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    This area of the site is dedicated entirely to the art of creative writing. It need not be game specific. Write about anything you please.

    I do ask however that you check your submissions for grammar and spelling before clicking the submit button. Try your best to treat this forum as though you're submitting a paper to your english teacher.

    Please keep in mind that people of all ages read these forums though, so materials should be clearly marked for their content. That is to say, if a submission is of an adult nature, it should be clearly marked in the title of the thread (adult, mature, NSFW, etc).

    The Easy Ways will be VERY strictly applied to these threads. Constructive criticism will be most specific among the issues that are watched. No one wants to have their creative writing slammed. So if you absolutely must say something that isn't positive, do so in such a way as to aid the original poster. Please also note that the writer has the right to request negative posts be removed from their thread. (via email please)

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    Things of pornographic nature are different from things of adult nature. It should be clarifed what we mean by 'adult'.

    Essentially, if it would be fitting for an R rated film released in a theatre, then it would be fine. This includes tasteful nudity, mild sex, and varying levels of violence, all depending. Essentially, if you could watch it without too much guilt with kids and your parents, it's likely fine.

    However, very graphic sex and extreme, directed and/or pointless violence is considered pornographic, and will NOT be allowed in either of these forums. If you'd have to go to the shady part of a video store for it or you get spam for something like it in your e-mail, then it isn't fitting here.

    Let's keep these forums clean. Thanks.
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