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    I'm going to be slightly lazy (hopefully) and let the sister RPT Demonic Aid help write the story, these are seperate threads but the do co exist, hopefully... if Demonic Aid takes off... plans are events in that thread will also take place in this thread, however this is not an RPT, so if you want your influance in the story you have to do it via Demonic Aid and follow the rules... eventully these threads will cross, more then once likely... and to top it off since everything that happens here will also happen there and vice versa... this will probably be a nice little summery of it all...(might take awhile to update while Demonic Aid starts the restart but i need to post it so people have a general idea what has happened up till when we say ready set go in /ooc) the start is a bit veage but it is to get things rolling...
    ***reminder once agian... Story here... not trying to roleplay this thread =P**

    Arch-1 Fall of the Great Dragon

    “Today is the day we take back our town! Today is the day we will be able to leave our families and feel that they are safe! Today we shall get rid of the Necromancer called Ripshard!” the commander’s voice boomed over the settling troops. Palatines on their mounts, warriors with swords and shield drawn, this was the largest army gathered in the history of StarHaven IIV. A few angles loomed over head warding the skies. “The time to take back what is ours is NOW!” and with that the army mobilized.
    The path to the tower was clear; the army reared forward following their commander fearlessly. When out of the over growth jumped the White Dragon.
    The armor this White Dragon wore is what gave them their named, the armor was all white and the helm was made to resemble the head of a dragon, draconic markings adorned the whole suit. This White Dragon was respected for wisdom and fearlessness, also in battle it is said that the white dragon is so swift that enemies can not land a strike.
    “Apparently the Great White Dragon wishes to join our march to bring an end to this menious!” the commander announced to the cheers of the troops.
    The White Dragon stood there in silence and shook their head no, and put his hand out to say stop.
    The commander looked at the Dragon, “We have enough troops, we will win this battle!” and he lead his troops onward.
    The White Dragon rode up once again and signaled them to stop once more.
    “I thought you’d wish crush the necromancer Ripshard? Our forces will over whelm him, our scouts have reported his army has dwindled… he feels too safe… we must strike now!” the commander rode forward leaving the White Dragon behind as they closed in to the gates of the tower.
    The White Dragon rode up once more and signaled them not to advance, then pointed to the patches of dead grass within the gates boundaries.
    The commander was now frustrated with the White Dragon, “Ripshard! Your reign here ends now!” as he bounded into the gates towards the tower followed by the battle cries of all his men.
    The White Dragon stood at the gate a moment watching the men advance quickly through the ranks of the undead, and hesitantly followed. This was one battle he did not expect to win easily.

    Ripshard smiled watching as all of them entered his courtyard. “See Iriad? I told you this was the place to build, the view is magnificent! Tell the guards they can reseal the gates now.”
    “As you wish *gahisss* master,” Iriad quickly made his way through the secret passages to the gates, as Ripshard made his way down the tower to greet his new “guests”.
    Ripshard made it to the bottom of the tower just as the army was just about to reach it.
    The commander shouted, “How does it feel to be in the face of death now necromancer!”
    Ripshard smiled and gazed at the commander, “I should ask you the same…” Ripshard made a slight gesture over his courtyard, “You would’ve been wiser to listen to the White Dragon, but now your foolishness landed you in my trap.”
    The ground beneath the armies rumbled and numerous undead started to unearth themselves.
    “Shit,” the commander looked back as hundreds of patches of dead grass turned into skeletons and zombies.
    “Ever think to wonder just WHY the gate was wide open when you came?” Ripshard grinned as the great army started to attempt a retreat, “and WHY suddenly all the grass in my court started to brown? And what about why my forces seemed to have dwindled suddenly when you know most are undead?”
    “Sir *gahiss* we almost have them all *gahhisss* dead *hissth* or captured. What *gahith* is the plan for *thgaaa* capture of the White Dragon…” Iriad asked. (he is quite mobile for an undead… if you where wondering about the weird sound effects, he is dead… so he doesn’t breath… but he has to take in air to talk so he kinda strands)
    “The White Dragon? Hmmm I wasn’t expecting him to follow, but opportunity is just that… now listen carefully, he is one gifted with avoidance, so we will not be able to wound him most likely. Instead, swarm him, surround him, only fight enough to keep him moving, he’ll start to slow down from fatigue… then when he is completely exhausted, we can take him down to the prison.” Ripshard’s eyes gleamed with excitement; this was once in a lifetime chance…and all thanks to the fool commander and the White Dragon’s protective heart.
    Ripshard watched as the struggle played out perfectly, as the White Dragon struggled like floundering fish trying to avoid capture and help who ever reminded find a way out to no avile. Finally the Great White Dragon sank below the ranks of the undead signaling Ripshard to claim his victory. Ripshard parted his army till he saw the White Dragon kneeling in exhaustion. He stood over the worn Dragon and smiled as the great knight looked up at him then sank their sword into the ground in surrender. It was a great battle, won and lost… depending on the view…
    I have no blood, I bleed bright red potentially deadly chemicals...

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    Well this is part of chapter 1 ... sorta... at lest it introduces you to Ripshard's personallity more... anyway remember i plan to have an RPT to detirmen how a few parts of this will go =P so are the plans at lest...

    Arch 1 part 2- The Tower’s Mercy

    Captured solders watched as the ornate white armor dragged against the cold stone, the dragon had become too weak to support their own weight as the undead dragged them into the prison. Even the soldiers that still protested fell silent at the site of one that they hailed as great was now awaiting the same fate that they where. The only sign of life with in the armor was where the white dragon lifted their head once as if startled from their sleep.
    Ripshard watched as the dark shackles bound his long time rival… thinking to himself.
    “Leave the chains long, he isn’t going to be attempting anything for a day or so…” he ordered, “Let him lay on the ground and sleep.”
    The undead did as they where told as Ripshard walked out, now he had do decide what to do with his new guests.
    Dead silence filled the chamber as soldiers stared over at the heap of white armor that lay motionless on the floor.
    “It is only a trick, he was playing so the necro left his chains long…” the commander explained, “He’ll get up and break himself loose and free us.”
    Silence passed…
    “GET UP!” the commander shouted.
    The White Dragon still lay silent.
    “Damit GET UP!” the commander charged out rattling his own chains.
    “He’s sleeping sir,” one of the solders that was chained next to him explained silently.
    “Well wake him up…” the commander ordered.
    “I can’t.”
    “What do you mean you can’t? Yell in his ear!”
    “I can’t.”
    “You can’t or you won’t?”
    “I promised my little girl, I would be brave… I wouldn’t cry… that her daddy was brave and would fight to the end for her… and not cry… and if I yell, I’m afraid… I’m afraid I will cry,” tears ran down his face as the solder fought them back.
    “Coward…” the commander grumbled.
    “He is not… he’s a father!” another solder defended, “And we are all about to die because of you!”
    The commander fell silent, as an unseen shadow watched.

    “So what do you have planned?” a large demon stood by Ripshard, his wings where large, as was the rest of him and well built… it didn’t seem like he would be able to fly though, he was just too heavy.
    “Kill them all; except for the Dragon… he is in for an extended stay,” Ripshard ordered, “and Dak? Don’t pretend you don’t know who that is… trust me, if we kill him we’ll have more then the armies of FarAir to deal with.”
    Dak scowled and walked out, then smiled as he grabbed an ax from the wall.
    “Dema! Just the demon I wanted to see…” Ripshard smiled as a smallish demon walked into his room… she had a nice completion and stronger wings then Dak, “What can I do for you?”
    “You can’t kill them all… one of them has a little girl that needs him!” Dema plead.
    “Dema this is war, we can’t be freeing every last enemy that has a reason to live,” Ripshard explained, “They might come back and kill us… do you think they’d show us mercy?”
    Dema crossed her arms and gave a frustrated sigh, “No.”
    “You see the only way to victory is if your enemy is dead… and possibly brought back to life to serve you,” Ripshard continued setting a set of keys down on his nightstand as he continued rambling and pacing about the room, “so you see war is just that war… and enemies must die… understand?”
    “I guess,” Dema was sick of hearing the rant.
    “Hmmm, I seem to have misplaced my set of shackle keys… I should check the library…” Ripshard smiled as he walked out of the room.
    “Yep that’s a good place to start looking… you’re in there all the time” Dema smiled back as she walked to the nightstand and picked up the keys that lay in plan view.

    Dema waited till Dak dragged the last one before the solder who had the daughter and the other one who was trying to comfort him… Dak was not one for mercy and had driven a dagger into the Dragon’s shoulder. Dema sighed and walked up to the White Dragon and carefully dislodged the dagger. Then unlocked the shackles of the last two, to there amazement.
    “What about him?” the friend said pointing to the Dragon.
    “I’m a mischievous softy… not a traitor,” Dema explained.
    “I won’t leave him… I’m not a coward!” the father said.
    “If you don’t there will be a little girl without her dad to protect her,” Dema pointed to the door, “the gate should be open, you have fifteen minutes before you-know-who comes in to drag you off.”
    “But,” the father started but his friend replied, “I think she means shut-up and run if you want your life.” His friend dragged him with as he started out.
    “Wow, he is a good translator… don’t you think?” Dema smiled and sat near the White Dragon being careful to hide the keys well so Dak would be none the wiser.
    I have no blood, I bleed bright red potentially deadly chemicals...