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    I barely lift my head from the coffee.

    The movies always made it seem as if there was going to be a loud, liquidy ‘thump’ when a body hit the ground. More often than not, the screams and yelling overcame any sound that was made anyway.
    The poor schmuck was some accountant on the 20 floor. From what I could see, there were some glass shards, so the window had to have been forced. Those things aren't made to be opened, so I guess that was a forgone conclusion.
    As I strode to the front of the 5th street doughnut store, the regulars were doing their thing.

    Little miss ‘on-her-knees-crying’, check. Group of teens taking cell phone pics for some social network points, check. Mr. ‘big-businessman-head-shaking’ trying hard not vomit up his $75 lunch, check. And if everything is going to schedule…

    Yep, right on time. Ambulance from one direction and 3 police cars from the other. I wonder why they always come from opposite sides? Hmm, make a mental note to check up on that. The cops do their job to clear the area and start taking ‘statements”. As if anyone down here would know the real story.

    People from inside the building are starting to filter out in a panic. A few officers see this and finally start to think something else is up inside. No, don’t go in, that’s right. Might need some back-up. Call it in, be safe.
    By the time he ends his radio call, four large black trucks come in and block everyone’s view, going to have to move quickly if I want to get the pictures.

    Luckily everyone in the shop is distracted and I can get out through an alleyway exit. If I can push myself behind a trash bin, they shouldn't see me. They don’t & I get to work.

    It looks like the cops don’t know who these guys are either. Heavy, shadow government type thugs, less James Bond and more, I don’t know…James Bond after seven years of steroid use. As usual, the officer is arguing about something with one of them, probably jurisdiction, but that’s not going to work.

    It never does.

    I've seen these guys about a dozen times now; always suddenly appearing at these, so-called, suicides. They take the body, or what’s left of it, into one of their own vehicles. They must be highly trained, because everything usually gets cleared up within 30 minutes.

    This time, I can see the building exit. This time, I wish I hadn't.

    I had been in that building before on some pansy ass feel good story for my blog. That’s how I knew Mr. Splatter. What I’m not prepared for was seeing his boss, Jethro Filps, being pushed out the door with some kind of retaining collar and distance rod. I don’t have too much time and just let the camera take a quick 30, 30 successive shot in a row, great for getting those multiple frame shots to choose from. I couldn’t be sure but… no, I’m sure his shirt had blood down it, LOTS of blood. And all around his mouth too. He doesn't look right. His movement, even given the collar and rod, is stilted and jarring. Right behind him are another two employees that look the same, again with the collar and rod.
    What the hell happened up there?

    Then the body bags come out, five, ten, fifteen, no eighteen in total. They’re all shoved into two of the trucks.

    I thought I saw a cleanup crew washing away the blood and mess from the road, and … taking samples? Why? They had the body!

    Just before the trucks started leaving, the head thug hands some papers to the officer and points, rather emphatically, on them.
    I don’t think I’d ever seen a cop more flustered or nervous.

    This was just the beginning…

    …or the ending, depending on your perspective…
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