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Thread: It makes a certain kind of sense... kind of. (9/20)

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    It makes a certain kind of sense... kind of. (9/20)

    Today's joke idea was submitted by DashCat. Since he does such a great job explaining it, I'll just give you the email he sent me. Here's what he had to say:

    I was doing the 'Bomb them Again' mission for the Sha'tari Skygaurd the other day...when it occurred to me how pointless this quest is.

    Your mission (as far as I understand it) is to destroy Fel Cannonballs. The the only reason these cannonballs seem to exist, is to shoot down people on flying mounts....that are destroying the cannon balls. Given how far they can shoot when you're flying around in the Forge Camps...they definately don't have the range to hit Ogri'la or the Skygaurd what exactly is the point?

    Considering that the Skygaurd probably hands out millions of gold a day to people completing this mission...I think it would be funny to see Grek having a conversation with the quest giver about this.

    'So...let me get this straight. You're going to pay me to fly over there and blow up some cannonballs?'
    'And...the only reason they need those cannon balls is to stop people from destroying the cannon balls they use to...defend their cannonballs?'

    And I can't think of a punchline...but I'm sure there is something funny to be said to finish the joke. Thanks Woody!


    So I changed it up a little, substituting my character for one of the other Skyguard because I think you guys have probably seen enough of Grek lately. And DashCat9 didn't seem to realize that he'd already written the punchline.

    Thanks again for the joke idea DashCat9.

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    This event is annoying for the simple fact other players can kill you. IF are the least bit slow or if you do the event by standing next to the cannon balls and mount/bomb/dismount really fast, then another player can land on you and get you hit by their cannon fire.

    On our server ( pve ) their is a Horde lock that like to grief allance players. Course the GMs won't do a thing about him.
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    Great comic Dashcat9!
    I honestly hadn't ever stopped to consider WHY the cannons needed to be stopped.

    To the poster above, why would you need to stop or dismount at all? You can drop the bombs without stopping, their cast bar is not interrupted by movement. The very act of mounting on the ground will draw cannon fire itself, so there is no benefit I can see to this practice.

    Personally I find other players to be much more of a nuisance when I am banishing demons in the area and they buzz me leaving a trail of cannon fire in their wake.

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    Yeah, that'll make your head spin.

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    haha, awesome comic woody. and as pointless as they are, the bombing runs are always fun

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    great comic! And I think a lot of quests fall into this mode.

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    Autually I think WoW took a direct cue from the military. I am ex-military myself. But there have been many missions in which they say "ok, we want the aircraft to take out these anti-aircrat postions."

    Go figure.

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    At least when your bombing the eggs in Skettis there seems to be a point to it.

    And that escort quest makes me rethinking the whole Corky quest line from Nagrand.
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    Bah we're not meant to understand it. We're meant to accept it graciously. *snicker*

    LOVE IT! Awesome joke, Dashcat!
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    Gotta love one of the fundamental paradoxes of the MMO genre. Here we are, the big bad (apparently writs for armed robbery, mugging, theft and assault are pending) heroes ...and we can't really affect the world outside of special circumstances.

    That said, given how the Corki line ended, I had a side bet with a few guildies that we'd find Corki in Gruul's Lair. Lost that....but at least it cancelled the secondary bet over whether or not we'd be digging his mortal remains out of Gruul's..ah...'by-products'. Yes, I'd been doing the Nagrand Cherry quest that day.

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