her body was gone...
          "What happened! Where did I go? What went wrong!" she jabbered.
          "You did nothing wrong... Chronos is resetting time on the mortal coil... he needed to place your body where it was before the storm," Saline explained, "he is a spirit that can control time, he doesn't like to reset very often, he says it messes things up but he must have thought the breech of the prison isle warrants drastic measures."
          "And I will make sure you will not run into that island or the storm seed this time..." Hydrate assured.
          "Besides... you where on vacation, I think you are in need of one after all that." Jacon smiled... "We'll start training when you are home, your definitely not better then me... yet..."
          "Really quick, how do I get back IN my body?" Shaman asked.
          "Go to sleep near your body then wake up... Saline will take you to where you need to be." Jacon said... "Be knowledgable that to everyone else it will be a dream, for you... you will remember, now go Shaman"

          Amanda felt the cool breeze... smelled the salty air... and watched as the sun peaked over the horizon. The few who where up where complaining about bad dreams. Sara came up behind her.
          "I found out you lost most of your games, sorry." Sara said.
          "It is only a game... besides i think i found something I'll be good at..." Amanda answered
          "What's that?"
          "Waiting for the new day to dawn."
          "You know with all the bad dreams that happened last night, i think we all need a new day."
          "Passengers please come to the game hall in one hour... our surprise guest should be arriving shortly to read the official rules for the Justice League Card Game..." a voice boomed over the speakers.
          "You coming?" Sara asked as she left.
          "I'll be by in a few..." Amanda answered leaning on the rail. She saw Hydrate guiding the tides ahead of the ship... Saline put her fore paws on the rail.
          "Saline?" Amanda whispered.
          "I told you i'd be by your side till your last breath..." Saline said.
          Amanda smiled.
          A few silent moments passed.
          "Come on, Shaman... I want to see what all this "gameing" is about!" Saline exclaimed.
          "Well okay... I better sign up then. I wonder who the special guest is anyway..."
          (the end of episode 1... come back next time to see another wall o' text)
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            Time moves on, Amanda Grace aka Shaman has gone through much training with Jacon. She is able to hold her own with Spirit Arrows and Surges. She has always known how to throw a punch and block a shot but her body is weak so punches, kicks and anything physical is only effective if the person she is fighting is well weaker... she can generate a shield for a little bit too. When she gets involved she generally gates before anyone gets her name. Several spirits have choose to help her now, and she has helped with fires among other things. It had taken a lot of training just to make most of her powers able to be effective on the mortal coil. So Shaman is not very well known... yet. So with the musical training and other boring things montage is over the more blatant fan fic shall comince very soon... stay tuned!
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              Episode 2 Yin and Yang

              In a desert somewhere a sandstorm has just let up... strange ruins have been uncovered by the winds, what was hidden was now there in the open. A jeep in the distance kicked up sand behind it and it drove closer...
              "Stop the jeep! I see something!" a middle age archaeologist shouted to his driver. As the jeep stopped he grabbed his tools and started into the ruins. The driver rolled his eyes and decided to let the man do his thing while he napped behind the wheel.
              Hours went by, the archaeologist wasn't finding anything until he came across a stone tablet... he picked it up to try to translate the writing but quickly it changed to his native tongue.
              "Fascinating!" he exclaimed as he read..."Do you seek knowledge and wisdom?" the words shifted, "Do you want power and strength?" the words shifted, "do you want wealth and to find the secret of these ruins?"
              "Yes very much! I want to find the secret of these fascinating ruins!" he replied to the tablet after the last part.
              "Break me... and the secret will be reveled..." the words disappeared with that last phrase.
              Without thinking much the archaeologist smashed the tablet on a ruin wall expecting to find a map or a key... nothing happened... as he turned disappointed he felt a grab on his shoulder... he turned... a dark shadow seemed to be laughing at him and soon he felt it trying to take over his body... he tried to scream but nothing came out...

              "Wake up!" the archaeologist sounded a bit more gruff then normal.
              "You find anything interesting?" the driver asked opening his eyes.
              "No... now drive..."
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                Amanda Grace aka Shaman just finished another training session...

                "You've come a long way in two years" Jacon smiled
                "Yeah, maybe i can actually get that spell right next time," Shaman moaned, "but why do you want me to learn that one anyway?"
                "Some corrupt spirits can steal mortal bodies...unfortunitly you have to push all the spirits out in order to not harm the body and the rightful owner... it is a necessary evil, sometimes..." Jacon explained, "Anyway you rest, Shaman, I'll be back when night falls..." Then Jacon faded away.
                Saline nodded at Shaman, who now was picking up that book Jacon gave her two years ago, "You have to relax Shaman, you will find your power will flow much easier if you weren't trying so hard to get it right the first time." Saline reassured.
                "That spell is very advanced though, why now? why not work on the lesser spells first?" Shaman asked.
                "Your guess is as good as mine, but he must have a reason..." Saline said.

                The jeep pulled up at the camp... imediately other archaeologists came to greet the jeep.
                "Professor David Garson! We thought you where buried by the storm... as you can see we are still digging ourselves out... but that storm gave us a huge clue to where to find the tomb of..." an eager assistant rambled on...
                "Shut up... I'm not interested in the tomb of whatever..." Professor Garson shouted at the assistant.
                "But all the history... and treasure!"
                "Fine... you find your worthless tomb and gold... I have better things to search for..."
                Professor Garson raided all the maps sat down at the table and started veiwing several at a time.
                "Anyone think Professor Garson is a little rash today?" an assistant ask another.
                "Probably is having a bad day..." said the other.
                Professor Garson was increasingly getting upset as the day went on. Finally his wife, Professor Jean Garson, approched him.
                "David? are you okay?" she asked.
                David looked up, "Go away woman!"
                "Is that anyway to talk to your wife!"
                "I said go away women!"
                Jean thought a minute, "Perhaps you are irritable because of the sun... I think it is time to get you to the oasis..."
                Professor David looked up and smiled, "Perhaps it IS time to go to the oasis."
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                  The oasis did not seem to please Professor David, it was full of people, merchants, and building....
                  "Where are you taking me woman..." David demanded.
                  "To the doctors... you are not yourself and i want to make sure you are not sun poisoned..." Jean said,"and stop calling me women!"
                  Professor David relented...

                  "He's suddenly not himself, and he has never yelled at me before doctor..." Professor Jean explianed.
                  "Well i check him out... nothing is guess is it is the heat," the doctor said "You probably get him out of the heat for a day or two and he'll he'll be fine..."
                  "Thank you doctor,"
                  "Oh by the way, Professor Jean Garson is it?"
                  "A new ruin was uncover during the last sand storm near here, when night falls maybe you and your husband can take a look," the doctor informed
                  "Oh, that might just snap him out of this funk." Jean smiled as she walked into a very annoyed Professor David.
                  "Are you satisfied?" David growled.

                  The room was simple, but it had air conditioning... Professor David was still looking at the maps grumbling to himself.
                  "You know the doctor said there was a new ruin we could explore at sundown, very close too." Jean informed.
                  "Why not now?" David replied with a thin smile.
                  "Doctor's orders... you need to stay out of the heat dear."
                  David tapped a pencil on the desk then broke it, before he headed to the door.
                  "Where are you going?" Jean asked.
                  "That ruin might be what i was looking for and i'm not going to humor your stupid female concerns anymore..."
                  Jean ran to try to stop him but he easily pushed her away... she persisted though. finally having enough, Professor David grabbed her face, dark energy came out of his hand putting Professor Jean to sleep on the floor. "Stupid woman," mumbled David as he left for the nearby ruin leaving Jean on the floor.

                  The ruin was where the doctor said it was, Professor David quickly located a certain wall and started to dig... he soon found what he was after. It was another tablet... but it was blank, "Dammit! They released him! no matter... he probably never took a body, which means he can only be in one place..." David lifted his hand and soon a portal opened, "He won't evade me for long..." he started to chuckle as he entered into the spirit world...
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                    Shaman just awoke, she looked at her watch, it was passed midnight... "Jacon?" she says.
                    no answer
                    "Saline? where's Jacon?" Shaman asked.
                    Saline was looking concerned out the window..."I don't know... I've looked everywhere."
                    "Why didn't you wake me?"
                    "You needed sleep, Jacon had worked you hard this morning," she answered, "But even so he had just vanished. The dryad spirits say he had left to investigate a disturbance in the spirit world, but never returned... they thought he came here..."
                    "What could of happened?" Shaman asked, "Not like him..."
                    "Don't know, nothing we can do now..." Saline looked out the window again, "It might be just a greedy corrupted shaman trying to harvest power... at lest that is what I hope it is."
                    I have no blood, I bleed bright red potentially deadly chemicals...


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                      Two days passed, no sign of Jacon. A news report was blaring on the TV. The archaeologist team returned from the desert after discovering a hoard of artifacts for the museum. Professor David Garson was credited with the discovery.
                      "He seemed to have a knack at locating where to dig..." one of the professors said.
                      "Is it true he went mad and yelled at his wife?" a reporter dig in.
                      "He did lose his temper but it was determined that it was the heat effecting him" the professor said.
                      "Attention... we now go to Professor David Garson," a voice sounded as they cut to a podium with two heroes in the background. It looked like it was Superman and Green Lantern standing guard as Professor David Garson and his wife took the stage...
                      *click* Shaman switched off the TV... "Saline how about this spirit trace spell?"
                      "Not likely to work in the mortal coil..." Saline answered..." but it might show us where he disappeared in the spirit world... and if he is still there."

                      As the news cast continued Professor David Garson suddenly attacked with a spirit typhoon... sending the crowd into a panic and any super hero there into action...
                      "I give you all a choice!," he bellowed, " Bow before me or your soul will be my puppet!"
                      Jean Garson screamed as Green Lantern took her to safety and Superman bounced off a shield David had put around himself...
                      "Your not Professor David Garson, What did you do with him?" scaled Superman.
                      "I assure you David Garson is here but unavailable," he smirked back.
                      "Who are you??" the Lantern questioned.
                      "I am the MASTER of SPIRITS,and the NEW KING! But if you feebled powered idiots need a name... I am Jacon... your worst nightmare..." Jacon said charismaticly as he brought forth the dark spirits...
                      I have no blood, I bleed bright red potentially deadly chemicals...


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                        Saline and Shaman returned home, no trace of what could of happened to Jacon... The spirit trace spell didn't work as well as she would have hoped ether. They had been searching for a couple days now unaware of what was happening in the large cities across the nation... Shaman looked in the cabinet for something to eat before they tried again... nothing.
                        "Shaman? maybe we should break a bit, so you can get some rest and food in you," Saline said with concern.
                        "Suppose you are right, besides the only place we didn't look was in that corrupted area... i doubt we'd find anything there, even if it was safe..." Shaman rambled as she picked up her purse, "The diner down the street has good food."
                        The diner wasn't very packed... Amanda kept seeming to doze while she waited.
                        "Maybe we should of choose rest first..." Saline said, she was barely visible to Amanda right now and invisible to everyone else.
                        "Would you like a burger or a pillow?" the waitress said.
                        "Coral, I'm not in the mood... burger and fries." Amanda said trying to stay awake.
                        "What's eating you?" Coral replied.
                        "I've been looking for a friend of mine for a couple of days."
                        "File a missing person report?"
                        "Under the circumstances he disappeared in... i don't think the police could do anything."
                        "Ha, like you can?" Coral laughed as she walked away.
                        "I wonder why they don't have the news on?" Amanda said looking up at the blank TVs.
                        "Some new villain is on the rampage, networks are all down," A man in the booth behind them said, "word is the Justice League ain't doing so hot against him ether."
                        "Really, why not?" Amanda said a bit more awake.
                        "Keeps summoning these strange beasts..." he said taking a last sip of rootbeer, "Good luck finding your friend."
                        The man left just as an exhausted looking Martian, Wonder Women and Flash walked in and sat a few seats away and started whispering.
                        "I wonder what they are saying?" Amanda whispered.
                        "I can go listen in if you want..." Saline said.
                        "What no! that's ease dropping."
                        Coral approached the heroes, "So what can i get yaAAA"
                        The earth shook and an overwhelming since of fear was in the air.
                        Shaman looked out the window... Fear and Chaos where attacking... they had some sort of collar on with a red gem in it.
                        "Um... can i get my order to go Coral? I just got a phone call and need to be somewhere..." Amanda shouted over the chaos.
                        "Dear, all the food is on the ground... unless you've taken to eating dirt I'll have to cancel your order if you can't wait." Coral explained.
                        "Okay cancel it..." Amanda flew out the door.
                        "Fear, Chaos stop this..." Shaman demanded... Fear and Chaos turned and growled.
                        "That won't work, someone is controlling them." Saline said, "use spirit release on the collars..."
                        "You keep Chaos busy, i'm going after Fear first..." Shaman said.
                        In the diner...
                        "Mommy look! hero lady..." a little girl said.
                        "Yes i see Wonder Women," the mother said
                        "No mommy the one with the doggie!"
                        "Let mommy pay the bill, honey, then i'll look..."

                        Shaman managed to get the collar off Fear. Now for Chaos...
                        Chaos roared loudly making the ground shake again, and making Shaman fall down a couple of times... finally Shaman just decided to make a jumping grab. She touched the stone and the collar fell off and disappeared.

                        "Mommy hero lady look..."
                        "Fine where is the hero lady with the doggie."
                        Everyone looked...
                        Shaman had already started down the road and Saline had returned to her spirit stat. Fear and Chaos had returned to the spirit world also.
                        "Dear no one is there."
                        "but there was... she fought big kitties!"
                        "You do indeed have an imagination, Sue"
                        It was Flash that saw the last glimmer of Saline, he shook his head and dismissed he saw anything...
                        "Why are you so shy? You should be proud that you stopped Fear and Chaos," Saline said, "They could have done a lot of damage."
                        "But then whoever got a hold of them would hear about me... and he is probably the one who has Jacon too."
                        "I don't think that would've happened," Saline said as they entered the park.
                        "Might as well take a nap here," Shaman said leaning against a tree, "then go back to the diner for food again."
                        The nap was well deserved but even well deserved rest get interrupted...
                        I have no blood, I bleed bright red potentially deadly chemicals...